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""It's done.""
―NN Nerenko's first words after he sprayed a sun mural on a wallcof the Baribarian.[src]
"Nerenko! Wumpers!""
―NN Nerenko when confronted by the Carrangers and summoning the Combatant Wumpers for help.[src]
""Oh, no!!""
―NN Nerenko's final words before his initial defeat.[src]
―NN Nerenko when he grew.[src]
"Oh, no! Nerenko!"
―Final words before death[src]

NN Nerenko (ネーネーネレンコ NēNē Nerenko, 7) is a graffiti artist Gorotsuki.

Character History

Bowzock's best graffiti artist, he was hired to use Inventor Grotch's fattening spray to make objects explode, after becoming too fat. Though told to stay put while Grotch gets him Imo-youkan, Nerenko goes on a spraying rampage after seeing graffiti that brings his style to shame. He nearly kills four of the Carrangers with the fattening spray, until Blue Racer washes it off his teammates. In battle, he can also blast lasers from the face on his helmet, which is called using his Nerenko Beam attack. Initially defeated by the Giga Formula and then killed for good by RV Robo and it's Reckless Dash Cut after Grotch force fed the mouth on his forehead Imo-youkan.


NN has a very flashy, showy personality. When he is first introduced the first thing he does is pull a giant white canvas down from the ceiling and paint a giant picture of a sun on it before stepping out of the shadows and introducing himself. However, he's also a very sensitive artist and flips out at the sight of human graffiti being better than his.

Modus and Arsenal

Grotch's fattening spray was NN's main and only weapon. his original plan was pretty simple just use the spray to kill the Carrangers. but after see how good earth graffiti was. he loses it and gos on a rampage with the spray. at first the spray has a delayed effect, causing it to act like a sort of time bomb effect. it randomly destroys things until he runs into the Carrangers and remembers his mission.



concept art

  • NN Nerenko was the first monster in Carranger to grow after being defeated first. The others either all died small sized or grew before they could be defeated.


Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is the one of a clown.

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