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This article is about a/an fan holiday in the Power Rangers franchise.
"On National Power Rangers Day, everyone gets to be a Power Ranger! What are your Ranger skills and abilities? Do you have super strength or enhanced memory? Maybe your talent hasn’t been discovered yet. That’s ok! No matter where you live or who you are, with discipline, mindfulness, and heart, anyone can become a Power Ranger. Ultimately, the goal is to call your friends, color coordinate and get ready to celebrate National Power Rangers Day! Whether you are a red, yellow, pink, black, blue, green or (favorite color here) Power Ranger, on August 28th, it’s Morphin’ Time! Celebrate your passion for the Power Rangers on social media by wearing your gear and sharing your memories."
―Hasbro's official message of encouragement for celebrating the holiday[src]

National Power Rangers Day is an official fan holiday created by Hasbro and Saban in collaboration with the National Day Calendar and takes place on August 28th, the anniversary date of the premiere of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1993. The holiday was first announced at Power Morphicon VI and the first observance of it by fans was on August 28, 2018. [1] [2]Fans are openly encouraged by Hasbro to share memories, cosplay, do fun videos and to use the hashtag #NationalPowerRangersDay on social media. The holiday also celebrates the show's messages of diversity, teamwork and friendship as its motto is "Everyone gets to be a Ranger!".

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