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Neo Intellect Brain is a machine with an advanced AI devised by Doctor Man to pilot the Mecha Gigan Anchor Canth

Character History

Neo Intellect Brain is a machine developed by Doctor Man which has the appearance of a floating eye with spike-like protrusions on top of its being. Its most notable attribute is a highly-advanced artificial intelligence that the Gear leader claims is one of the smartest beings ever developed.

Brain was developed by Doctor Man to be the pilot of Anchor Canth, with its mind calculating and firing lasers at satellites above orbit that impact and destroy anything with amazing precision. Because its mind was determined to be advanced, Shirou realizes that it may likewise have emotions as well due to its development. Abandoning Bio Robo during Bioman's initial battle, Red1 taunts Brain to attack him, with Anchor Canth firing again and again making the AI become frustrated and angry. This notion both proved the emotional concept, but also became quickly realized by Doctor Man who instructs that Brain must now be destroyed due to its mission being diverted towards fighting Bioman instead of running the Mecha-Gigan. With Farah and Aquaiger sent out to pursue it, Brain is knocked away from Anchor Canth and sent on the run.

As Bioman realizes the vulnerability of Brain, Hikaru Katsuragi decides to try another experiment: if Brain can learn of anger, then it should also have the capacity to love as well. Finding the artificial intelligence, Pink5 tries to teach it of the concept of love and sacrifice, helping it try to learn of something to make it better while it tries to escape from Gear's wrath. Eventually, before it can complete its comprehension, Farah attacks Brain, disabling it, making it appear to go down.

However, when Doctor Man tries to control Anchor Canth on his own in order to finish Bioman off and return to its mission, Brain decides to sacrifice itself by merging once again with the Mecha-Gigan, allowing for it to be disabled long enough for Bioman to finish it off.

While Bioman mourns the end of Brain, particularly Hikaru, Doctor Man learns his lesson of not letting the intelligence of his machines grow to the point of letting them gain emotions that can cloud and affect their judgement, such as he tries to prove with his next major creation: Prince.Ep. 20: Prince's Challenge!


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  • Neo Intellect Brain was voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe in his only Sentai role

Behind the Scenes

CB Brain concept

Concept art.

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