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The Nexus Blade was a deadly sword used by Retinax, Nayzor, and Mandilok and later Master Org. As it was created from Retinax's axe, Nayzor's fan, and Mandilok's knife and fork, it is like an evil counterpart of the Jungle Sword.


The Nexus Blade.

With the Org Generals

When Master Org resurrected Retinax, Nayzor, and Mandilok to keep the Wild Force Rangers at bay while he completed the Org Heart ritual, the three generals combined their weapons to form the Nexus Blade. The generals then clashed their weapon against the rangers and their Jungle Blaster, eventually being overwhelmed and destroyed by them.

With Master Org

Following the completion of his Org transformation, Master Org took the Nexus Blade as his own. In his hands, the weapon was shown to be more powerful, not only allowing Master Org to overwhelm all six rangers easily, but also destroying Cole's Animarium Armor. After growing into a giant, he clashed with Animus and the Predazord, destroying both and stripping Merrick of his powers. Master Org then jumped onto the Animarium and destroyed the Wild Zords one by one. After finishing the extermination, Master Org struck the ground with the sword to cause the Animarium to fall from the sky while he went to Earth to begin his conquest. In the end, the Nexus Blade was destroyed with Master Org when the Wild Zords returned with every other lost Wild Zord, giving the rangers more than enough power to defeat Master Org.

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