This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .


Muiranthias was an island located in the Nemesis Triangle and a major location in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. It was where Maligore, the fire demon, was imprisoned.


The Island of Muiranthias was located in the middle of the Nemesis Triangle, an unknown place where planes & ships would get lost. The Nemesis Triangle manifests as a massive wave that is almost insurmountable and sinks many ships that try to go there. Muiranthias itself was a very temporary and warm area, primarily made up of a massive expansive jungle full of life but with large pathways for people to walk down. The most prominent location of the island was the massive volcano in the center which contained the Serpent's Temple; a massive room with a lava pit in the center leading to the volcanic lava lake where Maligore was sealed.

Location History[]


Due to the island's hard to reach nature, Maligore was sealed there thousands of years ago by ancient wizards so that he could never terrorize the Earth again.


In 1997, the space pirate Divatox and her crew decide to release Maligore so that she can marry him and pillage the universe easily. To do so, they kidnap Lerigot of Liaria, descendant of the ancient wizards who sealed the fire demon, and set out for the Island of Muiranthius in their Subcraft. However, due to Lerigot escaping to Earth and coming to Zordon for help, the new Turbo Rangers peusue on the Ghost Galleon and make it onto the island with their Turbozords despite the Galleon's destruction. Eventually, a fight breaks out which results in Elgar being sacrificed to awaken Maligore who is immune to the Turbo Weapons but his awakening causes the volcano to erupt. Maligore grows but the new Turbo Megazord destroys him and Divatox swears revenge even as she and Rygog have to flee as the volcano completely destroys Muiranthius.

Notable Inhabitants[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The scenes for the Island of Muiranthias were shot in the Hawaiian jungles.