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Mutoumushite (ムトウムシテ Mutōmushite) is a remodeled male version of Hadezukin created as a Rin Jūken practioner with the status of Kenma to serve as General Tsu's right hand man.

Though a user of the Confrontation Ladybug Beast Fist style, Mutoumushite's title as Fist Demon of Time (時の拳魔 Toki no Kenma) allows him to use the fighting techniques of several Super Sentai villains portrayed by veteran stunt actor Yoshinori Okamoto.

Learning it was made possible by General Tsu using the data obtained by having Okamoto himself portray his characters using motion capture, the Akibarangers learn that Mutoumushite inherited Okamoto's desire of dying a beautiful death, the Akibarangers exploit the monster's fatal flaw of desiring a glorious death by replicating the final battle between ChangeDragon and Adjutant Booba before destroying Mutoumushite with the Ludicrous Bazooka.

When ©Na replaces the Super Sentai Series with her own Super ©Na Series, Mutoumushite can be seen as her minion in her version of Juken Sentai Gekiranger, where she takes the role of Long. Ep. 11: Delusional Cemetery

Abilities & Arsenal

Having the fighting styles of sentai villains that Yoshinori Okamoto plays, he uses his own versions of what attacks and weapons they use.

Behind the scenes


Mutoumushite is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (檜山 修之 Hiyama Nobuyuki) while his human form, the Gymnastics Guy is portrayed by Orakio Matsuyuki.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like Hadezukin, Mutoumushite is based on the ladybug; however with his position as a Beast-Man, his name reflects this with his name being a play on "tentomushi" (the Japanese word for "ladybug" with the "te" moved to the end)
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