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This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

"Phenomenal! The Mantis DNA worked! I'm a Ranger."
―Nate when he became a Ranger[src]

Nathan "Nate" Silva is a genius prodigy, chief researcher and head of technology of Grid Battleforce who developed Morph-X for use as a clean, sustainable energy source. He created the Beast Morphers Rangers, later joining them as Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger, the Gold Ranger of the team. He is also the one who inadvertently turned Venjix into Evox.

Retroactively he can be referred to as Gold Beast Morphers Ranger or Beast Morphers Gold Ranger - as a variation of his label in the show.

Character History

Early Life

Young Nate sees a Cell Shift Morpher.jpg

Nate is a prodigy who joined Grid Battleforce at the age of six. When he was 10, he discovered a way to harness the Morphin Grid, allowing him to refine it into a substance called Morph X, which would later be tried as a sustainable energy source. During this time, experiments with past Morphers to find a new way to morph. Trying with Scott Truman's old Cell Shift Morpher by mixing Morph X and snake DNA, Nate accidentally revived the dormant Venjix Virus in the new form of Evox and it hid inside the computers system; luckily only a small portion of Venjix escaped, leaving the new Evox too weak to manipulate technology (the snake DNA thankfully prevented Venjix from replicating its code to grow stronger). Nate remained unaware he had released the evil that nearly destroyed the RPM world. Source Code

A New Ranger Team

Nate along with the new Rangers

Nate later helps Grid Battleforce create Grid Battleforce Power Rangers to protect the energy project. He developed the Morph X powered arsenal they would use as well as a one-way transporter. He is forced to initialize the Ranger forms onto two people that were not candidates while Ravi was the candidate for becoming the Blue Ranger when Evox attempts to steal access to the Morphin Grid. Beasts Unleashed

Becoming a Ranger

Before Nate was captured, he created two Morphers and two blade-like arsenals for Beast Morphers Gold and Silver Rangers. Unfortunately Nate was later captured by Evox's Crew to finish the cybergate and body for Evox.

Nate becomes the Gold Ranger.

While being captured he decided to repair a broken Wristcom to summon the Striker Morpher to foil Scrozzle's plan. He then shoots two transporters which sends Evox back to the cyber dimension. While in use, he used two Ranger DNA capsules to become a Ranger himself.  Fortunately he succeeded by becoming the Gold Ranger while Steel's body became complete and fully functional, carrying Nate's DNA and enabling him to become the Silver Ranger. The Cybergate Opens

Evox's Reveal

Nate finds the truth.

When Evox gets captured, Nate modifies the Ultra Blaster to scramble his data until he is dispersed forever. The plan works at first, but before Nate can finish him off, Evox hacks into the forcefield's computer console, escaping and re-materializing in the command room where he extracts the Morph-X Tower access codes from the computers, the Rangers then follow him to the Ranger Vault in Nate's lab, Evox retrieves the briefcase containing the Ranger Operator Series Morphers and absorbs the data inside Scott Truman's Cell Shift Morpher. Nate attempts to blast him again, but the Ultra Blaster has no effect this time, as Evox rebuilds himself completly.

The virus taunts Nate, saying that he should already know who he truly is. Evox reveals his true origin to the Rangers right before blasting them while he escapes. The Rangers then confront the virus outside of Grid Battleforce, but Evox, now wielding the full might of the Venjix Virus, resurrects four Robotrons in front of the team. Evox then fires a blast that de-morphs Nate. Evox teleports away after mockingly telling Nate that he'll go down in history as the boy genius responsible for ending human civilization.

Nate uses the anti-Evox arrow on Robo-Blaze.

After the big revelation Nate feels incredibly guilty over releasing the Venjix Virus into the world, but is able to work on a solution along with Doctor K, whom with he's able to share his pain as both of them made a similar mistake, they both work on an experimental anti-Evox arrow that the team later uses on Robo-Blaze, destroying him for good. Source Code

Family Members


A genius, Nate is a quick thinker in situations that require it. Being a single child, Nate always wanted an elder brother and considers Steel as a brother-figure. Nate also has feelings for Zoey, sending her Valentine's flowers secretly. Despite loving all living creatures, he suffers from arachnophobia, a fear of spiders. He has a liking for science fiction and doesn't know how to play most sports.

Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger

Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger

This form is the Gold Ranger's default form used in battle against the Robotrons or other villainous characters. Nate can manually transform into the Gold Ranger by using his Striker Morpher and Morph-X Key, however for him to be able to transform he must be bonded with the Mantis DNA in order to morph into the Gold Ranger.



Appearances: BM S1 Episodes 8-11, 13-17, 19-22, BM S2 Episodes 1-22  

Behind the Scenes



  • Nate is a young prodigy, similar to Doctor K of RPM and Justin Stewart of Turbo.
    • He ultimately both emulates Dr K's mistake while perpetuating it. Nate ends up accidentally releasing and altering the Venjix Virus, bringing it back as Evox.
  • He's an only child, and his parents work overseas, hence, he rarely sees them. He sees his parents for the first time in a long time in Golden Opportunity. His parents are also the only ones who never learn his or the other Rangers' identities.
  • Despite his Sentai counterpart being designed after a rhino beetle, Nate derives his powers from the DNA of a mantis. This is because Hasbro thought it was more kid-friendly. It might also possibly a localization change as rhino beetles aren't common in the United States. 
    • Nate is the first Ranger to be based on a mantis.
    • In Ninja Storm, Hunter's Rhino Beetle motif was also localized. His Zord was the Insectizord while Blake's was the Beetlezord.
  • Like Zack Taylor (the first Mighty Morphin Black Ranger), Shane Clarke (the Red Wind Ranger) and Kapri (from Ninja Storm), Lily Chilman (the Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger) and Jayden Shiba (the Red Samurai Ranger), he is arachnophobic (a fear of spiders).
  • Nate shares the title of the Sixth Ranger together with Steel. The last time two Rangers shared this title at the same time in RPM, where interestingly, Gem and Gemma also were Gold and Silver Ranger duo.
    • Additionally, in both RPM and Beast Morphers:
      • the Silver Ranger gets a jet.
      • The Gold and Silver Rangers have a different motif than the rest of their respective teams.(Nate and Steel share a beetle motif while Gem and Gemma have an aircraft motif).
      • Both Gold and Silver Rangers are related to each other. (Gem and Gemma are twins, Nate and Steel are brothers)
  • Nate is the youngest Gold Ranger at the moment of receiving Ranger powers.
  • Nate is the second Sixth Ranger after Cameron Watanabe to appear in the first episode of his respective series and gain his powers later on in the show.
  • He and Steel aren't numerically 6th Rangers, instead are 4 and 5. This previously happened with Trent in Dino Thunder (5), Sam in S.P.D. (7), and Daggeron in Mystic Force (7).
  • Nate Silva's name is likely a pun on Nate Silver, an American statistician.
  • Nate and Steel are similar to Hunter and Blake from Power Rangers Ninja Storm in two ways.
    • They are insect-themed.
    • They are shown to be close brothers and always having each others' backs.


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