This article is about a/an Dark Headder in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
"This body exists for Lord Brajira's sake!""
―Final words before death.[src]

The two-faced Namono-Gatari is the first of the Dark Headders to be used by Brajira against the Goseigers, his right head is Namono and his left head is Gatari. Other than teamwork among his heads, Namono-Gatari can regenerate his horns unless both are cut off at the same time, which the Landick siblings exploited before defeating the Dark Headder. Enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Namono-Gatari allows himself to be destroyed by Landick Gosei Great so he can become the Land Wedge in the Nega End ceremony.


concept art


  • Movie References: Namono-Gatari's name is from "The Chronicles of Narnia" (ナルニア国物語 Narunia-koku Monogatari).
  • He is modeled after Orthrus with elements of a Minotaur and an axe.
  • He is the only Dark Headder that is not fully adapted into Power Rangers Super Megaforce, likely because of the limit of 22 episodes due to both Gokaiger and Goseiger being adapted into one.
    •  However, his drill form appears as one of Vrak's three drills.
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