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"Fangs full of venom-Naja!"
―Naja's roll call[src]
"It's now or never."
―Naja after Camille pretended to believe Dai Shi didn't like her and his final words before his death[src]

Naja is the Rinshi master of the Cobra Fight Style and leader of the Five Fingers of Poison. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Pizza Slice of Life".


Naja rinshi

Naja and other Fingers of Poison were formed by Camille to destroy Jungle Fury Rangers. Naja was leader of the group and used cobra fight style. He used fast, exact and lethal attacks, copied from Cobra. In the first battle with the Rangers, Naja attacked Casey. A Taste of Poison

When all other members of his team were destroyed, Naja decided to overthrow Dai Shi and become new leader of the Clan. Naja considered Dai Shi not worthy to be a leader. He told Camille about it and tried to get her to his side. However she refused and fought him. During the fight she killed him by poisoning him, but he revived himself, using his Life Talon. Then they continued fighting and Jaja eventually defeated Camille. Then he escaped end made a plan to overthrow Dai Shi. He used his life talons and revived Rantipede and Gakko. Together they attacked Dai Shi's palace. However Rantipede was destroyed by Dai Shi/Jarrod and Gakko left. Then he again fought Camille. Camille now became stronger by absorbing the energy from Rangers's Claw Cannon and defeated him. Naja again offered Camille to join him, as he could reive her, if she died, by his life talons. But she again refused and destroyed him with a massive purple energy slash to the gut. Camille then took his life talons and brought them to Dai Shi and they used them to revive Overlords: Carnisoar, Jellica and Grizzaka. Pizza Slice of Life

Naja was revived by Dai Shi in final battle, but he was eventually destroyed by RJ. Now the Final Fury


Naja was a cunning, cold-blooded and determined fighter who used unpredictable strategies in battle and was very proud of himself. When all other members of his team were destroyed, he decided to overthrow Dai Shi and lead the Clan. He was highly arrogant and confident as he underestimated Camille and it lead to his defeat. However Naja also cared about his comrades, like Rantipede and Gakko. They possessed friendly relationships.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Naja possesses great physical strength to battle the Power Rangers and Camille.
  • Skilled Fighter: In addition to his physical strength, Naja is also a skilled fighter.
  • Superhuman Speed: Naja has formidable speed to fight his opponents.
  • Superhuman Agility: Naja possesses major agility and can perform high leaps and somersaults in battle.
  • High Leaps: Naja is able to use his legs to make a high leap.
  • Energy Blast: Naja can fire a large light blue energy blast from his right hand. He only used it once when Camille found him in his final battle but it had no effect on her.
  • Life Talons: On Naja's hands are fang like nails that possess the ability to revive the dead. Naja possessed 6 talons and he used the first on himself after being killed by Camille, then two on Rantipede and Gakko. Camille managed to obtain the last three before killing Naja in order for Jarrod to revive the Overlords once he found the location of their bodies.


  • Scythes-As mentioned, Naja wields two scythes to attack his enemies. This was essentially the foil to Camile's sai.
    • Energy Empowerment-Naja can charge up his scythes with blue energy and slash at his enemies with enough force to send Camille flying with one hit to the torso.
    • Energy Ball-Naja's signature attack. Naja would put his scythes together and charge them up, generating a purple energy ball which he would slash repeatedly. He would then grab it in between his scythes and thrust it forth at his enemies. This was strong enough to send Camille flying off a cliff and demorph her and may have killed her again later had she not deflected it.

Behind The Scene



  • Naja's name is taken from the genus on which cobras belong to.
  • In his Rinshi form, he wears a blue sash and belt.
  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Naja fought and gets defeated by Camille. Then when he is brought back to life, he fought the Jungle Fury Rangers, while his Sentai counterpart never fought the Gekirangers.
  • Out of all the monsters in Power Rangers, Naja has arguably the biggest impact of the plot since his life talons led to the reserction of the Overlords and the arising of Grizaka as the main antagonist.
  • Like 50 Below of the Barbarian Beasts, Naja is the only member of his group not to face his Power Ranger enemies in giant form. Like Fightoe of the same group, he also was not destroyed by the Rangers but by another villain-at least in his first appearance.
  • Naja is very similar to Snapper in the same series:
    • Both are reptile themed; him being cobra themed, and Snapper being turtle themed,
    • Both are high ranking warriors; him the leader of the Five Fingers of Poison, Snapper a Phantom Beast General,
    • Both try to take over Dai Shi's temple but are stopped and destroyed by Camille.
    • Both are voiced by Richard Simpson.

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