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"Goo for short mam. What can I do for you?"
―Mr Goorific's first words after being introduced by Porto.[src]

"My name is Goo. How do you do? Act Natural!"
―Goorific introduces himself to the Rangers.[src]

"Where's my goo? Give me back my goo."
―Mr Gooriffic reacting to the Rescue Megazord's Artillery Power and his final words before his demise.[src]

Mr. Goorific (Goo for short) is a monster who could turn people into animals with his tube of goo. He was the main antagonist of the episode "Cassie's Best Friend".


Mr Goorific first appeared when Porto introduced him in the Space Base and demonstrated his goo's power by turning a Piranhatron into a mouse. He was assigned to presumably gooify the Rangers and went down with some Piranhatrons. He introduced himself and blasted the Rangers with explosive goo before sending in the Piranhatrons off-screen. When one grabbed Cassie, he attempted to goo her but she got free and the goo made her captor into a turtle. He then retreated, citing his bad aim needing improvement as the reason why.

He later reappeared in the Park and took her down whilst Jetson, the dog Cassie was looking after, rushed to maul Goorific but failed when his lead caught on a nail. Cassie morphed and was blasted down but Jetson broke out the nail and chased the monster. He tackled Goo which knocked him down a hill at which point he fled. Jetson turned into a human and wasted some of the viewers time with antics with Cassie. Later, Goorific was either sent down or went himself to attack Justin and T.J. which got the others to respond. Goorific assaulted the Rangers and was ready to apply his goo on Cassie when Jetson raced into view and mauled the monster once more.

Elgar then returned to Earth with his Terrorzord. The Rangers called on the Rescue Megazord to take him on. When they were delivering a beating to the Terrorzord, Mr. Goorific then became a giant and Robo Racer came in. Mr. Goo tried to use his goo on the Rescue Megazord, but they made him accidentally squirt it on the Terrorzord, making Elgar find himself on the top of a camel. Meanwhile, the Blue Senturion knocked the tube of goo away from Mr. Goorific's hands and the Rescue Megazord destroyed him with its Artillery Power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Cassie's Best Friend


Goorific was a cunning, sneaky and arrogant monster, who will not stop at his plan to destroy the Rangers with his cream. He was actually dimwitted and incompetent in his mission and lost. But he is loyal to Divatox.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Shape Shifting Goo: Mr Goorific's sole ability where he produces a tube of cream and shoots the enemy in the face with it, changing them into anything from a fish to a human being.

Behind the Scenes


  • Mr Goorific was voiced by Dave Mallow who speaks exclusively in rhyme.
    • As a result, Goorific sounds exactly like the Black Knight albeit with less of an echo.


  • Mr. Goorific's design is based on a make up artist.


  • Mr. Goorific's name is a portmanteau of "Goo" and "Terrific".


  • Mr Goorific is the last monster to be destroyed by the Rescue Megazord.
  • Mr Goorific is one of the weakest monsters in the franchise since he had no energy projection or weapons of any significant sort. His sole power was the transformative goo he owned and sprayed, and even with that, he had incredibly bad aim.


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