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Mummy Monger (ミイラモンガー Miira Mongā, 48) is the mummy-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Mummy Monger was originally intended to be Samson Monger, the ultimate Monger warrior devised by Hedrian and Amazon Killer; however a sabotage of the Monger maker (most likely due to the influence of The Omnipotent God corrupting the machinery) leads to the Monger to be born as a strange mummy monster. The Monger soon assists Inazuma Ginga in capturing Vul Eagle in a scheme to force Sun Vulcan and Arashiyama to give up Jaguar Vulcan and Sun Vulcan Robo to the space outlaw. As Inazuma Ginga waits for the conditions to be met, Hiba tricks Mummy Monger to free him so they could fight, which the idiot Monger ultimately does and allows for the team to regroup. After Inazuma Ginga ends up losing his mecha due to Arashiyama shocking him out of Sun Vulcan Robo as soon as he enters it, Mummy Monger ends up facing Sun Vulcan on its own; it is destroyed by the New Vulcan Ball, then by Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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He can fire stun beams from his eyes called the Mummy Bind, use wrap coils he telepathically control, jump high, use a staff, has five colored bombs, emit blinding mist from his mouth, and can turn invisible.

Behind the Scenes


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