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Mr. Watkins is Shelby Watkins's father and the CEO of Watkins Ice Cream.

Character History

After the Dino Charge Rangers thought they had defeated Sledge permanently, Mr. Watkins wanted his daughter to go into business like him and signed his daughter up for accounting and marketing class at Amber Beach High School. When Evil Stirs

After hearing that Shelby received a B on her business test, he demanded that she should be focusing more of her time on her business and finance classes more than her interest in dinosaurs. However, after realizing that dinosaurs are Shelby's true passion (after overhearing a father and his own little girl), he has a change of heart and let's Shelby follow her dreams rather than his own, giving her a Triceratops-themed cake as a gift. Nightmare in Amber Beach

Mr. Watkins is one of the many civilians helping the Rangers in their plan to save the Earth. End of Extinction



Behind the Scenes

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