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"Ecliptor, have the monster attack the Red Ranger."
Astronema telling Ecliptor to attack Andros after the Rangers obtained the Mega Vehicles.[src]

Mutantrus was a giant squid-based monster that serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "The Rangers' Mega Voyage".


Mutantrus came into existence when a scale fell from the mutated Darkonda after he survived the Astro Delta Megazord's tornado attack and formed this creature. The two villains combined were able to take down and decimate the Astro Delta Megazord. The fight quickly ended with him grabbing and electrocuting the formation before throwing it to the ground violently. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Flashes of Darkonda

The two villains soon continued their pounding of the formation until Alpha found the hiding location of several special Zords hidden on one of Jupiter's moons. The Rangers tried to fly away in the Delta Megaship, with the Astro Megazord being left behind to try and save the city from Darkonda, but Mutantrus managed to leap onto the outside of the ship and catch it in his mouth. In spite of this, he was thrown off of the ship when they activated their afterburners. Later on, after the Rangers acquired their Mega Vehicles, Astronema told Ecliptor to send Mutantrus to attack Andros in Mega V1. Mutantrus tackled Mega V1 off of Mega V3 and they plummeted back onto the Moon. Mega V1 was able to stabilize itself with boosters, leading to only the monster slamming into the Moon. He was temporarily overwhelmed by the Zord's missiles but turned the tide with his eye lasers which forced Mega V1 backwards into a rock where Mutantrus cornered it. Before he could finish it off, Mega V2, V4, and V5 appeared and blasted him back with their energy blasts. Mega V3 then came in for a landing and Mutantrus tried to destroy it with his lasers but it was unfazed and Mega V1 jumped on top of it. The Zords then combined their firepower to destroy Mutantrus, firing a barrage of missiles to distract him before ripping straight through his middle which made him explode. Darkonda was shortly there after slain for the first time when the Zords combined into the new Mega Voyager. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rangers' Mega Voyage


Mutantrus is for the most part, a completely mindless monster, only speaking in grunts and growls as well as occasional yells. However, he was shown to be relentless in achieving its goals and very loyal to Darkonda since he didn't just attack him on sight like he seemed to be inclined to do to everything else.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Jump: Mutantrus was able to leap high enough into the air to land on the fleeing Delta Megaship with a single bound.
    • Flight: Mutantrus can evidently fly since he was detected coming at the Delta Megaship whilst it was in space.
  • Space Breathing: Mutantrus can clearly breathe in space since he was able to breathe on the Moon without any repercussions on his ability to fight.
  • Laser Vision: Mutantrus can fire massive red lasers from all four of his eyes which, when combined with mutant Darkonda's eye blasts, caused massive explosions and took out the Astro Delta Megazord. When used when he fought on his own, whilst fighting the Mega Vehicles, they caused massive explosions and were able to push Mega V1 back with single volleys.


  • Strength: Mutantrus is one of the strongest monsters in all of In Space, being able to throw the Astro Delta Megazord to the ground after a short struggle and maintain a grip on the Delta Megaship despite it flying into orbit.
  • Durability: Mutantrus took massive blasts from all four Mega Vehicles and Mega V1's missiles without much of a reaction.


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  • Pincer Blades: Instead of hands, Mutantrus has massive pincer-like blades to hack and slash his enemies.
    • Electrocution Touch: Mutantrus can charge lightning into his pincer blades to devastatingly shock his enemies which he did when grappling with the Astro Delta Megazord.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Mutantrus was never named on-screen, just being called "the monster" by Astronema. His name exclusively appears in the end credit for Brett Walkow at the end of both episodes which feature him.
  • Mutantrus is the only monster during In Space to appear exclusively as a giant.
    • This does not count Tankenstein since, although his humanoid form was exclusive to his giant form, he did appear as a human sized Humvee prior to this.


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