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"Did you enjoy it?! That ability to take on any appearance! It truly is impressive! Can't say I'm flattered to reciveve a compliment from someone as common as you."
―Narisurmashi's first words when he revealed that he had been posing as Dayu Usukawa and then responding to Shitari's realisation of who he was.[src]
―Narisumashi when preparing to finish Chiaki off with a slash right to his face before it was blocked and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"This is where the fun begins!"
―Narishumashi when he enlarged.[src]
"I lost!"
―Narishumashi's final words before his death.[src]

Narisumashi (ナリスマシ, Narisumashi, 15): Narisumashi is a happy go-lucky Ayakashi with the ability to assume the guise of another, armed with the Urizane Fukusōtō (瓜実複相刀, Melon Diploid Sword) that can split into two and perform a powerful energy slash. His eyes can also shoot beams. He assumed Chiaki's form to cause trouble among the team, having dpoine so after expectantly running into him whilst chasing a "puink woman", intending to kill the confused and depressed Chiaki once he completes his plan. However, seeing his reflection, Chiaki tricks him in order to expose him to the others. He was first destroyed by the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed for good by Tenkuu ShinkenOh and it's Tenkuu Banboo Slash. His featureless face and shapeshifting powers are the basis of the faceless Noppera-bō (野箆坊) of Japanese myth.

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