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Mysterious Sage Barza (不思議仙人バーザ Fushigi Sennin Bāza) is an immortal white wizard who lived during the time of the ancient kingdoms. Although a powerful wizard, he was no match for the dark powers of Witch Bandora who stripped him of most of his magic during their battle. After Bandora and her followers Grifforzer, Totpat, Bookback, and Pleprechaun were defeated and sealed away by the Guardian Beasts on Planet Nemesis, five warriors from each kingdom were chosen to be Zyurangers and were placed in magical sleep in an underground temple to awaken and defend the world's peace should Bandora ever escape.

Character History

For 170 million years, Barza kept watch over the sleeping Zyurangers, eventually becoming the superintendent of the Sakura Mansion apartment building built on top of the Zyuranger's temple where he became a grandfatherly figure to the building's children. When a group of astronauts landed on Planet Nemesis and opened the Bandora Gang's container, Barza knew the time had come and after awakening the Zyurangers, gave them their Dino Medals which allowed them to assume their ranger forms. Afterwards, Barza served as the Zyurangers guide and mentor, assisting them in whatever way he could. Along with Gnome, Barza was the only one who truly understood the threat posed by DragonRanger Burai and the two conspired to keep him locked away until his eventual death would allow Geki to inherit the Dragon Armor and the Zyusouken. Unfortunately, Gnome's grandson Ryota stole the key and released Burai into the modern world. Afterwards, Barza reluctantly revealed to Geki the truth about his parentage.

Following the final battle and the resealing of the Bandora gang, Barza accompanied the Zyurangers as they ascended into Heaven.


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