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"Morphing Beta Model into Needledrone!"
―Scrozzle creating Needledrone.[src]

Needledrone is the first Type Beta Gigadrone robot, created from the data of Needletron.

Character History

The Needledrone was made by Scrozzle when mixing data from Needletron with a Gigadrone Type Beta model to steal Morph X from a Morph X Tower in Tango 6 but is stopped by the Wheeler Zord. It puts up a good fight and drains the Wheeler Zord's Morph X but is destroyed by the Racer Zord Battle Mode. End of the Road


Needledrone didn't seem to inherit Needletron's personality, as it displayed more aggressive behavior.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Needledrone is incredibly strong, being able to hold its own against the Wheeler Zord.
  • Needle Launch: It can fire miniature needles at its enemy, which explode on contact.


  • Arm Needle: Like Needletron, Needledrone has a needle as a right hand to use in combat.
    • Morph X Draining: It can put its needle arm into a zord and drain its Morph X.


  • Needledrone is the first Type Beta Gigadrone deployed by Scrozzle.

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