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"I like it, straight to the point."
―Needletron's first words.[src]

"Cannon?! Wait! Aaaah!"
―Needletron's last words.[src]

The bicycle pump infected to create him.

Needletron is a syringe/needle-themed Robotron created by Blaze from a bicycle pump in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Needletron is a Robotron created by Avatar Blaze when he infected a bicycle pump. He was tasked with stealing Morph-X from the X-Bikes. He is destroyed by Zoey and the newly formed Beast-X Cannon. Despite his defeat, his arm which contained the stolen Morph-X survived and was later used by Blaze to continue on with his plan.

His arm which Blaze used after his death.

But to his dismay, the Rangers blasted the arm, leaving the last trace of Needletron fully destroyed. Afterwards, Scrozzle used the stolen Morph-X and Needletron's data to turn a Gigadrone Type Beta into Needledrone, who was destroyed by the Racer Zord. End of the Road


Needletron doesn't show much personality, other than being confident and direct. He speaks with many puns related to sharpness.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Needletron is one of the stronger Robotrons, being able to take down the Red and Blue Rangers with ease.
  • Needle Blast: He can fire a turquoise blast from his arm. It is strong enough to make the Red and Blue Rangers de-morph.
  • Laser: He can fire a weaker blue laser from his arm.


  • Arm Needle: Needletron has a needle for a right hand to aid him in combat.
    • Morph-X Extraction: With his needle-like arm, he can extract the Morph-X from the X-Bikes.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is the first Robotron to be created by Blaze.
  • Needletron appears exclusively in American footage for two reasons. Firstly, to include Blaze but also because most of his Japanese footage involved Enter (Blaze's counterpart), a Japanese hospital, and the unmorphed Yellow and Red Go-Busters.
    • He is also the first Robotron to only appear in American footage.
  • He is the first Robotron that Zoey destroys by herself.
  • For unknown reasons, despite being created from a bicycle pump, he is a medical syringe-themed monster and was even dressed like a doctor, even though he does not have the same plans as his Sentai counterpart.

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