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Miiracanth (ミイラカンス Mīrakansu, 5) is a Mecha Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Monster and Zyuoh


Mummy Canth is surrounded by special bandages made by a special tape-like alloy that cover its body, making it become invisible to the human eye; it can only be seen by a special set of sunglasses left to Monster by Doctor Man to help him with the scheme. In combat, it likewise uses its bandages to constrict and attack an opponent and could move fast. It was also capable of spreading gold coins.



Mummy Canth with invisibility bandages

Mummy Canth is sent alongside Monster for a scheme to have it invisibly make it rain gold coins over a town, the intent by Doctor Man being to make people greedy enough to turn against one another for the sake of money, consuming them in their avarice. While investigating, Shingo discovers Monster depicting himself as a gang leader who controls the town and who controls a special set of sunglasses that can see the Mecha-Gigan, making him decide to become a criminal in order to build up his respect high enough to be accepted in the gang and ultimately get the sunglasses to deal with the Monger. After several trials, including Green2 being beaten up by the same criminals to teach a boy a lesson to not act like him, Shingo ultimately gets close enough to Monster to get the sunglasses and for Bioman to use Bio Robo against it. Mummy Canth tries to constrict and cover the eyes of Bio Robo long enough to attack but the team uses Super Maser to remove them before ultimately using Super Maser Concentration to destroy the Mecha-Gigan.



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