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Mushacanth (ムシャカンス Mushakansu, 11) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Farah and Meltzer


It uses multiple weapons for combat, including a sawsword, a wrecking ball, and a forked spear, as well as use a shield for defense.


Musha Canth was deployed by Doctor Man in hopes of taking advantage of the four-man Bioman team after the death of Mika Koizumi, with it immediately starting to crush Bio Robo in combat. However when the team discovers a new signature of Bio Particles landing in Japan, the team leaves Peebo to fight the Mecha-Gigan on its own, where it mostly just spends its time running and hiding to prevent it from attacking it any further. After the identification of Jun Yabuki as having the right signature to be the new Yellow4, the team re-enters Bio Robo reinvigorated and crush Musha Canth, defeating it with Super Maser's Straight Flash. Gorilla Canth is one of four Mecha Gigan brought back by Ghost Canth to fight Bioman until they figure out the mystery of its illusion abilities.



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