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"The Indomitable Knight! Gaisoulg!"
―Gaisoulg' roll call[src]

Nada (ナダ) is a former apprentice of Master Red from the Ryusoul Tribe and the current host of Gaisoulg. After purifying the Gaisoulg armor, Nada wielded it in battle. After mortally wounding himself in battle against Uden while freeing Koh from the enemy's belt buckle, his spirit manifested in the Max Ryusoul Changer and continued to help the team in that respect.


Nada was originally a student of Master Black alongside Bamba, with the intention of becoming Ryusoul Green. However, he was passed over for the position in favor of his fellow pupil’s younger brother.

Apprenticed at some point by Master Red, Nada originally thought of Ryusoul Red as the group leader, and sought to become one due to believing his high performance in battle would gain him the position. Unfortunately, these thoughts are what didn't get him chosen as a Ryusoulger, and he soon began going on a quest to find a place in the world. When he encountered Koh, a squire of Master Red who did become Ryusoul Red, Nada attempted to pass on his ideas, but he only realized his foolishness after retrieving Kishiryu Chibigaroo.

Becoming Gaisoulg

Nada taking Gaisoulg's helmet before leaving

After being rejected as Ryusoul Red, Nada began looking for a way to prove everyone wrong, eventually hitting upon the use of Gaisoulg's armor, scouring the cosmos before being led to planet Nemesis. Shortly after Towa and Bamba defeated Rita (who was the user of the Gaisoulg armor in that moment) on planet Nemesis, the Gaisoulg armor was scattered on the remains battlefield, Nada (who mysteriously was also on the planet), took Gaisoulg’s helmet from the flames and left with it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Battle: Heading Towards Tomorrow! Wearing the armor, he eventually gained Master Green's memories. Although he became an unbeatable warrior thanks to the armor, the sheer violence of it all made him find it less fun than he had hoped.

Return as Gaisoulg

Nada, now under the identity of Gaisoulg, released Kishiryu DimeVolcano for Wizeru’s purposes. However, the Kishiryu was obtained by the Ryusoulgers first. The night after the Ryusoulgers defeated the Shen Minosaur, Gaisoulg met with Wizeru and Kureon mocking the first for allowing the Ryusoulgers to obtain DimeVolcano, which made Wizeru angry and had a small fight with him. Angrily Wizeru asks him why he didn’t get rid of the Ryusoulgers by himself which Gaisorg responded that it was pointless as Wizeru wanted "entertainment". Gaisoulg tells Wizeru that he's going to let him know if he finds something interesting before leaving. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 12: Scorching Illusion

Nada as Gaisoulg later approached Prime Minister Mioko Karino (who apparently recognized him) at her hospital room who tells her that he could have killed her if she wanted. Mioko responded that she and him are similar as both wander with nowhere to belong. Mioko tells Gaisoulg that he might be having trouble to let his past glory go and according to her, Gaisoulg could create a Minosaur by this rate. While Mioko leaves, Gaisoulg asks her where she’s going which she answers where she belongs as she finally found her place. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 13: The Prime Minister is of the Ryusoul Tribe!?

Aiding Towa

Nada as Gaisoulg meets face to face with Towa who was the last Ryusoulger standing as the others were captured by Wizeru with the power of the Grimoire Minosaur. Gaisoulg had a small battle with Towa in which he easily defeated him. Before leaving, Gaisoulg told Towa “to not rely on his strengths and bring them to life instead” which were the same words that Towa and Bamba’s master used to say.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 20: Supreme Artist

Encountering the Ryusoulgers

Nada shows himself under his true identity first to Canalo (RyusoulGold), he requests him to take him to the other Ryusoulgers, telling them that he wants to join them on their fight against the Druidon. Later while the Ryusoulgers were fighting the Dodomeki Minosaur, Nada as Gaisoulg attacks and defeats them telling Koh that “the fun is just beginning” before leaving. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 26: Seventh Knight

Succumbed to the armor and Joining with the Ryusoulgers

Nada eventually reached the point where he could not control Gaisoulg and the armor subsequently possessed him.

In his new vessel, Gaisoulg finds the Ryusoulgers, who were engaged in battle with Gachireus and Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur. Gaisoulg interrupts the battle with a savage assault, forcing the villains to retreat. With only the Ryusoulgers remaining, the heroes made a valiant attempt to free Nada. Using the DoshinSoul, Towa managed to weaken Nada enough to bait Gaisoulg into abandoning Nada's body for a new host. Melto assists by having the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur use its candy beam powers to extract the hatred from the Gaisoulg armor, forcing Gaisoulg to seek another host. Attempting to possess Koh, the armor was restrained by the other Ryusoulgers, allowing the hatred within the armor to be completely dispelled in shower of rainbow rain.

Following the defeat of the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur, the Ryusoulgers return to the Tatsui residence and is startled by the sudden appearance of Nada wearing the Gaisoulg armor. To their surprise, he showed that he was in full control (using the Gaisoul Ken as a back scratcher, in a moment of levity). Removing his helmet, Nada expressed gratitude towards his fellow tribesmen and offered to "repay" Towa for using the DoshinSoul on him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 32: When The Rain of Hatred Ceases


"At last, I've met such amazing friends... for real..."
―Nada's final words before his death[src]

Nada's last fight would be against Uden. Koh had been imprisoned inside a pocket dimension located in Uden's chessboard buckle and Nada manages to headbutt the buckle, allowing Koh to escape. Unfortunately, this was his own undoing as he ends up impaling himself on Uden's blade in the process. As Nada succumbed to his wound, his body and spirit reformed as the Max RyuSoul and the Gaisoulg Armor changes into the Max Ryusoul Changer, allowing Koh to avenge him by killing Uden as Max Ryusoul Red.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 33: New Assassin


A few hours after Nada's death, Ui found a video that he had recorded at some unspecified time. In it, he announces that he's thinking of going away to train for a while. He compliments each member of the Ryusoulgers and once again, thanks them for saving him from the Gaisoulg armor. The Ryusoulgers raise their swords in salute to him as the sunsets.

When a revived Eras gave happy dreams to all living beings so they could sleep in ignorance of the world being destroyed, Koh's dream featured Nada being alive and well and the two meeting up to play ping-pong together. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 47: Between Happiness and Despair

Nada's Spirit.jpg

After the final battle against Eras, Koh set up a proper grave for Nada at the Cliffs of Trials. He left the Max Ryusoul Changer by it, the only arsenal to still have its power (due to the fact it's Nada's spirit empowering it and not the Kishiryu). Koh approached the tomb and changer, which reacted and created Nada's spirit in front of Koh, who smiles to see his lost friend once again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Ep.: The Will of the Earth


Nada had a high inferiority complex and had strong beliefs about the Ryusoulgers and their positions. This also made him slightly envious of the current team, though throughout his interactions with them he starts to realize the foolhardiness of his beliefs, and eventually wised up, becoming one of the team's closest allies.



"Gaisoul Change! (rock riff) Haa~"
―Transformation announcement via Gaisoul Ken[src]

Originally on the verge of becoming the armor's host, the Ryusoulgers managed to drain Gaisoulg's hatred via the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur, freeing Nada and making the armor safe to use.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ancient Break Edge (エンシェントブレイクエッジ Enshento Bureiku Ejji): With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg gathers energy and unleashes two energy slashes that combine to form an "X" slash before hitting the target.
  • Gaisoul Slash
  • Projectile Energy Blade Attack: Gaisoulg can throw energy slashes at the opponent with the Gaisoul Ken.
  • Energy Burst: With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg can create energy explosions to repel one or several opponents.
  • Energy Slash: With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg can unleash purple energy slashes at his opponents.


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  • Gaisoul Ken: Transformation Device, a silver/purple version of the Ryusoul Ken: Gaisoulg's weapon
  • Unnamed Shield: Secondary weapon.
  • RyuSouls
    • GaiSoul
    • ByuByuSoul

Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes 12-13, 20, 26-27, 29-33

Behind the Scenes



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  • Nada's name is a reference to the Spanish word for "nothing"


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