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Muddled Bōma (ドロロボーマ Dororo Bōma) (17) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes and a friend of Rage Flying Boma Zulten.

Character History

Sealed within a stone tomb, he nearly ignores Zulten's request to wake him up until he is promised to search for the power he desires. Once awaken, he attacks adults changing them back into children while absorbing their age energy. However when he attacks the Turboranger, his attack towards Yohei is hit by his teacher Ms. Yamaguchi, turning her back into a child; but the attack likewise makes Muddled Boma drop the blue magnatama which little "Misa" picks up. Attacking the Turboranger and little Ms. Yamaguchi to get the gem back, she protects it while Blue Turbo crushes it with the J Gun before being fully destroyed by the V-Turbo Bazooka; then destroyed by the Turbo Robo after Zulten grows him.


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He possesses two magnatama gemstones: a blue gemstone which he uses to absorb age energy; and a red one which he uses to attack with the energy. Without the blue magnatama, his stomach can't hold all of age energy he collects and it causes him to get a stomachache.

Behind the Scenes


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