"Nobody gets passed Mrs. Bell."
―Mrs. Bell[src]

Mrs. Bell is a character in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. She works as a secretary at Summer Cove High School.


Grave Robber

Mrs. Finch gives Mrs. Bell the "Game Goblin" game stating that she is not to give it back to Victor Vincent until after school is over. This caused Victor and Monty to get it back while distracting Mrs. Bell. While in the vent, Victor tried to reach for the game with a fishing pole while Monty distracted Mrs. Bell. It goes horribly wrong when Victor snags Mrs. Bell's wig and the ventilation collapses. Mick Kanic appears talking about the "Game Goblin" spell has affected Levi Weston. This gives Victor and Monty the distraction to get away from Mrs. Bell.Game Plan

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