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New Recruits is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. [1] It features the debut of Void Knight's second general, Boomtower and the Dino Fury Green and Dino Fury Black Rangers, as well as the Sprint and Shield Dino Keys.


Void Knight's new general, Boomtower, tries to steal a mysterious Orb from the city museum. When the Rangers struggle to stop him, they get help from an unexpected source.


While Mucus returns to Area 62 to introduce a new Sporix Beast, Draknarok, a busy Void Knight unveils his newest creation, Boomtower. To make him invincible, Void Knight plans to obtain the Nephrite Orb from the Pine Ridge Museum and have it installed into Boomtower's chest.

Meanwhile, Zayto arrives at BuzzBlast with Ollie and Amelia to take a job as a reporter. There, they meet Javi Garcia, who is also there to apply for the job. Jane then assigned them both into doing two separate interviews in order to determine who is going to get the job.

Zayto interviews Izzy, a javelin thrower and Javi goes to the Pine Ridge Museum to report about the Nephrite Orb. However, Javi's interview is cut short when Boomtower, Mucus, and Draknarok arrive in the museum to take the Orb. Mucus then takes the Orb and leaves with Boomtower and Draknarok. Javi immediately makes a report to the Ranger Hotline about the attack.

While Zayto is busy interviewing Izzy, Ollie received a call from Solon. Zayto, noticing that something is up, ended his interview and tells Izzy to do it another time. Ollie then informs the others that there was an attack in the Pine Ridge Museum and Zayto realized that it is where Javi is assigned.

Boomtower prepares to have the Nephrite Orb installed into his chest in order to become invincible. At the same time, Warden Garcia arrived to stop them, but proves to be no match when the latter strikes him down with a shockwave from his sword. Zayto and his team arrive at the scene and morphed into Power Rangers to fight Boomtower and Draknarok. They managed to make Boomtower drop the Orb, while Zayto restrained the two using the Gravi-ball to prevent them from taking it. Javi, seeing the opportunity, takes the Orb and makes an escape using the Warden's car. Mucus immediately hitches a ride on the car by turning into slime, while Boomtower and Draknarok teleport away. The Rangers then tend to Warden Garcia and take him to the medical center.

Meanwhile, J-Borg arrives at Pine Ridge Museum to report on the recent attack. Jane helps her with the report, but accidentally spills her drink on the keyboard. It caused the keyboard to type random letters, which in turn makes J-Borg speak weird words before Jane had the live feed cut.

In the medical center, the Dino Fury Rangers rendezvous with Warden Garcia for updates, to which he responds that police is trying to track down his car with no luck so far. Suddenly, Izzy arrives to check on the Warden, revealing that he is her father. The Rangers also learned that Javi is the Warden's son. After the Warden left, Izzy reveals that she might know where Javi might be: a secret spot he used to practice music alone without Warden Garcia's knowledge. Izzy then leads the Rangers there.

Javi arrives in the secret spot with the Nephrite Orb, oblivious to the fact that Mucus followed him and inform it to Boomtower and Draknarok. Javi is then ambushed by both, who demanded the Orb. They managed to take it, but a javelin throw dropped it again. It is revealed to be Izzy, who arrived in time to save Javi alongside the Rangers.

As the Rangers fight Boomtower and Draknarok, Javi and Izzy retrieve the Orb. Seeing that they are about to destroy the Rangers, Javi intercepts by playing his harmonica, causing them to be distracted by the sound. Boomtower then demands the Garcia siblings to hand over the Nephrite Orb, but Javi instead destroyed it by throwing it to nearby rock.

The Orb is revealed to contain both the Green and Black Dino Fury Keys, which Zayto thought were lost. The keys then morphed the siblings into Black and Green Rangers, surprising the other three. While marveling at their predicament, Izzy rips off her skirt, saying that it's "not really her thing."

Both of them then join the fight against Draknarok and Boomtower, the latter calling for the Hengemen. Using their skills and teamwork, they managed to force Boomtower to retreat and defeat the Hengemen. Finding himself cornered, Draknarok grows giant, prompting Zayto to call Solon to send the three Dino Fury Zords.

Izzy and Javi then join the other Rangers in the cockpit for the first time and proceed to battle Draknarok. They managed to defeat him using the Dino Fury Megazord's Mega Slash and collected his Sporix form before Void Knight does. Void Knight, watching from afar, stated that five Rangers still isn't enough to stop him.

Back at the Dinohenge, Zayto introduced Javi and Izzy to their base. The siblings demorph first, followed by the three Rangers, revealing their identities to them as they are officially welcomed to the team. Zayto then introduces them to Solon, who in turn reveals that Zayto is a knight from Rafkon. Javi then realized that the Nephrite Orb is already destroyed and lost the only means to complete his report.

J-Borg later makes another report about solar-powered electric fences with Jane's assistance, but she is instead electrocuted when touching a fence. Fortunately, J-Borg managed to save the live report by making an electricity pun (to which Jane commended as a "nice save").

Jane then meets up with Zayto and Javi, with Zayto apologizing that they could not complete their stories. Javi tries to explain about what happened, but Jane interrupts him by saying that due to his dedication and guts, he got the job at BuzzBlast. Zayto congratulates him and said that he is the right person for the job, to which Jane agrees. She then proposes that Javi makes his first official story about Pine Ridge's best hamburger, with the others following suit.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When Zayto, Ollie and Amelia are talking to Warden Garcia their holsters are missing.
  • When Draknarok was being finished off, he suddenly starts and stops breathing fire at random.
  • When Javi breaks the Orb, Izzy can slightly be seen flinching before the impact shot of it breaking, but when it's broken, she's simply standing without flinching.
  • When Zayto catches the Sporix Egg, the sound effect of it moving can be heard yet for some reason it is not moving.
  • While Izzy is fighting Boomtower, she uses her javelin to toss her Chromafury Saber at him. However, when it ricochets upwards after hitting Boomtower's sword, somehow it gets stuck into the tree horizontally as if it was thrown straight forward.
    • Also, when Izzy throws her javelin at the tree, it ends up much higher than the angle she threw it at, appearing above the Chromafury Saber. This physically doesn't make sense.
  • When Zayto said, "Shift to Knee Drill" during the Megazord battle, the Dino Fury Megazord's arm blade and shoulder drills latched on to its leg when the drills should have attached to its knees, although it was already shown like that before the blade and drills moved to the leg.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 1
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 2
  • This is also the first appearance of a female Green Ranger in Power Rangers television history.
  • The theme song has been updated to feature Izzy and Javi.
  • This is the first time in Ranger history where a female Ranger removes the skirt from her outfit as opposed to just getting a skirtless suit (either way, to allow Dino Fury to use Ryusoulger footage of Izzy's male counterpart).
  • Nephrite (a silicate of calcium and magnesium in the amphibole group of minerals) is one of two different mineral species called jade and can come in various colors (including black and green). Given the Green and Black Dino Fury Keys were hidden in the Nephrite Orb, it may not be a coincidence.

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