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"Of course! Leave it to me."
―Mushikagoloid's first words when Enter told him to keep the Go-Busters away[src]
"I should have hid myself better."
―Mushikagoloid's final words before his death.[src]

Mushikagoloid (ムシカゴロイド Mushikagoroido), designated M-45, was created when the "hide" Metavirus infected a bug cage with the objective to use the Living Body Program Research Institute's camera system to project fake walls to turn the complex into a labyrinth so the Go-Busters would not interfere in Enter's plans to evolve Messiah. Despite summoning steel cages to defend himself, Mushikagoloid is destroyed by Red Buster, Yellow Buster, and Stag Buster using thier Ichigan Buster, Morphin Blaster, and Hiromu finishing him with his energised Sougan Blade.


  • Identification Number: M-45
  • Install Metavirus: KAKUSU
  • Production Motif: Cage
  • Height: 189 cm. (6 feet, 2 inches)
  • Weight: 248 kg. (546.7 pounds)




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