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Neograd (ネオグラード Neogurādo) is the base for the Neo Empire Gear, located at the South Pole on Antarctica. It appears to be a huge castle built with a huge tower standing high in the center. Its main areas include a central control where Doctor Man and his Big Three plot and plan the mad scientist's world domination schemes while the Beastnoids generally stand beneath the control area watching from below. There is likewise a separate lab where Doctor Man performs his own personal experiments he needs to keep secret from his Gear forces, including those that reveal his true human nature.Ep. 20: Prince's Challenge! There are also a prison area where enemies are kept captiveEp. 49: Critical Bio Robo and a massive dock where the Mecha-Gigan are constructed and maintained.Ep. 37: The Assassin Silva! It is surrounded by spheres where Doctor Man launches his Mecha-Gigan machines to attack his target, generally the Bioman.

After the allied Mecha Human Professor Shibata is abducted by Gear, Bioman searches for him until Peebo tracks them to Neograd using the abducted mecha Balzion. They are closely followed by the Anti-Bio android Bio Hunter Silva, who uses them and his tracking of Bio Particles to likewise reach Neograd and retake Balzion for his own. Shuichi Kageyama, the son of Doctor Man during his previous life, likewise sneaks in using the guise of the leader's former android "son" Prince (attempted to be used by Silva as a bargaining chip) in hopes of trying to have a final chance to save his father. Bioman become trapped within one of the prisons before Shibata sacrifices his life for their escape; then face Silva in the Antarctic wasteland around the fortress in their final battle between Balzion and their Bio Robo before escaping, leaving Shuichi behind unknowingly.Ep. 49: Critical Bio RoboEp. 50: Assault Neograd

Bioman return to Neograd after the battle with Doctor Man's final mecha, King Megas, destroys their Biobase from a distance with Anti-Bio Particle missiles and he threatens to annihilate Earth with an Anti-Bio Bomb. Upon reaching the fortress, Doctor Man confronts Shuichi a final time, who pleads to try and save his father within the madman. Doctor Man appears to die still claiming he was the world's greatest genius; but the Anti-Bio Bomb rises up within Gear's main control computer to be disarmed within moments after Doctor Man's final explosion, making Shuichi believe perhaps some part of him was saved. As Bioman and Shuichi leave the Antarctic, Neograd eventually becomes covered in snow and ice, becoming an innocuous artifact left behind in the frozen cold.Final Ep.: Goodbye, Peebo

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