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"Has anyone seen Victor?"
―Mr. Lunt[src]

Mr. Lunt is the drama teacher at Summer Cove High School.


Mr. Lunt starts his adaption of "Romeo & Juliet" that Hayley Foster and Preston Tien partake in as Victor Vincent plans to get the lead part.Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

Preston starts a magic club in Mr. Lunt's classroom where a misfire of a sleep spell from Preston and Victor's hypnotic state causes Principal Hastings to fire Mr. Lunt. Preston leads the petition to get Principal Hastings into rehiring Mr. Lunt. When this is shown to Principal Hastings, she states that her decision is final. As school closes, Preston plans to use a spell to make Principal Hastings fall asleep so that she can see what it feels like to make a mistake. Thanks to a strategy from the Rangers, Mr. Lunt goes to return Principal Hastings' key and finds the copier shooting paper. Seeing how a mistake can happen to anyone, Principal Hastings calls herself a fool for not listening to the petition and rehires Mr. Lunt. Moments later, Mr. Lunt speaks to Preston allows the Magic Club to use his classroom in exchange that they don't make a mess and to wake him if he falls asleep again.Magic Misfire

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