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"Ahh. A Non-believer."
―Mr. Mechanau[src]

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Mr. Mechanau is a powerful wizard themed mutant Con-Artist with telekinetic powers. He serve as the main antagonist of the episode "Undercover Rangers".


Mr. Mechanau like all other mutants was created in the result of a chemical accident. Before the events of the series he was captured by Time Force and frozen in the Cryo-prison.

In the 21-st century he was taken by Frax. Frax betrayed Ransik and began his own quest of creating a robot empire. Frax released Mr. Mechanau. Mechanau was a powerful mutant. He had telekinetic powers and telepathy. He could control humans' mind. Mechanau disguised himself as a salesman in the gymnastic room. He sold the special juice that transformed the people into Frax's mindless slaves. However Wes and Jen discovered the mutant's plan and entered the mutant's gym undercover. Mechanau proves to be too powerful for the Rangers, so Circuit called the Strata Cycle. With the Strata Cycle, Wes defeats Mechanau. So Mechanau removed his DNA Patch and enlarged himself. In his giant size, Mechanau battles the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue and Q-Rex. Mr. Mechanau was too powerful for the Megazords, until Wes blasts him with Shadow Force Megazord Saber. Mr. Mechanau was finally defeated and frozen with a Time Target Attack. Undercover Rangers

Mutant DNA Patch Location: Left Thigh.


Mr. Mechanau is highly arrogant, confident and headstrong mutant. He is highly charismatic and deceptive as he tricked numerous people and brainwashed them. He is also very brutal and harmful. It was shown during his battle with the Rangers. But he is loyal to Frax.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. Mechanau has superhuman strength that was enough to fight the Rangers. In his giant size he was even more powerful and defeated the Rangers' Zords.
  • Human Form: Mechanau has the ability to take on a human form to blend in with other humans.
  • Telekinesis: Mr. Mechanau has powerful telekinetic abilities.
  • Chest Energy Rings: Mechanau can release blue energy rings from the purple orb on his chest.
  • Telepathy: Mr. Mechanau also has powerful telepathic abilities. He can brainwash people and make them fight each other.
  • Enlarging: Mr. Mechanau, like all other mutants, can enlarge himself by using his Seal Patch.


  • Sword: Mechanau uses a sword in battle.

Behind The Scenes



  • Mr. Mechanau is the last mutant that worked for Frax.
  • Mr. Mechanau is the first mutant that fought the Strata Cycle.

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