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Naumann Monger (ナウマンモンガー Mongā, 3) is an elephant/mammoth themed Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Naumann Monger is initially used alongside the Zero Girls in a scheme to steal a massive gold reserve within an underground safe beneath a bank. Sun Vulcan initially stops the scheme, but Black Magma changes tactics, deciding instead to use a Dark Q to assassinate notable people in order to gain access to the gold. When the Dark Q falls after failing to kill a Noh performer, Naumann Monger is used in a hybrid scheme with the Zero Girls to abduct the prime minister's granddaughter to force him to give up the gold. He ultimately agrees to drop it off at a GWP base where Sun Vulcan promises to give themselves up for the granddaughter and the gold, but he decides against it forcing them into combat. The team slice off Naumann Monger's tusks before destroying it with the Vulcan Ball, then fully defeat it with Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His greatest attribute is its super strength, which used to destroy bank vaults and later to create a huge earthquake to shake the ground against his opponent. He can also emit toxic gas from his strong trunk.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


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