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"(Namono) At last you call us, Lord Brajira.
(Gatari) Was gettin' pretty sick 'a waitin'!"
―Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder after being summoned by Brajira[src]

"This body is for Lord Brajira's sake!"
―Final words before his death.[src]

Namono-Gatari of the Ortaurus Headder (オルトウロスヘッダーのナモノ・ガタリ Orutōrosu Heddā no Namono Gatari) is an Orthrus/Minotaur-themed Dark Headder under Brajira of the Messiah.


The two-headed Namono-Gatari is the first of the Dark Headders to be used by Brajira against the Goseigers, his right head is Namono and his left head is Gatari. Other than teamwork among his heads, Namono-Gatari can regenerate his horns unless both are cut off at the same time.

Brajira summons him immediately after he revealed his true form and motive to the Goseigers and he lamented having to wait so long to be summoned. Brajira has him fight the Goseigers, and Gosei Knight goes to confront his former master. He managees to beat them, even when Gosei Black cuts one of his horns and Gosei Blue and Pink blasts both, as he regenerates both times. He is ordered to withdraw when Brajira succeds in capturing Gosei Knight and other retreat

The Landick siblings manage to find out how to destroy his horns permanently and plan to exploit it. While Gosei Knight's brainwashing proceeds, Brajira dispatches him back. The two defeat the Dark Headder by slicing the horns in sync and then using the Super Land Dynamic on him. Brajira enlarges him from the Labyrindel via the Bibi Bugs, but his horns having healed with it. Namono-Gatari fights Landick Gosei Great while taunting them about Gosei Knight, unfazed they finish him off with the Landick Strike. Unfortunately, he allowed this to happen on Brajira's orders so he can become the Land Wedge in the Nega End ceremony.

Once the wedges are all in place, Brajira activates them and the wedges dig into the planet, even using his remaining life force after his death to speed up the process. The wedges, including the Land Wedge, are destroyed by the Goseigers using the Gosei Global Technique.


Namono-Gatari has two voices that can talk to each other and finish each other's sentences, but both are genuinely loyal to their master. Namono-Gatari also is prone to insulting the Goseigers apprenticeship and taunting them about Gosei Knight being turned evil.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Horns: Namono-Gatari can shoot energy horn constructs from his horns.
  • Horn Regeneration: Namono-Gatari can regenerate his horns once severed. This does not work if both horns are severed at the exact same timem however.
  • Lightning Blast: Namono-Gatari can shoot lightning from his horns.
  • Energy Absorption: Namono-Gatari could absorb energy from his opponent's attacks.
    • Wedge Transformation: As the Dark Headder, Namono-Gatari could instantly transform into a Wedge after his death.

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


  • Namono-Gatari's name is from "The Chronicles of Narnia" (ナルニア国物語 Narunia-koku Monogatari).


  • Namono-Gatari is the only Dark Headder that is not fully adapted into Power Rangers Super Megaforce; his drill form appears as one of Vrak's three drills.
  • Namono-Gatari is the only Dark Headder to have two voice actors.


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