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"Almost...almost...yes! That should be enough. Time to try out a Beta Model Gigadrone. Ea he he ha! Morphing Beta Model into...Needledrone."
―Scrozzle creating Needledrone.[src]

Needledrone was the first Beta Model Gigadrone robot sent to Earth, created from the data of Needletron.


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Needledrone is made by Scrozzle when mixing data from Needletron with a Beta Model Gigadrone to steal Morph X from a Morph X Tower in Sector Tango 6. With Devon and Zoey busy fighting Blaze and Roxy, Ravi is the only Ranger that they can spare so he and Smash dispatch in the Wheeler Zord. The Zord transforms into Gorilla Mode and takes it down with a barrage of missiles and banana peels from the said missiles. In spite of this, Needledrone recovers and matches the Zord in terms of strength before stunning the Zord with a barrage of needle-like missiles. With Ravi stunned, it stabs the Zord in the back with its arm needle and drains the Zord's Morph X. Ravi calls for help and Devon quickly responds in the Racer Zord which blasts Needledrone clear of the Wheeler Zord with its Rapid Blast attack. Ravi relents and lets Devon take over the battle who slashes the Gigadrone at its leg with its bumper blade using its Racer Slash attack before changing into Battle Mode. The Zord flies high above Needledrone and Devon summons his Cheetah Beast Blaster and performs the Cheetah Strike. The blade comes straight down, getting struck in the top of Needledrone's head and neck but almost immediately cuts right through him and the Gigadrone is obliterated.

Powers and Abilities


  • Needle Missiles: Needledrone could fire miniature needle-like missiles at its enemy from his back which exploded on contact.


  • Durability: Needledrone was able to shrug off the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode's Rocket Storm as well as the Racer Zord's Rapid Blast without getting a scratch.
  • Strength: Needledrone was incredibly strong, being able to hold its own against the Wheeler Zord in Gorilla Mode.


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  • Right Arm Needle: Like Needletron, Needledrone had a needle as a right arm to use in combat.
    • Morph X Draining: Needledrone could put its needle-like arm into a Zord and drain its Morph X.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Although Needledrone was the first Beta Model in Power Rangers, Shoveldrone was the first in Go-Busters as well as the first Gigadrone period.
    • This was changed for Power Rangers since they used the pilot episode to build the plot rather than focus on a monster.
  • Needledrone was the first Gigadrone fought by the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode.


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