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"Speaking of a board. Every time I see you is that I'm bored."
―Negatron's first words[src]

"You lame-brain louses! You just turned me into a Mega-Monster!"
―Negatron when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

"Yikes! Aah! My insults backfired!"
―Negatron’s final words before his destruction.[src]

Negatron is a three eyed mouth/insult themed Nighlok with unique battle style: tormenting his enemies to a series of insults and emotional pain becomes physical. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Sticks and Stones".


Negatron was one of Nighloks. He possessed unique ability to torment his enemies to a series of insults and emotional pain becomes physical. When he used his abilities, three eyes on his back glow red. In the sixth episode Negatron arrived at Master Xandred's Junk and Octoroo greeted him and called him a master of human fears. Negatron told Octoroo that will fight the Samurai Rangers and insult people in the human world. Octoroo often covered Negatron's mouth with his hand and told him that he had to keep his insults for humans. Then Negatron attacked Panorama City and started insulting people. He called a builder, who was eating a sandwich, untidy. Negatron insulted mailman by telling him that he was afraid of dogs. He insulted woman, who was painting eyes, by telling her go to the circus. He also abused Bulk and Spike. Negatron humiliated Bulk & Spike by calling them clowns and telling them that they didn't look like samurais at all. Nighlok also abused women in the cafe by telling them by calling them gossip girls. Villain also abused an old man in the car, by jumping on his car and telling him that he drove awfully. Man fall out of the car, due to the insult and his car crashed into the shop. Negatron even commented that sometimes man parked even worse and told joked that he won't take a money from man for parking. Man was horrifyed and ran away. Negatron was proud of his job and then he encountered the Power Rangers. He easily defeated Rangers with his insult attacks, but his ability didn't work on Emily, because she taught herself in the childhood not to let insults hurt her. Then he left. Nighlok returned to the junk of Master Xandred and "trained" his ability on Dayu, making her very furious. Dayu wanted to attack Negatron for abusing her, but Octoroo and Xandred interrupted and stopped her. Octoroo said that he needed to know if Negatron's power didn't vanish. Negatron wondered why his ability didn't work on Emily. Xandred told Negatron that level of Sanzu River is high and sent Negatron to continue insulting people. Negatron returned to the city with army of Moogers and again battled the rangers. Negatron continued abusing rangers and again tried to insult Emily. This time Emily defeated Negatron and Mike shut his mouth with stones. Emily attacked the monster with Spin Sword Earth Symbol and Jayden destroyed him with Fire Smasher in bazooka mode. Then Negatron returned as Mega Monster and could fire lightnings from eyes on his back. He also tried to abuse rangers again. He was again destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sticks and Stones

Negatron later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven. He recounts his battles with the Samurai Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters


Negatron was arrogant and confident Nighlok who enjoyed his ability to torment his enemies emotionally. He insulting and abusing people and was proud of his abilities. He also trained his insults on Dayu, making her very furious. His arrogance was his weakness as he underestimated Emily and was finally defeated by the Yellow Ranger.

Powers and Abilities


  • Smart Mouth: Negatron has a smart mouth and he can give insults that cause physical harm on his victims.
  • Gap Teleportation: He can teleport to any location using gaps.
  • Three-Eyed Zapazoid: Negatron can fire purple lightning from the three eyes on his back.
  • Reviving: Just like other Nighloks, Negatron can revive himself after his death.
  • Enlarging: Just like other Nighloks, Negatron can enlarge himself into a Mega Monster.


  • Extraordinary Jumper: Negatron can jump at incredible heights.
  • Moogers Summoning: He can summon Moogers to assist him in battle.


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  • Kris: In giant size, Negatron uses a kris-style sword in combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Negatron's name comes from the word "Negative".


  • Negatron appears in Power Rangers Samurai SMASH! as one of the three recurring bosses. His attack involves laughing at the Ranger fighting him. The sonic waves from the laugh takes up the half of the screen where he is situated.
  • Negatron's name alone is likely a pun on the Transformers villain Megatron and the word "negative". For a suprise, Hasbro, the owner of Transformers, purchased the franchise in 2018.
  • The insults to injure his victims were:
    • Mike - Negatron humiliated Mike by remarking that his bike had training wheels until he was ten years old.
    • Kevin - Negatron called Kevin "boring", and later called him "Mentor's little pet".
    • Mia - Negatron called Mia a "lousy cook".
    • Jayden - Negatron called Jayden a liar who was hiding a secret.
    • Emily - Negatron abused Emily with many insults, such as airhead, clumsy fool, dimwit, klutz, dummy, crybaby, and many other abusive names. However, they didn't work because Emily taught herself in her childhood not to let insults hurt her and as such, she was resistant to his insults.
    • Builder - Negatron humiliated a builder by calling him untidy.
    • Mailman - Negatron abused a mailman by telling that he was afraid of dogs.
    • Bulk and Spike - Negatron called them "Samurai wannabes", and finishes off by adding, "You guys are jokes"! 
    • Woman - Negatron insulted a woman, who was painting her eyes, by telling her that her makeup was awful and she had to go to the circus. 
    • Women in the cafe - Negatron insulted them by calling them gossip girls. 
    • Man in the car - Negatron abused him by telling him that he drove awfully. 
    • Dayu - Negatron insulted her by telling that she horribly plays on musical instruments.


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