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"Gobble it up."
―Mrs. Finch[src]

Mrs. Finch is a teacher at Summer Cove High School.


Mrs. Finch oversaw the math test that Brody Romero took part in.Live and Learn

Mrs. Finch later oversaw the Home Ec class at the time they were preparing for a children's charity.Poisonous Plots

Mrs. Finch watches Sarah present her machine that makes any food into good cookies. When class ends, she tells Victor and Monty that they better have a project by tomorrow or else they will fail their assignment. The next day, Mrs. Finch hears that Sarah no longer has her machine and shows disappointment until Billy arrives vouching that Sarah donated the machine for her. When she then calls for Victor and Monty, she is unaware that the two of them were arrested for abducting a cow.The Royal Rival

The Adventures of Redbot

While teaching the class about volcanoes, Mrs. Finch got annoyed with the "Game Goblin" craze and even confiscated Victor's game. She gives it to Mrs. Bell telling her that she can give it back to Victor at the end of school.Game Plan


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