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"Empress Rita. What's up?"
―Mr. Ticklesneezer talking to Rita Repulsa[src]

Mr. Ticklesneezer is the timid and kind elf themed creature that appeared only in Dream of Trini. He serve as anti-hero of the episode "For Whom The Bell Trolls".


A rather friendly and timid troll-like elf monster that was originally a doll owned by Trini Kwan's mother when she was young. In the box where he was, was a legend that Mr. Ticklesneezer can collect different things. In her daughter's dream, Mr. Ticklesneezer was brought to life. His specialty was collecting.

Mr. Ticklesneezer enjoyed collecting large objects (or "goodies"). Rita Repulsa wanted to use these skills to capture the Power Rangers and the world. Squatt brought him to life and brought to Rita. She sent him to Earth and he started to kidnappe buildings and trains. When Mr. Ticklesneezer encountered the Rangers and fought the Megazord, he put it in the bottle. But rangers freed themselves and Trini told him to stop kidnappe buildings and return everything he had tooked. He returned everything he collected and returned to the form of old, kind doll as Trini's dream ended.


Mr. Ticklesneezer is heavily different from other monsters, the rangers previously met. He isn't evil at all. But he is very shy and wants to play in collecting. He enjoys collecting different objects, such as buildings. He was shown to be highly loyal to Rita. However he also keeped his friendship with Trini and listened to her when she told him to stop.

Powers and Abilities

  • Collecting: Mr. Ticklesneezer can collect and shrink objects and put them in his bottle.


  • Bottle: Mr. Ticklesneezer can absorb objects with various glass bottles.

Behind The Scenes

Voice Actor

Mr. Ticklesneezer was voiced by Tom Wyner.


  • Mr. Ticklesneezer's monster suit was later recolored and equipped with a Santa Claus-like suit in order to create Grumble the Elf.

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