This article is about a/an Toxic Mutant in Power Rangers Megaforce.
"Really!? You used mummy cloth against my Phoenix blast!"
―Emma when he used his mummy cloth against her new ultra power.[src]

Mummy is a mummy/centipede-like Toxic Mutant that assisted Vrak and Distractor.

Character History

He was one of the phantom creatures summoned by Distractor alongside HisserPsychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin and Skyfish. He first appeared as an illusion, but was later made real by Vrak powering up Distractor with the Wild Sword. He was destroyed along with the other monsters by the Ranger's Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.Ultra Power

Powers and Ability's


  • Centipede Staff: Mummy carrys a staff that aids him in combat.
    • Mummy Cloth: From his staff, he can fire cloth to wrap his enemys in.

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