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"Oh, boy, two against one! I love an unfair fight."
―Needlenose along with Goldar[src]

Needlenose was a cactus monster created by Lord Zedd from a rare species of cactus (classified as cactal vocifera spinoctera) that Tommy gave to Kimberly as a gift. Needlenose used paralyzing needles to weaken his opponents. Zedd wanted Goldar & Needlenose to act quickly, traveling back in time to 1880 through a time hole, where they encountered Kimberly (who had previously fallen through said timehole) and the ancestors of the modern-day Power Rangers. After being almost defeated, Needlenose and Goldar traveled back to the present. After being made huge by Zedd, Needlenose began throwing his sharp cactus-like projectiles at the Mega Tigerzord, although they were soon bounced back by a shield barrier created by the zord. Needlenose is destroyed by the Mega Tigerzord's Firebird attack. When Needlenose was destroyed, the cactus he was created from was returned to normal.


  • Needlenose is the last monster to be destroyed by the Mega Tigerzord.
  • Needlenose is one of the few Dairanger Monsters to appear in American Footage

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