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Nao Nagasawa (長澤 奈央 Nagasawa Nao) is a Japanese actress, singer and model who played Nanami Nono (HurricaneBlue) in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger. She also did stunts for HurricaneBlue in-suit.

A brief moment of Sentai footage with her was used in the Power Rangers Ninja Storm episode "Scent of a Ranger".

Nagasawa reprised her role in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episodes "Pirates and Ninjas", "Shushuuto The Special", as well as in archive footage of "The Confused Ninja", and the V-Cinema special Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: 10 YEARS AFTER.

She also appeared in episodes 27 and 28 of Kamen Rider W as Lily Shirogane (Invisible Dopant) and episodes 21, 22 and 48 of Kamen Rider Fourze as Phys. Ed. teacher Haruka Utsugi.

In 2014, she married former Japanese international soccer player Koji Nakata and now has two children.


  • Besides her role as Nanami Nono in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger, who has a career as a singer, Nao Nagasawa herself is a singer.

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