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For the Boom Studios comics version of this character, see Roger Hart.
For the 2017 version of this character, see Ted Hart.

Mr. Hart was the father of Kimberly Ann Hart, the first Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. He attended the Angel Grove High School Parents' Day with his ex-wife Mrs. Hart.

Named Roger Hart, in the BOOM! Studios comics, he is an airplane pilot.



Roger moved his family from Los Angeles to Angel Grove to support his yet to be specified occupation. During a heated argument with his wife at a luxury restaurant about Kimberly's schooling, he noticed a young man trying to explain to his daughter that he was not a waiter, but a busser and he didn't know what the chef puts in the salads when she complained about hers. Thinking that Zack was being insolent to his child, he reacted with a "customer is always right" mentality which resulted in the manager of the restaurant firing Zack from his job. After the incident, he asked for a free bottle of red wine as complimentary service for the "mistake".

Roger got into more arguments with his wife Helen and after a few months, the two separated and then got divorced.


While a loving father to Kimberly, Roger seems to be a frustrated husband as he constantly argued with his wife Helen and even in his new relationship with Kelly there seems to be some tension. From Roger's standpoint, he felt unappreciated as Helen often twisted his words or made actions his family agreed on into something awful that was his fault. Roger is flawed and the very definition of an overprivileged individual at times, as he wants things a certain way. This is a negative trait as he sometimes had a lower opinion of things not of his upper class lifestyle such as the American public education system, which he believes is full of nothing but the worst in society. The worst example of his entitlement was getting Zack fired by escalating a situation Kimberly started when asking for her salad to be the way she ordered it despite Zack not being a waiter.

However, after his divorce, Roger seems to have mellowed out a bit and is trying to reconnect with his daughter. He is supportive of her decisions and seems to like Tommy as Kimberly's boyfriend and thinks their relationship is "adorable.


Behind the Scenes


  • Mr. Hart was portrayed by an unidentified actor.