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Nanpario Pengino is a penguin themed monster of Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler that did not receive a treasure from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Nanpario Pengino's head is a green and pink knight penguin helmet with red hair, his body is green and pink armor like body with a Gangler safe on it, the arms are white green and pink skeleton arms, the hands are green, his pants are a dark pink color, his pink and grey feet look like penguin feet, his overall Apperance looks like a medieval knight, his weapon the Long Uo Sword is a Grey and gold fish shaped long sword that looks like a fish eating a cross.

Character History

A monster without a treasure, he fought Lupin Yellow for a brief moment before having his safe easily opened by Lupin Yellow, only to reveal that he had nothing inside. The arrival of Patren-3gou and a little girl, Yuu prompted him to fight both rangers. He then stole Yuu's plush doll and placed it inside his safe and ran off.

When Umika and Tsukasa work together to lure him into a area using Tsukasa's prized plush collection, they take back the plush doll and defeat Napario.


  • Long Uo Sword (ロングウオーソード Rongu Uō Sōdo): Like Bundorute Peggy, he wielded a fish-shaped long sword in combat.


  • Height: ??? cm (Giant: ??? cm)
  • Weight: ??? kg (Giant: ??? cm)
  • Criminal Record: ???
  • Lupin Collection: None
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password Number: 7-8-0


  • Animal Theme: Penguin
    Bundorute Peggy

    Bundorute Peggy (before modification)

  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Palaeeudyptinae penguin
  • His suit is a rebuilt and repainted version of Bundorute Peggy's first form.
  • He is the first and so far only Gangler to not have received a piece of the Lupin Collection.
  • Like Bundorute Peggy he resembles a Medieval Knight.


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