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―Mucor's usually catchphrase[src]

"Don't. I don't catch so good!"
―Mucor's Final Words before his death[src]

Mucor is a large slime monster and is one of the many creatures of the Underworld. He is the first monster to be summoned by Morticon. He serves as a minor villain of the episode "Code Busters".

Character History

Mucor was summoned by Morticon to destroy the Rangers. He was enlarged and sent to the surface world by Koragg. Once on the surface world, Necrolai fed him the captured Rangers Nick, Xander, and Madison. However the other Rangers Chip and Vida soon came to their friends' rescue. Vida used her Mystic Wings and Fairy Dust to cause Mucor to sneeze out the captured Rangers. Chip then used his Magi Staff Crossbow to fire lasers at the beast. However, Mucor wasn't finished yet and began to attack the Rangers. The Rangers then were able to morph into their Mystic Titan Forms, and by working together, they destroyed Mucor with the Sprite's Mystic Ball Attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Code Busters


Mucor is an extremely dumb and unintelligent monster. He isn't clever and is always very hungry. Despite his dumb nature, he is also shown to be very stubborn and wants to eat the Rangers at any cost. He is also a bit paranoid as shown when he was afraid to lose to the Rangers. Despite this, he is very loyal to Morticon, Necrolai, and Koragg.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Superhuman Strength: Mucor possesses big physical strength and is capable to stand against the Mystic Titans.


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  • Mouth Club Arm: Mucor has a huge mouth-like club on his right arm that he can use to bash his enemies with.
    • Slime Missiles: Mucor can also fire huge missiles made out of slime in rapid succession from the mouth located in the front of his club.

Behind the Scenes



Mucor is a large slime monster with a skull head, a helmet with a spike on the top, a mouth-like club on his right arm, a three-fingered hand on the left, and a massive mouth with many white buck teeth on his chest area. He wears black armor with gold parts on the knee caps and stomach and has slime dripping out from the holes on his armor located on his knee caps, abdomen, and shoulder pads.


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  • Mucor is the first monster to be fought by the Mystic Titans.
  • Mucor is also the first monster defeated by the five Mystic Rangers.
  • Mucor is the first monster to be summoned by Morticon.


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