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―Mutantrum's final words before his death[src]

Mutantrum is a metamorphic sea-urchin themed monster brought in to lure Leo (one of the "chosen" beings allowed entrance into the cave where the Lights of Orion were believed to be concealed) into Furio's trap when he disguised himself as his brother, Mike. Unaware of the deception, Leo rescued Mutantrum, believing his brother had survived the fall on Mirinoi. As Mike, Mutantrum explained that they had to get ahold of the Lights of Orion before Scorpius or Furio did.

Leo agreed without question and Mutantrum lead him to the cave, where he was later betrayed by the monster. Mutantrum was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord and was resurrected by Hexuba in The Lost Galaxy. As one of the monsters that split the team of Galaxy Rangers apart during the siege of resurrected monsters on the Terra Venture, he attacked Maya and Leo in a forest and was defeated easily with a combined kick to the chest.

Powers and abilities

  • Shape-shifting: Mutantrum can change his appearance at will while also changing his voice.
  • Strength: Mutantrum was able to send Leo flying with the swing of his staff.
  • Lightning Blast: Mutantrum can shoot violet-colored lightning from his hand.
  • Teleportation: In Hexuba's Graveyard, Mutantrum can teleport to any location at will.


  • Staff: Mutantrum is armed with a staff for combat.
    • Fireballs: He can launch fireballs from his staff which explode upon contact.
  • Growth Elixir: Like some of Scorpius's monsters, Mutantrum can drink a special elixir which allows him to grow giant.


Mutantrum in storage

  • In Gingaman, Spikaka's counterpart was used for this scheme, not Mutantrum's counterpart.
  • In Gingaman, he was one of Treacheron's monsters, not Furio's.
  • Mutantrum had Lord Zedd's voice at some points.

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