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"My name is Nazokake Jamen! Now, all of you, riddle me this: A dentist and an angry teacher. What do they have in common? (おれはナゾカケ邪面ジャメン!おまえらにう!ととのいました・歯医者ハイシャとかけて境地キョウチとどく。そのこころは? Ore no na wa Nazokake Jamen!Omae-ra ni tou!Totonoi mashita: Haisha to kakete mu no kyōchi todoku. Sono kokoro wa?)"
―Nazokake Jamen's first words.[src]

"Riddle me this! A period of economic prosperity, and my last words...... What do they have in common? Correct! Boom! (ととのいました!んであるアレとかけてみちゆずらないへととどく……正解セイカイ!どかーん! Totonoi mashita! Aki chi ni tsunde aru are to kakete michi wo yuruzanai he to todoku…… Seikai! Dokān!)"
―Nazokake Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Nazokake Jamen (ナゾカケ邪面 Nazokake Jamen) is a riddle-themed gold-body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release Tank Ligany, Shield Shellga, and Sengoku Basra.

Character History

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Nazokake Jamen is sadistic and arrogant, but he does have a clever side considering the cleverly ridiculous wordplay he uses in his riddles.

Powers and Abilities

  • Question Mark Stickers: Nazokake Jamen can create question mark stickers and place them on his opponents' chests. These stickers can only be removed by answering his riddles correctly.
    • Attack Deflection: While his opponents are wearing Question Mark Stickers, their attacks will not be able to hit him, allowing him to strike back unopposed.
  • Portal Creation: He can open a portal to transport himself from one place to another.


  • Batons: He and the Bechats under his command wield batons in combat.


  • Height: 186 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Jamen: Nazokake

Behind the Scenes


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  • The word "nazokake" (謎掛け) roughly translates to "a particular type of riddle" (Or the word "Riddle" in general) in Japanese.
  • Nazokake Jamen is:
    • The first riddle-themed monster since Dora Sphinx from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (1992).
    • The first Jamenshi whose dark energy was used to summon more than one Jamen Beast.
      • Nazokake Jamen's dark energy being used to summon more than one Jamen Beast is similar to Domeloid from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012).
        • Unlike Domeloid though (who summoned all 4 main MegaZord Types), Nazokake Jamen only summoned 3 of the main Jamen Beast Types
      • This fact also makes Nazokake Jamen the first Gold Body Type Jamenshi since Digital Camera Jamen to help summon a non-Basra Type Jamen Beast.
    • The second Jamenshi not to have a common link with his Jamen Beasts, in terms of their respective Jamen.
  • Due to the design of his Jamen, he is also themed after a light bulb.
    • This refers to a common element in various cartoons and comics, in which an imaginary light bulb appears over someone's head when they have an idea.


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