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Nighlok Heaven

The Nighlok Heaven is the home of all deceased Nighloks and Moogers as seen in Power Rangers Samurai.


First introduced in Party Monsters, it is shown to be a peaceful place, thus contradicting the human concept of Heaven. Dead Nighloks like to tell their adventures with the Samurai Rangers as seen at their Halloween Party.

Like the Shadow World from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, the Org Spirit World from Power Rangers Wild Force, and the Abyss of Evil from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, the Nighlok Heaven is one of the death realms for monsters from previous Power Ranger series/seasons.

The Nighlok Heaven is somehow known to Xandred's Crew to the point where Xandred himself knows that the Halloween afterlife is happening and is angry at not being invited, despite Octoroo and Dayu telling him that the party was only for the deceased Nighloks only.

Nighloks in Nighlok Heaven

Among the Nighloks seen in the Nighlok Heaven are:


  • It is unknown what the rest of the Nighlok Heaven looks like.
  • It is likely that only fully Nighlok monsters end up there, as Deker is free from his half Nighlok curse upon his death and Xandred tells Dayu she can go be with Deker if she wants to before absorbing her.
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