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"Late-Blooming Creative! Kiramai Gold!"
―Kiramai Gold's Roll Call[src]

Muryou Hakataminami (博多南無鈴 Hakataminami Muryō) is the Kiramagers' Mentor. He is the 45-year-old founder of a company called CARAT, which he created to prepare the world against the Dark Empire Yodonheim's forthcoming invasion. He is also a family friend of King Oradin, due to the King having met his father, Mr. Hakataminami, and his long-lost older brother, Takamichi Hakataminami (now Takamichi Crystalia), thirty years ago.[1] Right after King Oradin finally freed from Yodonheim's grasp, Muryou has his own mysterious identity that the Kiramagers almost realized, the "seventh Kiramager" Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 13: Great Underground War but was later turned out to be false. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 30: Proud Super Warrior

Character History

Muryou was born two years after his brother, Takamichi.

Thirty years ago, when Muryou was 15 years old, their father, Mr. Hakataminami befriended King Oradin and introduced both Takamichi and Muryou to the king. This was the last time he saw Takamichi in person, after he became a half-Crystalian and adopted by Oradin until he left thirty years later.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Episode 13: Great Underground War

At some point, he founded CARAT as a means to keep in touch with the Crystalian royal family.

When Yodonheim’s invasion began due to Galza’s betrayal, he sheltered Oradin’s daughter, Princess Mabushina, and was informed of Oradin’s death. They begin to search for members of a Sentai team, known as the Kiramagers, in an attempt to counter Yodonheim’s invasion.


Muryou is very to the point in battle, but otherwise he is very knowledgeable and is a bit of a nutball. He serves as one of the many mature influences in the CARAT base, and acts mysteriously at times.

Kiramai Gold

Kiramai Gold (Imaginary)

"(Rock music) Mabushisugiruze!"
―Transformation announcement via Kiraful Go Arrow[src]

Using the Kiraful Go Arrow, Muryou can access this powerful Kiramager Form by pressing on the red button that symbolizes a Go Kiramager Form and then fires the arrow to transform into his Kiramager Form allowing him to become Kiramai Gold (キラマイゴールド, Kiramaigōrudo). In this form, he has access to the Kiraful Go Arrow as a transformation device and weaponry. However, this only appeared in an imagination created by Takamichi to become the seventh Kiramager.


This ranger is exclusive to Episode 30: Proud Super Warrior

Transformation and Roll Call


  • Takamichi Crystalia - Older brother
  • Mr. Hakataminami - Father

Behind The Scenes


Muryou Hakataminami is portrayed by Japanese actor and comedian Daimaou Kosaka (古坂大魔王 Kosaka Daimaou), who is also best known for his song PPAP, which he performed under the stage name Pikotaro (ピコ太郎 Pikotarō). As Kiramai Gold, his suit actor in unknown. (although it from a fantasy)




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