"Hold it right there, Rangers."
―Rot and Decay[src]

The Mummy Guards are monsters in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.


The Mummy Guards are a group of mummy police officers who work for the Halloween Intergalactic Court. Two Mummy Guards named Rot and Decay accompanied Scumlaw into summoning the original five Rangers to the Halloween Intergalactic Court. In addition to Rot and Decay, there were other Mummy Guards present at the Halloween Intergalactic Court. In order to get to the Halloween Intergalactic Court, Sir Ivan of Zandar and Kendall Morgan tricked Rot and Decay into a trap where they are ambushed by Prince Phillip III and James Navarro who then assumed their disguises. Once at the court upon the Rangers receiving their 10th strike enough for them to be vaporized, James and Prince Phillip III shed their disguises and expose Poisandra, Curio, and the Vivix as the jury in cahoots with Scumlaw. By the end of the episode, James and Prince Phillip go to the Halloween party with the other Rangers still in their Mummy Guard disguises.Trick or Trial

The Mummy Guards Putrid and Spoil were sent to apprehend the Gruesome Grunts who had switched bodies with the Ninja Steel Rangers. They later appeared after Mick came up with a plan that involved posing as Versix to get a confession of the body-swap.Monster Mix Up



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