This article is about a/an parody dub monster in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Mr. Flipper is an enraged mutant dolphin who was Lucy's boyfriend employed by Bernie Tanaka.

Character History

Mr. Flipper was created by Dr. Wheatley through intelligence training, was once good and then would try to help the other sea creatures. Until that day, Mr. Flipper turned against humans for being drafted to Vietnam and was forced to blow up ships and kill. He then went on to be the first dolphin on the magazine cover for Black Magazines back in the 60's and went on to be Lucy's boyfriend. Since then, he wanted to plot revenge against the sea marine doctor for his creation. He initially attacks Marine Land to capture Dr. Wheatley to commence the plan to command every creature in the sea to commit crimes, confronting initially Franky and Slojin before he escapes from the other Dynaman. During a battle with Franky, He knocks him deep into the ocean where he appears to drown until he is saved by a mermaid, who was Lucy's half sister that gave him the inspiration to go forth and defeat him and Lucy to protect all marine creatures from his influence. During a final showdown, DynaBlue fights and defeats Mr. Flipper both on land and water before the team finishes him off, first with Super Dynamite, then with the Dynaman Robot, thus ruining his chance in revenge against the humans.


Prior to turning evil, he was a good natured mutant who wanted to help the sea creatures and was put through constant training. After becoming evil, he was spiteful, mean, cruel, and prejudice towards humans yet still cares for the marine life. He also loves Lucy so badly that he would be willing to give up his life for her.

Modus and Arsenal

His main ability aside from the modified chromosomes is hyper-sonar similar to that of a dolphin, set up to be used to communicate with sea-life and distort sound. He also has the ability to swim and flip upwards through water onto land.



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Behind the Scenes

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