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Natsume Masaki (真咲なつめ Masaki Natsume) is an ally of the Gekirangers, and Miki's daughter.

Character History

She attended elementary school with her friends Shinichi and Seiji. She has helped out the Gekiranger team by practicing dancing along with them and teaching Jan how to be patient with "Koto-Koto." She has also helped out Gou on his path to becoming a Gekiranger by showing him that even though he could have fled to save himself, he decided to protect her from Mele. She decides to learn the Beast Fist in the finale, becoming one of Retsu's students. She is portrayed by Sakina Kuwae.

Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger

By the time the Gekirangers and Go-ongers team up, Natsume has been progressing in her Beast Fist training to the point of inheriting her mom's Leopard-Fist Style.  She demonstrates this alongside her mom when they meet the Go-ongers.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager

It is revealed that she went to school with Sena Hayami and currently works at SCRTC in R&D Department.

As SCRTC is a sponsor of Sena Hayami, Natsume and her mother gives the athlete technical support. One day, when they are in a test session to monitor Sena's running, their device is hijacked by Yodonna and Galza. Thanks for her mother, Natsume is able to escape from the villains and come to aid the Kiramagers, who are fighting the Super Glue Jamen. With her agility, she evades the monster's glue attacks and free the trapped Kiraful Go Arrow. When she sees the Kiramagers transfers their Kiramental into the arrow for an ultimate attack, she compares it to Gekirangers' Ki infusion. Episode 27: Big Pinch Runner


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