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"Remember, protect the world from evil, standby your allies, never run from a battle."
―Mr. Shiba's last words before his death[src]

Mr. Shiba, was the previous Red Samurai Ranger before his children, Jayden and Lauren, as well as the 17th leader of the Shiba clan, he was only able to seal Master Xandred temporarily. It is assumed the other rangers' parents were his teammates. He gave Jayden the Lion FoldingZord.


Knowing that he couldn't master the sealing symbol, Mr. Shiba put his faith in his son Jayden and daughter Lauren. Before leaving for his battle, he gave Jayden the Lion FoldingZord. Soon Xandred and his Nighloks were waging an intense battle that overwhelmed the rangers. Mr. Shiba didn't have a choice but to use the sealing symbol. He hoped that even an imperfect seal would send Xandred down, long enough for Lauren to master the symbol, and Jayden to train and bring together the team. It is unknown what happened after the fight. It is likely he had died as he is never seen in present day or mentioned in present tense.


Red Samurai Ranger

Ranger costume




  • Mr. Shiba is similar to Sky Tate's father from S.P.D. in that both are fathers of Red Rangers while also being Red Rangers before them. Unlike Sky's father who died trying to save the world, Mr. Shiba is only presumed dead.
    • Though seperate from the TV continuity, the Boom! Studios timeline takes the view that Mr. Shiba did indeed perish as a result of his confronation with Master Xandred, just as his Sentai counterpart did.
  • Mr. Shiba is also seen passing the powers on to him, Kevin's father is seen doing the same.
  • When Mr. Shiba is seen using the sealing power of the Shiba Clan on Master Xandred in Jayden's Challenge, he uses the version of the Samuraizer available at the time (The Great Duel).


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