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"I summon the power of evil Lokar! The terrible! And Mutitus! Come now and destroy all the Earth!"
Rita's chant when summoning Lokar and Mutitus.[src]

Mutitus was a powerful zombie-like monster summoned by Rita. He serve as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Island of Illusions" (the main antagonists being Rita and Lokar.)

Character History

Mutitus was a zombie like monster summoned by Rita to attack Angel Grove. He used bolts attached to chains similar to the ones that Rita's Frankenstein Monster used. It was a fierce opponent and, after summoning the evil deity, Lokar, Rita had him use his "Breath of Doom" to transform Mutitus into a more dragon/demon-like form. This new form lacked the ability to use a chain to attack due to it's shortened arms, but gained a much fiercer ability in place of the weapon it had lost, a small effigy of Lokar's head appears around the new Mutitus' neck which was capable of firing different projectile attacks.

Mutitus continues to annihilate the Dino Megazord, until the Dragonzord arrives, catching him off guard briefly. Soon after, Mutitus tosses around the Megazord and Dragonzord, and once done toying with them, sprays toxic foam all over the Megazord and Dragonzord, causing them to short-circuit. Rita traps the Rangers on an island-shaped dimension after Mutitus beats the Megazord and Dragonzord. While on the Os;and of Illusion, the 6 Rangers face illusions of their worst fears but eventually overcame them. When they return, they immediately call upon the Mega Dragonzord, and the battle continues. The fight then becomes one-sided in favor of the Rangers, as the Mega Dragonzord is unharmed by Mutitus' lightning attacks, whereas the Zord's lasers harm the monster effectively. Mutitus is finally killed when the Mega Dragonzord launches its energy sphere attack, causing an explosion that disintegrates Mutitus in a flash of bright light. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Island of Illusion


Mutitus is a very violent monster who is highly fierce and destructive and will not stop to destroy the Rangers. He is however borderline mindless as he never speaks and his violence is almost unmatched. He is also shown to be loyal to Rita and Lokar. He also doesn't talk, only speaks in roars and growls.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lightning Blasts: Mutitus can fire lightning from his chest and head.


  • Strength: Even in his lesser form, Mutitus can swing his ball and chain so hard that the Dino Megazord was knocked flat on its face with one swing and the Rangers were a bit hurt.


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  • Ball and Chain: Mutitus' main weapon was a chain, with a meteor hammer-like weapon and a spiked ball chain.

Behind the Scenes



  • His first form appears to be based on a human skeletal and muscular system, while his second form appears to resemble a demonic beast.


  • His name appears to be a portmanteau of the words Mutate and possibly a corruption of the suffix Itis, which denotes inflammation. The "Titus" portion of the name may also refer to the Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus".


  • In Zyuranger, Mutitus transforms from Dora Franke/Frankenstein Monster after being impaled by Gouryuuzin (the Dragonzord Battle Mode's counterpart) which is why he has bolts attached to chains like Frankenstein Monster's and a mace and chain like that monster.
    • The element had to be removed from Power Rangers since his transformation sequence was horrific.
      • The shot of Mutitus materializing in the city was him leaving in Zyuranger and he just appeared above the Zyurangers and the children they guarded with no shot of him appearing.
  • Mutitus' second form is never named, but is called Fang-Gor in the scripts. However this is never used, probably because it was considered to be an awful name.
  • Mutitus in his second form is the first enemy the Rangers must defeat using the Megazord in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the SNES. He appears in level six of the game. Mutitus attacks with long fingernails and the chest blasts and taunts by rearing his head back and neighing. Mutitus is weakest against an aerial slash.


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