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"I mean, sure, I'm a crook, but I can reform. I know I can. I've been reformed many times."
―Mysticon upon being judged.[src]

Mysticon is a magician, but does a bad job at it which other people booed at him until Morgana appears and gives him a magic wand with the agreement that one day he will return the favor. Mysticon turns his assistant Al invisible to rob banks until Al is captured he tips off S.P.D. Mysticon tries to capture a microbiology scientist for Gruumm named Dr. Helen Tyler-Jones and even puts Syd under a magic spell, but the Power Rangers foil his plans and Mysticon is disarmed of his wand.

Mysticon robot

Mysticon’s Robot

In a last ditch effort, he pilots a giant robot from Broodwing, but that is destroyed by the Deltamax Megazord.


"Eww! Did you have onions for lunch?"

Al is the lizard-like assistant of the great Mysticon. When Morgana gives Mysticon a magic wand that changes Al invisible, he uses his new found ability to rob banks. Unfortunately for him, the Power Rangers show up and arrest him. Five of the Rangers failed interrogate him, but the Green Ranger who talks a lot annoys him so bad that he cracks and tells them everything he knows.


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