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The Netherworld is a place from where the adversaries of the Samurai Rangers reside.


Information on the world is limited, but it is known that the Sanzu River is located here. The river is a toxic plane composed of the tears of humans. The water level rises any time a human is in some sort of distress; Master Xandred exploits this fact to raise the river level using his Nighlock Army. He plans to flood the Earth with the evil water of the Sanzu, giving him an avenue of escape.

Known inhabitants

The monsters that might be from the Netherworld are-

  • Master Xandred - The easily angered leader of the Nighloks. Jayden's father, the leader of the previous generation of Samurai Rangers, sealed him away in the Netherworld, though the seal symbol wasn't perfect. Xandred was indeed trapped, though not permanently, though he blames his endless headache on the effects of the seal. He is the counterpart of Doukoku, head villain in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • Dayu - Xandred's right hand woman and half-Nighlok, who was turned after a deal she made with Serrator who went sour on her end of the bargin. Counterpart of Dayuu Usukawa.
  • Octoroo - Xandred's planner for attacks. Counterpart of Shintari of the Bones.
  • Deker - A half-Nighlock swordsman who longs for an equal in swordsplay and found it in the Red Samurai Ranger.
  • Moogers - The footsoldiers of Xandred's forces. The counterpart of the Nanashi Company in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • Nighloks - The commanders of Xandred's forces, who always,(apart from two occasions: Sharkjaw and Sergeant Tread) grow into a gigantic version of themselves once destroyed.
  • Serrator - He is believed to be "The King of the Nighloks" according to legends. He is the Nighlok who cursed Dayu and Deker by turning them into hybrids. He is currently serve as Master Xandred's new general, but is plotting against him.
  • Arachnitor
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