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Musasabilar is Vader Monster "00" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Musasabilar is the first Vader Monster sent to Earth, released from the Vader dimension in its egg form where it is seen as a meteor by local scientists (which includes Jun Kiyama) before hatching and escaping from them. When two officers, an elder officer and his son Tatsuya pursue the creature after escaping the lab, it grows into giant form and rampages, ultimately killing the elder officer and forcing his son to swear revenge on it. It later attacks a circus where it is encountered and deflected by another future warrior, performer Daigorou Oume.

After escaping, it begins to rampage through the city in giant form, attacking everyone around it until the Denziman emerge and try to hold it off with DenziTiger. When it shrinks back down and confronts the heroes, it uses its tactics but it is defeated at every turn by the superior technology and abilities that the new Sentai team possess before it is ultimately "defeated" by the DenziStick Boomerang, forcing it to grow giant. Switching to their new mecha, DaiDenzin, the Denziman attack it with multiple weapons before finally destroying Musasabilar with Denzi Sword's Electric Full-Moon Cut, which beheads it and makes it fall to the ground dead, likewise giving Midorikawa vengeance for his father's murderer.


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  • It uses a metal blade similar to a sword as a weapon. can leap and fly high with gliding abilities similar to a flying squirrel, climb up buildings with sticky hands, is able to swim, had the ability blend in with surroundings via camouflage, and can emit an acidic gas from its mouth which can instantly kill anyone struck by it, reducing their bodies down to merely a skeleton.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Musasabilar was designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Musasabi" = "Giant Flying Squirrel".
  • Musasabilar is the only Vader Monster defeated by decapitation instead of being sliced down the middle like all later Vader Monsters.
  • Although three of the five future Denziman become associated with the team due to their encounters with Musasabilar, neither Ippei Akagi or Akira Momoi had any connection to it.
    • Akagi merely became the witness of the initial attack from the Vader Dimension
    • Momoi lost her tennis coach during that initial Vader attack before Musasabilar is sent to Earth.


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