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Movie Madness is the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth episodes of Power Rangers Time Force.


The Rangers are duped into watching the filming of an action movie, where they are ambushed by Cinecon and sent into other dimensions which mirror their favorite types of movies. By destroying Cinecon's clapboard, the Rangers are freed from the dimension, only to face the director himself in a giant sized battle. The Rangers successfully rewrite Cinecon's movie, and put the mutant on ice.


Part 1

===The sun shimmers against the back of the Silver Hills Clock Tower, filtering majestically across its antique bricken form. Within the top, clockface room, a small (13 inch or so) television set plays a very old, very black & white cowboy movie, showing a man in a white hat riding a white horse rather swiftly. This TV set, despite being old is very new to the series (obviously secondhand), is being watched by Circuit (sitting on a book atop a barrel), Wes & Trip (both sitting on that ugly, equally secondhand, yellow & flower printed couch, introduced last episode). Wes & Trip hop up and down on their comfy cushions, excitedly getting into the thrill of the Western, enticed by the high-paced action music of the scene. Both of them are laughing and yelping such things as "Yay! Yippie!", like a couple of little kids. Wes even tosses a handful of popcorn into the air at one point, before clapping his hands! Just a few feet away from this makeshift living room, Jen sits at the good old picnic table, with several opened books scattered about. One of the yellow TF briefcases, along with the orange TF case (opened, its Electro Booster contents visible to us), sit on the table as well, right behind the active Hologram Viewing Screen. Jen's typing away at the console-plate, the Holoscreen displaying what appears to be a large DNA strand, plus loads of tiny digital type (and an image of what looks like the brass-colored, gem-dotted dimensional warper of Turtlecon's from "Trust & Triumph," but i'm probably just seeing things). She pauses from her hard research at the overwhelming sound of her teammates' enjoyment, giving a frustrated look their way. On the TV set, white-hat is inside a house, and has been knocked down. A black-hat wearing cowboy is the culprit, and is preparing to smash white-hat on the white-hat with a chair (this sounds like an episode of "Spy Vs. Spy")! Wes seems to be rooting for the bad guy, as he shouts, "Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em! Whoo-hoo!" Jen is about to start typing at the Holoscreen again, when she gets completely fed up, slaps her hands against the table (disrupting the holo-image slightly), and gets up in a huff. On the couch, Wes tests Trip, "The guys in the White Hats are the good guys. The guys in the Black Hats...?" Trip happily finishes, "...Are the bad guys!" Wes confirms proudly. "ExACTly!" They begin cheering again, as white-hat gets smacked around by black-hat.

Suddenly, the TV screen turns to total static. The guys freeze, and Circuit ceases flapping his wings, all stunned by this sudden development. Jen is over at the VCR (which appears to be a very old model, thus likely another secondhand item bought or found recently. Ironically? For all their technology and know how, the clock is flashing 12:00!!), removing the VHS, which is orange-labeled "Old Western." Jen steps in front of the set, and scolds, motioning her tape-holding hand, "Look, do you MIND?! I am TRYING to do some research." Wes facetiously admits, "But, we're doing some research, TOO!" Jen remains with her arm out, frozen in her stern scolding position from a moment ago, watching and waiting for an explanation. Wes slaps Trip on the back, and says in a southern drawl, "Teachin' Trip here about the Old West!" Trip gets active, tossing a handful of popcorn into the air, and antsily hopping as he says equally southern, "Whoo! Reach for the sky, you yellow-bellied, lily-livered varmint!" Wes encourages Trip's not-so-accurate history lesson on the Old West, tossing more popcorn, and firing his fingers like guns at the authority figure, mouth-made sound effects included. The two laugh, with Trip exclaiming, "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yee-haw!" Jen sighs, intensely frustrated, as she simply folds her arms and glares at them, though not as angry as usual. Just then, Katie (wearing her white Nick Of Time Odd Jobs jumpsuit, carrying a mop, and a bucket full of cleaning supplies) and Lucas (wearing his NOTOJ jumpsuit as well, though with the top pulled down as to show off his muscles as he wears a blue tanktop, carrying a coiled green hose over a shoulder, with a rake in one hand) enter the room. Katie rushes in and anxiously informs the team, "HEY! Guess what?! They're shooting a movie RIGHT down the street!" Wes looks at Trip, both boys ecstatic, before enthusiastically shouting, "Really?! Let's go check it out!" He slaps Trip on the shoulders, before the two both leap over the back of the couch, Wes yelping, "Whoo-hoo!", with his arms in the air (Trip gives a weaker "whoo-hoo", and can't lift his arms, as he's been holding his white TF backpack in his arms the whole scene). The moment they clear the couch, Jen ceases folding her arms, and aims her tape-holding hand outward, denying, "FORGET it!" All four turn stone silent, turning around to their enraged leader. She tosses the VHS on the couch, and marches back to the table, stressing, "We've got TOO much work to do to worry about some silly movie." Jen sits in front of the Holoscreen again, as it displays the DNA stand, plus other cell-related images. Wes groans, as all four of them express their uneasiness in their own frustrated ways. He slaps Trip on the shoulder, as the green haired alien shakes his head in disgrace. Katie carries the cleaning supplies over near the picnic table, with Lucas doing the same. He remarks offhandedly to her, "I thought you said she'd WANT to see Frankie Chang." Jen snaps her head to the side (notice, two Chrono-Capsules are also on the desk), whispering breathlessly with a passionate look on her face, "Frankie Chang?!" She immediately bolts for the door, before turning, slapping her hands, and urging, "Hurry! C'mon!" Jen rushes for the stairs, leaving everyone in the room baffled. Wes & Lucas look at each other, confused, until Katie cuts between them, enlightening them to the fact that, "Frankie Chang is her FAVORITE action star!" The two guys exchange another glance, neither finding it odd for Frankie to still be popular in a thousand years.

[Opening Credits, version 2! Many shots reedited or move around, many shots added (such as the dino from CfC1, the TF Eagle, the Quantum Mega Battle, Mystery Man, and not to mention a few 'movie' scenes from this episode, as well!), plus the credit order for Rangers rearranged (see far above).]

The black bars at the top and bottom of the screen are what's known as... black bars at the tops and bottom of the screen. They're used for letterboxing a movie, making it widescreen, to fit the aspect ratio of how the movie was intended to be seen in theaters. This effect is used here, because we're now checking out a scene from Frankie Chang's latest movie. It has no name, so let's call it, "Rumble In The Super Project Falcon Hour 2." Frankie, who stole his haircut from the Jackie Chan wig collection, urges a tall curly haired blonde woman in a red dress to, "Get out of here." She nods and does so, leaving him alone in what appears to be someone's apartment without a roof on the ground floor of a parking lot. It's got a pool table, a couple of walls, several refrigerators, and such. Frankie yanks off his denim jacket, and poses for action, in his trademark black tanktop. A couple of extremely Asian thugs begin to attack. Frankie ducks back against the felt of the pool table, rolls across it, gets grabbed by another thug, and elbows the snot out of him before flinging him into an opened ironing board. Ya know, say what you want about those thugs, but the fact that they iron their clothes really says a lot for their characters! Frankie blocks the kicks of two more thugs, as the high=paced action music continues in the background. Off to the side, behind the widescreen-ness of the camera, lies the crew. The unsung heroes of Hollyweird. Quite a few people working on the set, from the cameraman, to the assistant director, to the script supervisor, to the actual director. He's an older man with a white goatee, a hat, orange-tinted sunglasses, your typical director's vest, and of course, a bullhorn. There's even a crowd of eager fans snapping pictures and hopping up and down nearby! The five Time Force Officers walk onto the lot, and pass right around the crowd. So much for security! Wes anxiously points out Frankie, causing Jen to fangirlishly begin grabbing Trip & Lucas, pulling them out of her line of sight. In the movie, Frankie Chang knocks a thug onto the pool table, then uses the top freezer door of a fridge to block a punch thrown at him, before kicking at him underneath it. In starstruck awe, Jen gasps, "Wow. It's REALLY Frankie Chang!" In the movie, a thug attacks Frankie with a pool cue. Frankie snags it under his arm, twirls around, and uses it against the assailant. He then tries using it on the other thugs, only to get it grabbed and allowing a thug the chance to give him a clear kick to the chest. Frankie falls against the pool table, but gets up before a thug can slam a keg against his head! Wes & Trip (more so) smile while watching the filming of the movie. Speaking of the movie, Frankie does more ducking and punching, leading to him kicking a small cart on wheels into the legs of a thug, who's knocked down instantly. Frankie lets out a battle cry, then leaps over a couch, kicks a thug in the chest, and lands perfectly sitting in the chair, as the thug flips over his own.

The widescreen bars drop, as we Frankie Chang continue fighting the army of about five thugs, using the various items laying around to fend them off repeatedly. The screen pans backwards, showing, not only the large crew, but the fact that when Frankie knocks a thug down, he lands on a strategically placed mat to soften his landing. Frankie gets the pool cue back, and uses it to quite successfully knock the gang down! The director, whom i'll refrain from giving a cutesy name like Stanley Romero or Steven Lucas, shouts into his bullhorn, "Cut! Cut!", then lowers it, and with a punch to the air, praises, "Perfect! Brilliant Print it!" Frankie gets up from his last pose, and tosses the pool cue in the air, prompting the thug behind him to snatch it in midair. The famous movie star slowly walks off stage, instantly surrounded by three Asian men in black 'Stunts' coats. His entourage tosses a towel around his neck, holds an umbrella over his head, and hands him a bottle of water. Numerous crew members yell out things, concerning cables being moved and greensmen being directed elsewhere, as Frankie sits at his chair, folding his leg under the umbrella-shade as his bodyguard pals pat him on the back. The small crowd of adoring fans are let loose, sending a squall of mostly women directly at Frankie. He smiles, hands the water bottle to an assistant, and proceeds to graciously sign autographs. Jen grows even more breathless, smiling from ear to ear, and nearly turning into a puddle of goo before the presence of the guy who's likely less than a puddle of dirt in her time. Lucas shakes his head, dismissing, "His movies are OKAY. But Samurai movies rule!" He starts smiling, and slapping five with one of the guys offscreen, apparently. Trip is even worse than Jen, trembling as he eagerly tells Wes, "I-i'm gonna go get Frankie's autograph!" He begins patting down his pockets, and realizes he doesn't have a pen or piece of paper on him (then what the hell DOES he keep in that big-ass backpack?!). Trip glances off to the side, and rushes over get something that he spots. Lucas continues praising Samurai movies, "I mean, those fancy Japanese outfits and swords, are SO cool!" Wes chimes in with his predictable opinion, "Yeah. But for me, it's a good, old fashioned COWboy movie!" Katie, surprisingly, isn't in to mindless violence in cinema, as she smirks and remarks, "You GUYS and your action flicks! Gimme an old fashioned musical ANY day!"

Trip wanders past the blonde damsel from earlier, getting her makeup done. He's searching around the set for something to have Frankie Chang sign. The director notices a disturbance in the distance, and mentions to the script supervisor, "Something's going on over there. I'm gonna go see what's happening." (though these lines are only closed captioned, not really heard well) He, and the script supervisor, quickly get up and leave together, with the director setting his folder with a copy of the script for the movie inside it down on their twin typical-movie chairs. Trip just happens to be behind them when they both leave, and really briefly, we see him stare down at the scripts. Rather subtly and offscreen, Trip's found the proper item for the star to sign! The director & supervisor walk past the four TFs, causing Katie to make a funkily happy face as she & Wes watch them closely. The two crew members get over to the middle of the set, where the director explains to the supervisor, "We're gonna change it around a little bit. The next shot's gonna come from up here. Five guys right..." Suddenly, the assistant director taps the head man on the arm, informing him, "Sir, one of the stuntmen has hurt himself." Indeed, a stuntman with long blonde haired, tied back, struggles back to his feet, clutching his left arm and grunting in agony, as a medic tends to his wounds. The cutthroat director immediately decides, "We'll shoot without him!" The assistant director explains, "We can't! He's the guy who fights with Frankie and takes the big fall with the explosion." Wes sees opportunity ringing his doorbell and isn't about to let it blister its hands by knocking, as he eagerly steps up, and states, "I'll DO it!" The directors watch curiously, as Wes makes his case, "Yeah, I watched the scene! You fight, you fall on the pad... it's easy!" The director slaps Wes on the shoulder, and inspects how he looks, commenting to the AD, "I dunno. Hehehehe. You're a pretty solid kid, huh?! Alright, come on, somebody get him into make-up. C'mon!" (of course, in real life, there's all kinds of legal, insurance, and union hassles which prevent such instant stuntman stardom from occurring). Wes pumps his fist triumphantly into the air, and when the AD tells him to follow him, he does just that. On the way past his teammates, Wes gives two thumbs up with an excited smile. The assistant director speaks into a headset, saying, "We've got a new stunt guy come into make-up & hair right now. What's your name?" Katie & Jen turn to each other, both with mouths agape, chuckling in disbelief. Lucas is equally stunned. Elsewhere, Frankie Chang signs his name largely in black ink, underlined, on a tri-holed white sheet of paper. He hands it over to Trip, who gushingly gazes at the signature, graciously remarking, "Thank you SO much!" Frankie smiles and remarks back, "No problem!", before reaching up, and rubbing a lock of green poking out from under Trip's bucket hat, while commenting, "Nice hair!" Trip snickers, and returns the gesture, rubbing Frankie's black hair-helmet and replying, "Thanks! You too!" Frankie nods, smiles, and looks at his assistant. Jen slowly walks over, her knees likely wobbling. She smiles endlessly, saying under her breath in a daze, "Frankie.... hi." She can't even bring herself to touch him, instead nudging her teammate away, and saying slightly louder, "Trip, c'mon." She waves at Frankie, and begins giggling profusely. Frankie Chang smiles and waves back. Trip, while being pulled away, bids, "Thank you! Bye!" Frankie loses the smile as he turns his head to his assistant, who immediately hands him his bottle of water to continue gulping down where he left off before all the fans flooded in.


The make-up trailer door pops open. Standing behind it, is Wes, wearing a black silk shirt with his usual blue jeans. What's most odd is his hair, a wig matching that stuntman from earlier perfectly. It's blonde, matching his natural color, but pulled back in such a style that it resembles Tommy's from PRZ & PRT somewhat! Wes looks around with a dopey grin, and when the door opens up, the trumpeted "ta-da!" sound effect plays. The hairstylist continues messing with the back of his wig, as a wardrobe lady comes over and slips a black leather jacket over his shoulders (and is thanked by Wes). Wes steps out of the trailer as this happens, and is greeted by his four teammates. They get a good-natured laugh out of this, Trip apparently in a hair-playing mood today as he brushes his fingers against the wig, Jen chuckles, "Yeah! It's looks nice!", Lucas taking a feel for part of Wes' jacket, and Katie just plain busting a gut. Wes fixes his coat, displaying the most amused attitude of all, basking in admiration as he wonders, "What do we think? You like the long blonde hair?!" The assistant director approaches, informing the rising star, "Wes? Wes, they're ready for you." As his pals continue clamoring, Wes mentions to them with faux-egotism, "My fans? They're calling!" Soon, in the lot beside a three-story warehouse, Wes comes onto the set for filming. Frankie Chang is already waiting for him, still in his usual black tanktop, though this time holding a big-ol' machete! Wes warms up his arms, then proceeds to extend his hand to Frankie, who kindly shakes it. The film crew can be heard preparing for the scene, as Wes & Frankie await the start of action. Jen, on the sidelines, begins to glow once again in the presence of her favorite international karate expert. Frankie swings his machete, or his sword, as it's supposed to be, around his body, before posing in a vicious battle-ready stance. Wes doesn't take it too seriously, posing, fists-out, as well, with a huge smile on his face (nobody finds it strange that they're letting him wear his Chrono-Morpher, despite how it wouldn't match previously shot footage of the stuntman)! The assistant director calls out, "Alright, quiet please, and roll camera!" A crew member holds the clapboard in front of the camera (away from us), and snaps the top, inspiring the director to stand up and yell into his bullhorn, "ACTION!"

Immediately, as the rapid-fire music flows like adrenaline, Frankie Chang begins slashing his sword at Wes with intense precision. Wes ducks, dodges, and generally keeps clear of the blade, even jumping to avoid getting his legs hit. He smiles all the while, and upon landing, throws a kick at Frankie, which is blocked by the sword, and returned with a footsweep. Wes is flipped over, causing him to land harshly against the pavement! He grimaces in pain, but quickly shrugs it off when he sees Frankie come at him again with a body-roll. Wes rolls out of the way, as Frankie somersaults is way, striking the sword against the cement just seconds after Wes has moved. Wes rolls back to his feet, nods his head and smiles, quite enjoying stuntwork. On the sidelines, his teammates look on: Lucas smirks and slightly shakes his head, Trip excitedly smiles with his mouth agape, Katie is also smiling agape as she grabs Trip's shoulder and anxiously shakes him about, and Jen is also getting into the scene, giving encouraging motions with her arms (though which one of the guys she's rooting for is unknown)! Wes cockily urges Frankie to come on by wiggling his fingers at him. Frankie glares at him offendedly, before turning around and kicking Wes backwards from off the ground, as if with his hind-legs. Wes is double-kicked into a flip, as he rolls over the couch Frankie landed on earlier, but keeps on rolling until he slams into a stack of several stacked kegs. He clutches his chest, and expresses being winded from the painful experience. Frankie's back on his feet, posing slashingly with his sword once more. Wes struggles to get up, clutching his right shoulder slightly. He tries shrugging it off, though has a hard time, and can't even muster up a smile as he returns to the fighting stance. Frankie gives the "c'mon" motion with his hand this time, egging the winded Wes on. Quite hesitant for another beating, Wes begins tossing kicks Frankie's way. Frankie blocks them and swipes his sword, which Wes defends against by blocking Frankie's arm with his forearm. He breaks loose and begins parrying his sword at Wes, who dodges all pokes, and swiftly leaps off the pooltable, launching himself into a flip just before Frankie can cut his feet off. Wes lands perfectly, and with a sudden kick, knocks Frankie against the felt! Jen enjoyable smiles, giving us the full monty of her top row of teeth & gums! Frankie gets his sword into posing position again, but when he starts to attack, Wes worriedly makes a break for it! He runs over and leaps off a crate, prompting Frankie to follow. Wes then turns around and tries to grab Frankie's feet, to no avail, as the movie-star flips over his arms and rolls off his back! Luckily, Wes turns back around and kicks Frankie's blade away from his body, though that luxury doesn't last long, as Frankie starts slashing his way once more. Wes dodges all swipes, though the last, diagonally upwards slash does hit him in the chest, sending him rolling directly into a set of wooden crates. He slams his back against them, and comes to a groanful halt. Jen's smile fades, as she realizes something's deeply wrong with her love interest and coworker!

Frankie Chang gives a slight chuckle, as he smiles evilly and pricks the end of his sword, as if marking a point off for himself. Wes remains on the ground, his hand reaching down and feeling the spot where Frankie just cut. His black silk shirt now has a huge slice through it, exposing his chest beneath! The long-blonde wigged Wesley Collins screams in a terrified realization, "HEY! That sword's REAL!" Frankie swipes his sword around as he dashes towards Wes, prompting him to get up and for his life! Jen becomes incredibly concerned, hurrying over to the director, tapping his arm repeatedly and noting, "Hey! It's not supposed to be like that!" The mean old director pushes her away cruelly, growling, "Get out of here!" Jen stumbles back, and becomes quite unpleasant. Meanwhile, Wes has attempted to escape by climbing the ladder up the side of the nearby three-story warehouse. Frankie follows right behind him, holding the machete between his teeth like a pirate! Wes trips when on the roof, asking, "What're you DOING?!" Jen turns her wrath away from staring daggers at the director, to look upwards at him. Frankie then slashes his sword at Wes, who blocks it with both arms. Just below, on the ground floor, Frankie's entourage of five jacketed stuntmen race into position, carrying a large blue mattress. Above, Wes grasps Frankie's hands, directing the blade downward. Frankie sharply breaks out of the hold, and gives Wes a kick to remember! Wes plunges off the side of the rooftop, in dramatic slow-motion, screaming all the while. Jen shields her eyes of the sun as she watches this, dropping her hand to gasp when she notices the peril Wes is in! He continues plummeting to the ground, thankfully headed directly for the blue padding begin held in place by the stuntmen. The shady characters just stand there, until the one in the Gilligan hat tells them, "Go!" The stuntmen retreat from the scene, taking the blue padding mattress WITH them! Wes's decent comes to a close when his entire body slams harshly against the pavement, killing him upon impact. Or rather, it would have killed him upon impact, had he not had adamantium bones. Okay, so Wes falls a lot on the series, he's probably just got a lot of padding in the rear end area (or else this entire movie set is in another dimension, where gravity is less of a harsh mistress, which is indeed likely). The director continues failing to direct anyone (no Cable ACE award for him!), as he watches the scene from far behind the camera.

Wes grunts in agony, breathing hard from the severely deadly fall. He ceases squinting long off to spot a certain something setup right beside his landing area: several sticks of real dynamite! The director aims his hand in the air and shouts, "Explosion!" Wes gives a horrified expression, and hastily tries to get up and out of them. The guy in the yellow hardhat off to the side squeezes the plunger down, and instantly, a massive fireball of an explosion erupts as the dynamite is detonated! Wes is hurtled into the air as the blast rips skyward just before him, the shot replayed closer so we can see that it is indeed Wes being blowed up good, yeah baby! His body slams into the stack of crates again, dropping him against the cement painfully one last time. Jen screams, "Wes!", as she and the other TFs rush to his side. They try helping him up, as he stirs, completely dazed by the experience of filming a movie. Jen asks caressingly, "Wes, are you okay?" He replies in short grunts and groans. The director gets up from his chair and storms towards them, yelling, "CUT! Cut! Cut, CUT!" The TFs help Wes slowly walk along, all of them staring angrily at the director. Wes, his faced covered in soot and bruises, stands on his own as he pulls off his tattered long-blonde wig, and throws it on the floor. He complains furiously to the director, "HEY! They moved the PAD! You're LUCKY i'm still in one PIECE!" The strange man with the white goatee remarks in a sarcastic tone, "Ohh, NOT for long. Don't you know the NAME of this film? Hmm?" He holds up the script, showing them the title page of it. In a large green, monstrous-type font, the words, "The End Of The Rangers! Written and Directed by Cinecon" is plastered across the center (and, if you look earlier, has been since the beginning)! The director says the name aloud, stressing, "The END of the Rangers!" Trip shakes his head in disbelief. The director then begins laughing wickedly, as his sunglasses start shining with a yellow light, and his whole body is surrounded by a purple shimmering storm of lightning. His whole body morphs into that of Cinecon, a rather obese vanilla-colored ghoulish mutant, with what appears to be the evil fanged version of his white goatee, plus the evil mutant version of his hat & vest outfit (plus a bullhorn). The Gilligan-hat wearing stuntman, along with one of the only few non-Asian stuntmen on the set, both spin around on their heels, morphing in a flash of orangish light into a pair of Cyclobots! Frankie Chang crouches down and poses one last time, laughing maniacally as he morphs in the orange light, into a silver-suited Cyclobot! Jen gasps, and appears heartbroken as she whines, "My Frankie!" Cinecon chuckles diabolically, his entire film crew now revealed to all be Cyclobots, while bidding our heroes, "Welcome to Movie Madness! Hahahaha! Cut to the Samurai Scene!"

The five Time Force Officers just stand there, glaring at the mutant, when the hands of a Cyclobot holding the clapboard cover the footage. The clapboard reads: "Prod. The End of the Rangers. Roll 28. Scene 401-04 (401 is this eps production number!). Take 1. Director: Cinecon. Camera: Woods. Date: 10-9-01 (though in this episode, the 9 looks like a 4, it isn't). Day. Ext. Sync." In the space beside the director & camera, is SAMURAI written in big letters, with a Japanese kanji scribbled below it. When the clapboard is clapped and removed from the shot, the scene switches to the middle of a forest. Lucas teleports into this strange new world, his body materializing in a neat "burning celluloid" effect. He lands roughly in the bushes, wearing an ancient samurai warrior's armor! The light clothing among his arms and legs is colored blue, of course. His lifts his oversized helmet upward and starts looking around, quite confused as to what is going on. His Chrono-Morpher remains on his left wrist, his left hand holding a sheathed saber. Lucas goes for the only familiar sight, the Morpher, pressing the button and calls out, "Wes?! Jen?!" No answer returns, so he gives up, looks around some more, and wonders in a whisper, "What's going on?" The quiet animal noises of the forest are interrupted by the sound of Cinecon's laughter. Lucas turns around to see the mutant in the distance, along with most of his Cyclobot crew setting up lighting and camera equipment in the woods. Cinecon informs him, "You're starring in my Samurai Movie!" The assistant director Cyclobot motions his arm, as Cinecon calls into his bullhorn, "Roll camera... ACTION!" Those widescreen bars are back at the top and bottom of the screen, as the film starts rolling. The scene turns black & white, with all kinds of marks and tram-line scratches up and down the print. Two ninjas flip in Synchronicity through the brush, landing before Samurai Lucas. Two other ninjas (or ninja, as it were) appear right behind him. They lift their arms, wielding shiny metal sabers in their clutches. Lucas stares intensely at them, turning only to notice he's surrounded. His reaction remains unchanged as he begins immersing himself in the role he's likely hoped for all his life (ya know, all those times he wasn't racing). The music, with deep rapid drumbeats, also matches the typical Samurai movie setting.

The Cyclobot-held clapboard cuts into the footage (between the letterbox bars, even remaining black & white with scratches!), reading little different from the last time. Only changes are for the scene: 401-05; and the big lettered scene name: MUSICAL. Cinecon calls through the bullhorn, "Cut to the Musical!", and once the clapboard is clapped, the scene returns to the color, plus full frame. Katie stands in pure darkness, asking herself, "Where AM I?" A spotlight instantly casts itself down upon her, taking her by surprise. She shields her eyes, shouting, "Who's there?!" No answer comes, instead what appears to be a classical streetlight comes on beside her. Little does she realize, that she's now wearing a long-flowing yellow dress, with a puffy skirt. She also has black gloves on, which cover all the way to her elbows (her Chrono-Morpher remains atop the left-wrist, though). Her hair has been styled nicely, and a very shiny and expensive silver necklaces shimmers. Katie turns around just in time to witness the lights atop a stage coming on. On the stage, which has a backdrop of the Hollywood sign with drawn spotlights aiming to the night sky, are six men in tuxedos & tophats with white gloves & canes, all frozen in place with the sixth man standing in the center with his back turned. Offstage, Cinecon sits in his chair, and commands into his bullhorn, "Cue the music! AC-TION!" The Cyclobot with the clapboard holds it in front of the Cyclobot-controlled camera, exposing to us a little mistake: the scene now reads 401-07! The footage goes widescreen, and piano music starts playing, as the sixth man, known in the credits as Heath, slowly spins around, gaining Katie's bewildered attention. His tuxedo is more charcoal than black the background dancers, and as he turns, he holds his tophat in hand. Heath gracefully motions his arms in the air, giving Katie quite a startle as she finally notices her dress! She spins marvelously around, a movement the dress was specifically designed for. The musical intro segues into Heath and the other guys dancing around in perfect choreography, all kinds of tap-dancing, with Heath singing, "Put on your top hat, and tails tonight! We're steppin' out, into the bright city lights!" Cinecon & the Cyclobots begin swaying and clapping to the music, even the camerabot, who nearly ruins the shot if not for the Cyclomatographer keeping it steady. Katie gets into the scene, rushing over to the singer and singing as best she can without any lessons, "Excuse me, sir. What the heck's going on?!" Heath smiles, and dances away from her. He rubs his hand around the lamp post and sings, "Stick with me, baby, you can't go wrong!" Heath then extends his hand to Katie, who takes it, and is spun perfectly into a dip, now totally wrapped up in the splendor of Broadway.

That last shot gets covered by the clapboard, which now has the scene as 401-06 and the name as KUNG-FU. Cinecon bullhorns, "Cut to the Kung-Fu scene!" When its clapped, the widescreen bars drop, and the scene switches to Jen. She staggers around a vastly expansive yard, the ground made up of large bricks for tile, separated by perfectly trimmed lines of grass around the edges. Jen gasps in awe, "Wow!" as she turns and discovers her location to be directly in front of a huge Chinese Temple! She also realizes that her outfit has changed to that of traditional Chinese, she's now wearing little red slippers, pink silk pajama pants, a red flowery silk top, and her hair is tied up, ala Chun-Li, bangs loose. Jen runs her hands along her new look, and gives an enchanted smile with a small chuckle of delight. In the temple doors, the Cyclobot film crew sets up shop, as Cinecon comes walking in, shouting into the bullhorn, "Settle! Lights, camera, ACTION!" Widescreen goes the footage again. The print stock has a reddish tint to it, implying age to the color quality film, along with the usual scratches and general artifacts across the footage. A gong sounds, as several men exit the temple. Jen swiftly looks over at them, seeing five bald Asian men in red robes. The middle one, an Elder Monk with a long white beard, holds a scroll in hand. He speaks in a purposely bad-dubbed voice (not matching his mouth movements), "You must defeat ALL of these warriors, in order to earn this scroll!" One of the warrior monks poses for action, as does a second one wearing an eyepatch, as do the third and fourth. Their poses vary, but one thing remains the same: they give exaggerated grunts and yelps, with every slashing of their hands through the air comes the usual wind-tearing sound effect. Jen smirks crookedly at them, lifting her eyebrows intriguedly, which is accompanied by a chopping sound-effect, as well! She does her own fighting stance, holding her hands together by the palms, crossing her arms twice before crouching down and extending her arms outward, staring at them men eager for some Kung-Fu fighting.

The four warrior monks leap into the air, leaving the Elder Monk standing at the precipice of the temple. More exaggerated yelps and swooping sounds, as they four land at separate points surrounding the still-posing Jen. They pose fiercely as well for just a moment, before patch-eye lunges at Jen with several kicks and swipes. She stands tall, blocking each kick and strike with perfect grace, whipping his arm away. Jen then goes on the offensive, dashing at another warrior, and blocking his hand with her forearm when he tries to hit her. He goes for a low blow, she blocks it again. He tries two more high punches, Jen snatches his arm on the second one, holds it firmly, and when he uses his other arm, she also grabs it, holding both his arms downward crossed in a lock. Jen looks the monk in the face, appearing quite crazy as she's immersed herself in the role already. Another monk throws an uppercut at her, so she releases the other monk from the arm-lock and backs off before she can be hit. Jen walks backwards, avoiding the monk's kicks, blocking one, then when he tries to hit her, she grabs his arm. He grabs one of hers as well, prompting her to follow this strange dance by pushing him completely over, knocking him roughly onto his robed-rear. The next bald monk warrior attacks, posing first before striking with rapid chops in the air. Jen chops back at his hands, and when he strikes low, she smacks and whips his arm away. The monk then begins to repeatedly chop at her legs, using both hands, and trilling loudly as she uses some fancy-fast footwork to avoid him ever touching her. Jen then does a body flip in the air (the only shot that Erin didn't do herself), to leap over the monk's attempted footsweep. She lands in another perfect pose, arms out and index fingers extended with her other fingers slightly curled to the palms, still smiling with the utmost confidence on her face. Behind her, the Elder Monk nods, and says with yet more purposely bad-dubbing, "You are doing well. Continue!" Jen swoops her head around to look at him, before swooping it back, the camera zooming in and out at an intense speed. She does as suggested, shouting a hiyaaah as she charges into action, arms still upward and outward.


In the regular city of Silver Hills, the Commander of the Silver Guardians, Eric, exits a large building, wearing his red-bereted uniform. He walks towards his SG SUV, adjusting his headset. Circuit, the robotic owl companion of the Time Force team, flaps his wings and hovers just overhead (in CGI form), shouting as he comes on the scene (luckily nobody else is around), "Eric! I NEED your help!" Eric simply looks up at the robo-bird, swats his hand at him, and grumbles, "What're you, crazy?!" Circuit cries out as he narrowly avoids Eric's swatting hand, but remains circling him, desperately pleading, "No, really! I'm SERIOUS! This IS important. The Rangers are missing! I can't find them ANYwhere!" Eric approaches the SUV, and pauses before the door, commenting to Circuit fluttering over the roof, "Well, maybe they're out picking up someone's trash." Circuit begs, "But, Eric... !" He swats at the robotic owl once more, demanding, "Now get off my car, birdbrain, i'm busy!" Circuit cries out yet again, and floats away from the SUV. Eric opens the door and begins to get in, when Circuit mentions, "You've GOT to listen to me. They've vanished from this dimension, completely!" He stops and turns to face the owl, and realizing the true urgency of the situation, asked stunned, "What?!" Suddenly, Cinecon and his Cyclobot film crew have appeared and already have set up shop. Cinecon steps forward, strokes his fanged goatee, and remarks, "Ahh, another STAR wannabe!" Eric & Circuit switch their attention over to the mutant, with the owl exclaiming, "It's Cinecon!" Eric (the building number in the background: 500 W. Temple, the Kenneth Hahn Hall Of Administration, a real place, obviously, in Los Angeles) scoffs at the evil creature, "What're you talking about?!" Cinecon walks over to the casting table, and states, "Listen, kid, I KNOW you want to be a movie star. But FIRST, you've got to audition for me, just like everybody else! Hahaha!" He knocks over a huge stack of pictures, countless headshots of young hopefuls looking for a role in the movie. Sitting at the casting table are two Cyclobots, one in a woman's blue dress and the other in a brown shirt & tie. Aside from a pitcher of tea, some glasses, and various fruits, there are several headshots of Eric scattered about in front of the two Cyclo-casting directors. The "female" Cyclo is reading the "The End Of The Rangers" script, as the "male" Cyclo checks out the headshot while scratching his golden-metal scalp with a pen. Cinecon boasts, "Oh-kay. Here's your BIG chance.", then after shouting out for Cyclobots in his bullhorn, the mutant adds, "Give him his screen test!"

The Cyclobots manning the camera spin it around, and focus on four other Cyclobots marching onto the scene via a sidewalk. Eric doesn't sense much of a threat, remaining calm and poised. The Cyclo-camera follows the approaching Cyclobots, as they, and apparently several others, begin to surround the Silver Guardian Commander. Eric waits for the right moment, which comes when a Cyclo begins to lift its Saber to strike at him. He smacks his weapon-wielding hand away, grabbing the wrist and holding as he then kicks a second Cyclobot to its side. He then repositions himself, so that he can boot the Cyclo he's holding with the back of his heel, before pulling the robodrone closer and slamming his shoulder into its chest! The bot drops out of sight, prompting Eric to attempt to kick another one with a high kick, which the Cyclobot merely ducks under. Behind (or more accurately, to the side of) the camera, Cinecon slaps his face, groaning, "You call that ACTING?!" Eric faces a silver-suited Cyclobot up closer & personal, dodging, ducking, and twirling out of the way of the Cyclo-Saber's blade. He comes out of it with a direct kick to another Cyclo on the sidelines, followed by an impressive jumping side-kick into two more! Eric high-kicks a Saber away from him, then jabs his elbow into the chest of that silver-suited Cyclobot he was just getting physical with a moment before. As he continues fighting, the two Cyclo-Casting Directors "discuss" the current person trying out for the role. The "female" Cyclobot gives feminine mannerisms, as she holds up the headshot for us to see. It's Daniel's actual professional casting headshot, except his real name is replaced with the first official spelling of his character's last name yet (matching the way I'VE spelled it all along): Eric Myers. The casting Cyclobot lowers the headshot pic, showing us the scene again, as Eric kicks at and ducks under the attacks of the gang of robodrones. The camera keeps rolling, as Eric twirls his body in the air to avoid a slash at his feet. He lands, snaps his head to the side, kicks a Cyclo-Saber away, drops down and footsweeps another next to him, before hopping back up and kicking that Saber-wielding one he just messed with away again. Circuit, by the by, has been long gone for a while, the robotic chicken. Cinecon urges, "Make me BELIEVE it!" Eric does a smooth body-flip in slow-mode, where he lands a kick perfectly into a Cyclobot as he lands, letting out a mighty howl. Cinecon yells, "CUT!"

Eric, breathing rapidly but having not broken a sweat, turns his attention to the mutant, points his finger at him and warns viciously, "Now it's YOUR turn." Cinecon scoffs, "A real TOUGH guy, huh?!" The 'female' Cyclo-Casting Director rushes over to the mutant, and hands him the headshot, to which he replies annoyed, "What IS it?!" The Cyclobot give a thumbs up. Cinecon takes the headshot, and remarks, "Oh, I agree, wholeheartedly! Today's YOUR lucky day. (into bullhorn) You got the part, kid!" Eric stirs startledly in front of the Kenneth Mahn Hall Of Administration. The Cyclobot-held clapboard makes another appearance, covering Eric as it takes over the shot. The details remain the same as earlier, except for Scene: 401-C7, and in big letters: JUNGLE. Cinecon, through the bullhorn, "Jungle Movie, take 1!" The clapboard claps, and instantly, the screen goes widescreen again! The scene shifts to a jungle, obviously. Swinging on a vine across the treetops, hollering exactly like Tarzan, is Eric! He lets go and lands in a crouching position, sneering almost like Greystoke himself. It takes him a moment before suddenly realizing, to his crying-out shock, that his clothes have changed, very much so! Eric's now shirtless, wearing only a leopard-skin loincloth and his Quantum Morpher. Not to mention, he now has a very long, very ratty, black wig on his head. Eric grasps at the strands, and breathes heavily, quite disoriented by the dimension-displacement experience. He looks around the jungle, hearing all kinds of animals in the distance. One such animal is nearby, a small chimpanzee, hopping up and down as he fails in an attempt to grab a huge, ripe batch of bananas on a tall tree above. Eric, ever the lover of animals, helps the tiny creature out by grabbing a banana off the bunch and handing it over to the chimp. A planet where apes evolve into men?! It's a madhouse! The chimp ooks what could be considered a thank-you, before peeling the banana and stuffing it into his lips. Tarz-Eric smiles gently, appearing much calmer than he was a moment ago. Without warning, a trio of tribal men pop out of the bushes, each wearing natively made tiki-masks and wielding spears. The chimp departs quickly, chattering a whine. Eric is confused at first by its attitude, until he glances over and sees the tribal warriors preparing to toss their spears his way. He crouches down, posing fiercely like the ape-man he's supposed to be, before dashing into the jungle, just before the spears impale the ground. The tribal warriors chase after him, each grabbing their spear out of the ground on the way by, the total number of them appearing to be actually six.

In our reality, inside the Prison Ship, Ransik enters the main detention hall, carrying a spiked mace weapon in his hand (likely taken from the Time Force security arsenal). Gluto is in the room, standing by the central console (the one with the Time Warping device atop it), seemingly motioning his scrawny arms, as if pretending to press some buttons without being anywhere near touching them. Ransik swings the mace like a bat in the air, as he passes by his daughter, Nadira, who's lounging on her leopard-print couch, with one Cyclobot pink-feather fanning her and another Cyclobot giving her a manicure. She whines loudly to Ransik, "Ohh, daddy! I NEVER get to do anything I WANT!" He walks into his dark office, sets his mace down, and as he sits, replies lovingly, "But, dearest! You have all the gold, clothes, and jewelry, that anyone could ever want." Nadira follows him into his makeshift living quarters, offendedly replying, "YOU think all I want is exPENsive stuff?!", before asking rhetorically snobby, "Really, daddy! How SHALLOW do you think I am?!" Ransik points his finger at her, and opens his mouth, preparing to reply when she slams her hands down on his desk, cutting him off from uttering a syllable. Nadira grins, wiggles her eyebrows, and informs him deeply, "_I_ have much more... important dreams." She whips her white-leather cape around and bolts into the other room dramatically, proclaiming, "_I_ wanna be FAMOUS! Hee!" Ransik rises to his feet sharply, vigorously stressing, "You ARE famous! You're the daughter of RANSIK, the mutant who will one day RULE the world!" In the far background, Gluto can be seen nervously fidgeting for some reason, and despite being credited for speaking, never makes a peep. Nadira reenters her father's office, commenting in a slightly happy tone, "Yes, well, that's... okay, I s'pose!" She walks over to the desk, and informs Ransik, "But what I REALLY want... is to be a MOVIE STAR!" Nadira leans forward suddenly on the last line, scaring the mutant master into dropping back into his chair. She begs, "Please? PLEASE?" Ransik motions his finger again, reluctantly (for a change) dragging his feet about the issue, trying to argue, "But..." His daughter keeps at him, remaining sprawled on his desk, pleading, "Put me in Cinecon's movie! PLEASE, daddy!" Ransik leans forward, his faced pained not from his mutation but from his hesitance to do this for her. Nadira asks again, gently, "Pleas?" He sighs, and shakes his head, figuring softly, "Alright, I... suppose." She smiles and asks for sarcastic clarification, "What?" Ransik reiterates loudly, "I SUPPOSE." Nadira squeals happily, "Whoa! Yay! Hahaha!" Ransik makes an expression of regret, wrinkling his forehead, shaking his head again and groaning a sigh.

Lunchtime in Movie World! At the craft food services table, Cinecon remarks, "So, what'd you say we do lunch?", to a straw-hat wearing Cyclobot that is squirting mustard on a hotdog (eww! Those mutants and their strange tastebuds!). The robodrone hands it to him, prompting the mutant director to state, "Perfect! Hahaha!" Cinecon is trying to stick the hotdog in his mouth, when Ransik comes walking up, between the rows of trailers. He calls out friendily, "Uhh, Cinecon! I have a liiiitle request!" Cinecon comments, "Yes, of COURSE you do. But make it quick! Can't you see i'm just about to lose my light?!" (strangely, in the background, the strawhat Cyclobot offers a bowl of Twizzlers to bullhorn-holding Cyclobot, who gladly takes some of the red licorice) Ransik nods, replying uninterestedly, "Uh-huh.", before asking the mutant in an extremely charming tone, "I'd like you to put my daughter, Nadira, in a scene." Cinecon appears quite offended, waving the rolled-up script at Ransik, and complaining, "Ah, WHAT do you think i'm doing here, a KIDDIE show?! She's not even an actress, I WON'T use her." Ransik calmly places his hands on the mutant's shoulders, before stating, "Let me put it to you another way." He then forcibly slams Cinecon against the side of the trailer, and screams into his face, "PUT HER, IN THE FILM!" Cinecon changes his tune, nervously proclaiming, "Good idea, Ransik! Heheh. Why didn't I think of that?!" Ransik pats his shoulder and smiles, before giving a thumbs-up and departing. Cinecon waves, "Perfect choice! Bye now!" Ransik takes one of the Twizzlers from the straw-hat Cyclobot, eats it, and walks away Once he's out of range, Cinecon breathes a sigh of relief, muttering a Hollywood in-joke, "Whew. Producers! ALWAYS ruining a good project!" He stuffs his mouth full of the hotdog, and shouts muffled, "Cut to the Western!" The Cyclobot-held Clapboard covers the scene, showing the same info as always, save for Scene: 401-07, and in big letters: WESTERN.

On a sunny-lit dirt road, in the middle of an old tymey western town, two strangers mosey on in, as a banjo plays. It's Wes & Trip, both dressed for the time period. Wes has a button-breasted red shirt on, a brownish cowboy hat, orangish pants, and brown boots. Trip has a white long-sleeved shirt, a beige vest, brown pants & boots, a sorta white cowboy hat, and of course, his good old backpack from the year 3000. They both happily look around as they wander in, with Trip asking, "Whoa... where ARE we?" Typical townsfolk pass by, staring at the men puzzledly. Wes confirms to his alien pal, "Trip, it's the Old West!" They continue walking aimlessly, until Wes mentions, "I've seen LOTS of Westerns. C'mon! There's ALWAYS people in the saloon. Ha hah!" The camera pans up to the deck on the second floor of a nearby hotel, showing us the Cyclobots. Some operating the camera, one with a boom-mic, and so on. Cinecon is also there, asking the script supervisor-bot, "Did he say the right line?" It nods, and the mutant adds, "Good!" Inside the typical western saloon, Wes pulls open the swinging doors, and inspects the room. The saloon is packed with cowboys, plus the usual Miss Kitty-like beer wenches or bar matrons or prostitutes or whatever they're supposed to be. Most of the men are playing poker, of course. When Wes & Trip enter, the whole room goes silent, all eyes turning on them. Wes gazes around wide-eyed and smiling, until he realizes the cold reception they're getting. He looks down, and chills the innocent look, as Trip whispers a dangerous observation, "They ALL have black hats!" Wes urges, "Just... follow my lead." He then adjusts his hat, inspiring Trip to do the same. They mosey into the room, arms on their waists, trying to ignore the unwelcome attention. A beautiful umm, waitress walks between them, smiling, and getting them to return the gesture. Wes tips his hat to a man, bidding in a southern accent, "Howdy, pardner!" Trip gives a slight chuckle, saying to the men, "Howdy... howdy, partners!" The dimensional displaced TFs head over to the bar, where Wes slaps his hand down and announces to the barkeep, "We'll take two sarsaparillas!" The bowler-hat wearing bartender strokes his white heard, and takes his blessed time getting their drinks. Wes looks at Trip and nods, just as background noise begins to slowly flow freely, people talking and laughing, and a piano playing a typical western diddy. Trip notices a bowl of peanuts lying on the dirty countertop. He innocently reaches over to grab a handful, when the cowboy sitting in front of it covers the bowl with his hand, and refuses to allow the green haired teen access to the bland morsels.

The camera pans through the saloon, showing drinks being served, poker chips being distributed, people walking up and down stairs, etc. It all speeds up as it moves into one of the back rooms, showing all of the camera equipment, film reels, lighting rips, and other moviemaking items stored out in the open. A Cyclobot works on a woman's hair & makeup, another helps himself to yet another craft food services table, as well as a cowboy extra. All of this leading into the back lot, where a trailer with the silver star on the door, reading Nadira's name, gets knocked on by a Cyclobot with a headset & noteboard. Cinecon is also there, shouting into his bullhorn, "Move it, Nadira! Your scene's UP! We need you on the set, right NOW!" Nadira swiftly opens the door, slamming it against the head of the Cyclobot, taken unawares. She steps out of the trailer, wearing an orange jumpsuit, covered in silver rhinestones in flowery patterns, a black bandanna around her neck, black gloves (a massive diamond on one finger), a pink handkerchief in hand, a white hat studded with pink gems, and her long pink hair has been permed. Nadira whimpers joyfully, "Ohh! My BIG debut! Heh! I'M gonna be a star. Heheh!" In the saloon, Wes checks out another waitress, as he & Trip continue leaning forward against the bar. Little do they know, that above them on the second floor, Cinecon and his Cyclobot film crew have set up once more. He calls out, "Okay, background movement, go! (into the bullhorn) Aaandd... ACTION!"

The widescreen bars at the top and bottom reappear, the print slightly brighter than usual, with all kinds of scratches & marks on the film. Nadira barges into the saloon, pushing the little wooden swinging doors open quickly. Wes & Trip turn around, and when they notice her, their faces drop in shock. Nadira hams it up for the camera, spotting them as well, giving a loud gasp, before dabbing her pink hanky against her cheek and sobbing high-pitched and over-dramatically. Wes & Trip turn away, making expressions of discomfort. Nadira walks through the saloon, boohooing loudly as she heads to the bar, spinning around and playing up her forced misery. After getting everyone's attention with her awful crying, she points at Wes & Trip, accusing as loud as possible, "YOU!" They try to be cool about things, simply looking away and remaining in the same spot. The bartender asks, "You know them men?" Nadira replies in an exaggerated southern drawl, "KNOW them?! Why, they burnt down our BARN! And robbed my DADDY! (looks around, nods to crowd) Even stoled his BOOTS! AHH!" Wes takes a sip of the sarsaparilla, wincing deeply from either the bitterness of the drink, or from the noise of the mutant mistress' voice. The bartender is outraged, asking, "They stole his boots?!" Wes & Trip look over, both shaking their heads in pure denial. The bartender, sounding almost like Mr. Haney, growls, "Why, you yeller-bellied, lily-livered VARMINTS!" Trip gasps to Wes, "Whoa. They really DO say that in Westerns!", to which he nods. Nadira ceases mourning, instead giving a wicked grin, as she lifts up a small red satchel. This prompts a cowboy to move a chair around, and brush the peanut-shells off, allowing her to step up onto it. Nadira does so, holding the satchel in the air and proclaiming, "$500 to the MAN who brings THEM to JUSTICE! Hahaha!" The entire saloon full of black-hatted cowboys start to rise, all ready to claim the bounty. Wes & Trip get defensive, nervously turning and watching as the numerous angry men slowly approach. One cowboy throws a punch at Wes, to which he puts up both arms to block, then grab the guy's arm and push him down against the bar. Wes then jumps up, launches his feet off a pillar, rolls his body over the cowboy, lands on the other side and kicks the man in the chest. Two more cowboys approach to strike, but Wes kicks them both with ease. The rapid banjo music begins playing, perfect bar brawlin' music.

Up on the balcony, Cinecon comments to the Cyclobots, "You'd better be getting this. It's BEAUTIFUL!" The scene resumes in the widescreen/ scratchy mode, as Wes tosses a cowboy onto a small wooden table, which shatters upon impact. Trip is about to help out, when the cowboy behind him places his hand firmly on the boy's shoulder. He slowly turns his head, and nervously waves, "Hi!" The cowboy sneers and shakes his head, then instantly attacks, kicking the barstool out from under Trip. Fortunately, Trip already jumped up from the stool, and wedged his legs against the wooden pillar and the bar. He releases one leg, snapping it over and kicking the cowboy in the shoulder, knocking him away. Trip sits up on the bar, as another cowboy takes a swipe, missing, falling hunched over, and allowing Trip to boot him onto the floor. The first cowboy is back after him, taking advantage of Trip's current position to grab his frail form and slam his body down on the countertop. The cowboy drags Trip's body along the peanut-shell & empty bottled surface of the bar, clearing all of it away along the path. Trip cries out, as the cowboy runs out of countertop, and sends the alien teen's body flying onto the top of a nearby table, toppling it over. Trip rolls up against the wall in a daze, his clothes all dirtied from the experience. He notices two peanuts are sticking out of his nostrils, so he clears those away, just before the cowboy grabs him and pulls him back to his feet, slamming him against the wall. Before the big oaf can land a punch in his face, Trip ducks, causing the bully to hit the wall, and allowing Trip to try returning a blow to the gut. Trip's lack of strength is evident, as the cowboy in unharmed, merely angered more. Trip shakes his hand in the air wearily, just as the cowboy grabs his body and flings him into the air. Wes socks another assailant out, in time to bring Trip's uncontrollable journey to a safe halt. He then kicks the cowboy after his little buddy in the chest. Wes stresses to the woozy alien, "Trip! We NEED to contact Circuit!" Trip nods, and confirms still dazed, "Right!" Suddenly, another cowboy grabs Trip out of Wes' clutches, and throws him towards the door. The crowd goes wild with empathetic groaning.

Out of the widescreen and into the fire, Trip tumbles onto the dusty street, landing harshly on his stomach with a grimacing grunt. He gets back up, and begins to race back towards the saloon to help Wes, when he remembers what his teammate said. Trip shrugs off the role of raging cowboy long enough to head in a different direction (notice all of the movie props and such scattered about the road, including a starfield backdrop). He hurries down the sidewalk, rolling over a stack of trunks, then twirling off a bale of hay, kicking an approaching cowboy away. Trip flips over a set of barrels in an alleyway, and ducks down behind them, out of sight. The coast clear and his hat still on his head, Trip sits down, and presses his Chrono-Morpher, exclaiming, "Circuit? Circuit, come in, we NEED you!" At the Clock Tower, the robotic owl's blinking stomach lights come to life, as he opens his bright eyes, wings flapping. In the Wild West World, Circuit's image appears as a hologram above the Morpher (a splendid touch I just noticed, when the hologram always begins, it pops up as three images, one red, one green, one blue, ala your standard picture tube, all coming together to form the actual image! His hat crosses the hologram at one point, disrupting it slightly) replying, "Trip, i've been scanning all over for you! Where ARE you?" Trip anxiously looks around, before replying to the best of his knowledge, "C-cinecon sent us to some alternate dimension!"

Back in Samurai Movie World, widescreen black & white as before, Lucas remains standing in samurai warrior garb, still silent and patient, surrounded by ninjas. The ancient-style Japanese music fills the air, until the sound of a young woman being attacked cuts in. Lucas turns his attention to a spot in the woods, where a beautiful Princess is being accosted by a couple of ninja! She cries out, attempting to keep the veil on her bowl-shaped hat on her head, while being pushed around by the two men. The Princess shouts something in Japanese, which is accompanied by the subtitle: "HELP!" Lucas nearly smiles, as he sees the appropriate chivalrously heroic moment he's been waiting for. He dashes her way, using his katana to strike and cut down three of the ninjas in his way. Lucas races down the path into the woods, as several other ninjas begin to follow just behind him, including some he just slashed.


Lucas now has the Princess at his side, as he uses his katana sword to fend off the surrounding ninjas. He urges, without subtitles, for the Princess to go, and that she does, leading the way. She's lost her hat from earlier, but remains in a robe that kinda restricts her walking some. They press on into the woods, Lucas stopping to slash two ninja down. They continue journeying but a few steps, before the ever-vigilant ninjas catch up, engaging Lucas in yet more swordplay. He only uses his fist once, preferring to remain in-character by locking katanas with the fellow warriors. The ninjas are relentless, he knocks one down, two more take its place. There's some dramatic pausing during the action for posing-show, but eventually, Lucas clears them out enough so that he can gets back to the Princess' side. She smiles gratefully, clutching his arm. Lucas smiles, keeping his blade held at the ready.

In Broadway World, glitter is now raining upon Heath & Katie. She holds a long-stemmed rose in her hands, and runs it along her flowing yellow gown. Heath motions his arms around her body from behind, singing, "There is no sweeeeter rose than you! No sky that matches your eyes, so blue!" He releases his grip from her waistline, and she spins around, taking his hands and dancing along. Katie sings a response, "This is such a strange way to meet, but you've swept me right off of my feeeeet!" Heath takes her in his arms again, literally lifting her off of her feet and slanting her body downward. The enchanting music tingles, mirroring Katie's own state of mind at the moment. She sniffs the rosebud gently, as the glitter continues to shower against her face. Cinecon is moved by this performance, wiping his eyes and sobbing, "Oh, that's MARVELous!"

In Kung-Fu World, only one monk warrior, the one with the funny mustache, is left standing. He gets into a fierce position, and tries to lunge at Jen, but she twirls herself around, and avoids his attack. The monk strikes downward, Jen lifts her leg up to block the blow. He goes for a high slap, she blocks it with her forearm. The monk tries a direct jab to the face, Jen snatches his hand with both of hers, before breaking them apart, and doing the same thing again when he tries a repeat attack. Next, they both strike their right-arm elbows at one another. Jen takes a swipe at his head, but the Monk leans out of the way. She tries the elbow thing again, he blocks it with his forearm. Jen uses that to send his arm into the air, breaking the lock. The monk attacks again, she blocks it. More exaggerated hiyaahs and kiyiis are exchanged, as well as the standard sound effects for every movement. This all leads to Jen rapidly motioning her arms, and striking at the monk with both hands held together, palms spread, as if hurling her chi-force at him! He falls out of frame, and her expression, as she keeps her arms outward, is nothing less than that of someone enjoying the hell out of this strange movie dimension.

Over in Jungle World, it's a completely different story. The tribal drumbeats play, as Eric is carried in a roughly made wooden cage (with old burnt skulls atop it). The headhunters have caught him, and are now bringing him to their village. The tiki-masked men dance about, grunting and making merry in front of their Tarzan-like prisoner. Eric remains squatting in his little loincloth (he's got some black kinda underpants on under it, sorry ladies!) in the cage, as he glances over and spots one of the warriors sharpening a jagged dagger (which resembles a Cyclo-Saber). He also notices they're preparing a huge black cauldron above a raging fire. Smoke bellows out from within it, as a masked headhunter stirs the soupy substance inside. Eric begins to have a break down, given his inexperience with alternate dimensions, and screams, "You're gonna COOK me?! This CAN'T be happening!!" He rattles his cage, but finds the bamboo sticks far too well-glued together with the paste of human flesh to break easily. Over course, in his panic, he fails to realize he's got a Morpher for such occasions.

Though Eric can't bust out of the cage, the episode busts out of the widescreen bars, as Wes is tossed out of the saloon in Wild West World. He slams against a pillar on his way out, landing harshly, grunting and oofing from being winded. He staggers back to his feet, as Nadira leads the army of money-hungry cowboys of the saloon. Wes stumbles out into the middle of the street, backing away from the crowd. Cinecon, with his Cyclobot film crew, is already waiting across the street to film the next scene. The cowboys all get in a wide circle around Wes, and once in position, spin on their heels, transforming in a flash to their true Cyclobot forms (though they keep their hats and trenchcoats, where applicable). Wes looks around, seeing that every single one of the men has become a robodrone, and never shows fear in midst of this inhuman showdown. Nadira comments sarcastically with her southern accent, "I reckon this is the end of the trail for YOU, pardner." She finishes that line with a sneer, curling her lip evilly. Wes glares back at her, and likely hopes those mindless hours of watching those "educational" old Westerns is gonna pay off...

Part 2=== Reprising where we left off in the previous episode, though from a different angle, Wes is smack dab in the middle of a big ol' heap o' trouble! All of this is in the Wild West Movie Dimension World, with all of the sets, outfits, and everything exactly the same as I described them last episode. Don't make me repeat myself, please!! Anyway, from the opposite side, we Nadira, with her orange jumpsuited back turned to us, telling Wes (in a slightly less menacing voice), "Ah-HA! This is the end of the trail for YOU, pardner." Wes glares at the mad cowgirl, reluctantly awaiting the surrounding circle of cowboy-dressed Cyclobots to open fire. He glances over Nadira, and past Cinecon & his Cyclo-film crew, seeing something of interest in the distance. From the back end of town, comes a man on a black stallion! Not just any man, but, as Wes surprisingly utters, "Trip!?" Nadira & Cinecon both turn around, and stare shockingly agape at the approaching Calvary. Spaghetti-Western style music plays in the background, while Trip gallops directly towards his teammate. Wes gets over his astonishment to see his usually non-heroic pal saving the day, by exclaiming, "Whoo-hoo, YEAH!" Trip rides through the Cyclobots, slows his horse to a near stop in the middle of the Cyclo-circle, and urges, "Hey, Wes! Hop on!" Without hesitation, Wes climbs up and sits behind his alien teammate on the saddle, the horse picking up speed and taking them out of harm's warm in an instant. Nadira screams the whole time, "What?! Wait! You can't do that! Stop him! Aaaahh!", while jumping up and down, slapping her cowgirl hat around in a fit. Dust fills the air, kicked up by the four horselegs of the anti-apocalypse. Cinecon, the mutant director, stays on task, shouting out, "Cut! Cuuuut!!" Nadira storms over to him, and complains, "THIS was NOT s'posed to be in the script!" The Cyclobot film crew, all incredibly focused on their jobs, take notice of Nadira, with the two camerabots turning the camera around and aiming it her way to capture her rage on tape. She slaps Cinecon's arm, pushing him back sharply with a stunned grunt. Nadira yanks off her cowgirl hat again, this time screaming at the top of her lungs, "I QUIT! AHH!" She marches off the set, slapping her hat against the chest of the gaffer Cyclobot on the way by, causing the poor robodrone holding the heavy boom-mic to stagger slightly. Cinecon argues desperately with the rising starlet, "But... you haven't finished your scene!", unable to get her to stay.

At the other end of the dirt road, the horse snorts as Trip slows it to a stop, turning sidewards so the two TFs can look back at the mutants & robots in their dust. Wes pats the chuckling Trip on the shoulder, compliment, "NICE move, Trip!", before lifting his hat in the air and shouting, "Haha! See ya, SUCKERS!" Trip adds, "WHOO! Yee-haw!" Typically, in such a move of rubbing an escape in the face of adversary, the horse will lift up onto its back legs, providing a dramatically powerful shot. Not so, here. Our two heroes' enthusiasm instead frightens the horse, causing it to whine loudly, snort out a big glob of snot, and kick both Trip & Wes off his back! They plop onto their sides on the ground, faces wracked with pain from the sudden fall. Cinecon urges, "Get this, get this! ROLL film!" His Cyclobots struggle to turn the camera back around, just as two Cyclo-cowboys take aim on the thrown duo with their Saber-Blasters. Trip & Wes get up as fast as their weary bones can muster, with Wes staying uncomfortably close to character by stopping to pick his hat up out of the sand! The two Cyclobots begin firing, the bolts of explosive energy streaking around Wes & Trip as they dash into a wardrobe rack left on the lot (Trip through it, Wes over the top). Amid the sparks and smoke, they make a break for a spot behind a large wooden wagon filled with feedbags. Wes puts his hat back on, as the two sit up against the back of the wagon, breathing heavily from near-fried exhaustion. Cinecon expresses his delight in the scene by rubbing his hands together and commenting, "NIIIICE! Hehahaha!" Wes remarks breathlessly, "Riding horses looks like fun in the movies, huh!?", before grimacing. Trip groans deeply in bruised agreement, then quickly informs him, "Hey! Circuit said that Cinecon's clapboard controls the dimension!" Wes shrugs off his injuries, and pokes his heads up over the feedbags. He stares past Cinecon and the Cyclo-film crew, spotting the clapboard laying down on the wooden sidewalk. The clapboard reads the same as it always did in the last episode, except, strangely, the scene is written as 401-03, instead of 401-07, as it was shown to actually be previously! (this is because some of the Movie World scenes were switched around between filming and editing Wes whispers, "There it is!", just when the two Cyclobots open fire on them again. He safely ducks down before his head can get sparked off, and is inspired. Still breathing heavily, Wes smiles and tells Trip, "I have an idea!" He cups his hand around Trip's ear, and starts whispering unintelligibly, to which Trip listens wide-eyed and very carefully.

[Opening Credits, Version 2.1. A tiny change: Makoto Yokoyama's name has been replaced by Akihiro Noguchi as co-Stunt Choreographer.]

It's back to Jungle Movie Dimension World we go, and guess who's back with us? Why, it's our old buddy, Mr. Widescreen! Hello, black bars at the top and bottom of the footage! This means the Cyclo-camera must be rolling, as the scene shows the headhunter tribe preparing for dinner. A couple of masked guys in rags beat on drums, while several with spears dance around the boiling cauldron in the middle of the village. Reluctantly watching this from inside his constraining twig-barred cage, Eric pulls back his extra-long black hair nervously. He shifts about his cage, scoping out the area, trying to find salvation. It comes at last, in the form of that chimpanzee he helped feed last episode! The little guy is wandering around in the bushes, prompting Eric to begin making clicking sounds with his jaw. The chimp hears the summoning of Tarz-Eric, tilts his head back, and gives him a big gummy smile. Eric urges softly, "C'mon." The chimp crawls hunched over through the back of the camp, the limited field of vision of the headhunter's masks preventing them from noticing him. Lancelot Link picks up a jagged arrowhead knife laying on a rock, and uses it to cut the rope lock on the cage! Eric slips out of his prison, and gives the chimp a pat on the head & hug, whispering, "All right. Thanks a lot, little guy." The gently chattering simian scurries off into the jungle, leaving Eric to find his own way out of the camp. The cannibalistic headhunters finally cease banging on the drum slowly, when one of their warriors notices Eric sneaking off. With a cry of "Walla!", the other tribal warriors grab their spears and chase after the escaping dinner. Eric, running like an ape, darts down a path through the jungle. The headhunters not far behind, nipping at his heels, and hoping soon to be nipping on his meaty flesh.

Over in Samurai Movie Dimension World Universe Land, the action is still widescreen, black & white, with scratches & marks on the film for effect. Lucas, still in Samurai armor, is where we last saw him, in the middle of a forest, fending off several ninjas from a beautiful Princess. He uses his katana blade (and the sheath!) to block the sabers of the attacking warriors, slashing repeatedly in return. At last, Lucas lays low the invading forces, posing with the blade held high in the air, and the sheath horizontal across his chest, over their lifeless bodies. The Princess touches his arm gratefully, prompting him to (thankfully not cut her head off thinking she's another ninja) resheath his katana. He turns to her, takes her hand, smiles, and asks (in a voice that sounds slightly off-kilter), "Are you okay?" The Princess nods and smiles back, replying only, "Yes!"

Meanwhile, in Broadway Musical Movie World Dimension-o-rama, Katie, still in her fabulous yellow gown, continues being enchanted by her tuxedoed suitor, Heath. The song and dance has changed, with Heath on bended knee before her, crooning, "When I wish upon a star..." Katie extends her arms out, and the background dancers lift her up in the air by them, allowing her to add in a mighty singing voice, "... I wish for yooooou." She sustains that last note for quite an extended period, spinning around the various guys in tuxedoes, dancing along until she wraps her arms around Heath's neck. Cha-cha-cha!

Elsewhere, in Kung Fu Movie Dimension Land, the footage is tinted orange, but the action is red hot! Speaking of tinted, the final monk warrior, who not only has hair but has quite a lot of it, and has a very tanned body, appears on the steps of the Chinese temple. He gives exaggerated grunts and hiyaahs, getting ready for action with fierce poses as the Elder Monk watches on from above. Jen, still in her red & pink Kung Fu outfit and still in the last pose we saw her in, gets a bit if a startle when this new competitor emerges from out of nowhere. He does a jump kick, prompting her to step out of the way. The warrior lands, does another pose, urging her on with an intense stare. Jen strikes back, spinning around and throwing a right hand chop at the man, which he deflects with his forearm. She tries it again, aimed downward this time, but he does the same defensive maneuver. He then slaps her arm away, before grabbing both her arms and holding them tight for a moment. Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon (what? I have no name for this schmuck, i'm tryin' here!) then releases her quickly, just to shove her shoulders, sending her stumble aback. He tosses a high kick at her, but Jen ducks. He starts ripping in several quick gut-kicks that she easily blocks by either slapping his leg away or deflecting it with her knee. Jen waits for him to get worn out some, and delivers a direct kick to his chest, sending him stumbling away. The warrior rubs the spot on his stomach where she hit. He brings the sweat from that spot to his mouth, licks it, then spits it out angrily. The final confrontation is underway, signaled by the warriors yelping battle cry. He leaps into the air, prompting Jen to do the same. Both aim their legs in a sharp kicking position at one another, meeting in the middle in midair. Jen's pink slippered foot is the victor, striking the warrior square in his bare beefy chest. He falls flat on the floor of the temple courtyard, clutching his chest in agony. Jen lands perfectly on her feet, turns around, and lowers herself into a triumphant crouching stance. As the Elder Monk approaches her with the scroll in hand, we see the bruised and beaten warrior monks passing by in the background. The groan loudly, with one monk carrying the tanned warrior in his arms! Jen stands and holds her hands together in a praying position, while the Elder Monk stops before her, and states in a purposely badly dubbed voice, "You have passed the test, young warrior. Here is your scroll!" She bows her head and smiles, before bending down, closing her eyes, and extending her hands outward, palms up, to accept her prize.

Back in Old West World, Yul Brenner would be proud to see robotic cowboys taking charge. The two Cyclobots continue firing their Saber-Blasters at the feedbag wagon, causing a flash of sparks and smoke. Cinecon comments gleefully, "Explosions? I LOVE explosions! Good idea!" The Cyclo-cowboys look at one another and nod, slowly marching toward the wagon, as they spot Trip & Wes' hats sticking up from behind the feedbags. Cinecon gripes, "WHERE are my actors?! This is not exciting enough!" In the alleyway just behind his director's chair, Trip, hatless, tiptoes around quietly. Cinecon orders, "Get me a close-up!" The Cyclo-cowboys approach the feedbag wagon very cautiously, allowing Wes to take advantage of their targeting the hat decoys by rolling across the road suddenly. The robodrones turn their golden metal heads just in time to see Wes peering over a stack of crates, aiming his Chrono-Blaster their way! He wastes no time firing, striking both Cyclobots with streaks of red energy. They fall back against the feedbag wagon, bodies smoking, and revealing to us that the TFs' cowboy hats are set up on metal rack. Cinecon, who likely 'allowed' Wes to gain use of his Blaster, happily notes, "Ex-cellent! Keep rolling!" Trip smirks, seeing his opportunity wide open. He reaches down and picks up the clapboard, checking out the slate (which has "Take 5" on it now), and chuckling slightly. Cinecon turns his heavily padded self around in his tiny chair, and screaming into his bullhorn, yells at Trip, "Huh? Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Trip is at first shocked when he's noticed, but quickly gets cocky, egging on, "Oh! Eh... Hehe! TOO bad! Come and GET it!" Wes rolls along the in front of some barrels, and fires his Chrono-Blaster at an oncoming cowboy Cyclobot. It falls back against a bale of hay, taken out at near pointblank range. Trip calls out to his pardner, "Hey, Wes!", before pitching the clapboard in the air like a frisbee. Wes takes instant notice, as do Cinecon and his Cyclo-film crew, all frantically staring overhead, with the mutant crying, "My slate!" The red-shirted TF leaps into the air, firing his Chrono-Blaster downward at the twirling white & black plastic board. The bolt of red power shatters the unnatural clapboard, causing it to burst into pieces.

Trip pumps his fist in the air, exclaiming, "Yee-ha! Whoo!" His body suddenly glows with a bluish warping light, tinted with shining edges of gold, as he's teleported out of the Wild West Movie Dimension! Cinecon and his Cyclobot-film crew find the same thing happening to them, all vanishing in the same style, with the mutant crying out, "Nooo!" just before. Their camera equipment goes with them, but quite a lot of the background moving making items remain behind. Wes gives a smile of smooth success, as he spins his Blaster around on his fingers, stopping it with the barrel-end aimed in the air. He leans forward and blows on it, when he too is teleported away in a flash of blue & gold. Over in Samurai Movie World, the Princess calls Lucas, "My hero." He's got his helmet off, revealing long ponytailed hair beneath. Lucas holds her closer and leans in for a kiss, just when his body is engulfed in a white light, leaving the Princess alone in the woods. In Broadway Musical Movie World, the Hollywood stage is cleared, except for Heath & Katie, who come in from opposite sides. They hold their arms out to the side, running in slow motion, preparing for an embrace as enchanting music plays. Katie is suddenly whisked away in a flash of blue & gold, causing Heath to end up hugging himself, and staggering forward into empty air. In Kung Fu Movie World, Jen continues kneeling before the Elder Monk. Just when he's about to place the sacred scroll in her hands, she blinks away in the usual flash of blue & gold light, causing the Monk to gasp. Finally, in Jungle Movie World, Eric jump flips through the air, and grabs a large vine. He gives a Tarzan-like howl as he swings across the lush green jungle, escaping from the cannibals completely. While in mid-swing, his body shimmers blue & gold, signifying a complete end to all of the widescreen movie scenes. At a back loading dock of some warehouse somewhere, the five Time Force Officers are teleported into the same area together. Their clothes are back to normal (Wes still wearing the black leather jacket & black silk shirt with the slice in it as last time), but their behaviors aren't! Wes stands there, his right hand held like a gun, as he blows into his index finger. Trip is right next to him, appearing quite excited with his arms spread openly. Jen in kneeling not far from them, hands still up, awaiting a scroll that'll never come. In the background, Lucas has his arms held in an embrace with the Princess, sans Princess. Katie continues dashing across the lot, eventually running into Lucas! They collide into a mutually reluctant hug, Katie chuckling joyfully. Over in the middle of Silver Hills City, Eric is still in midair, though the vine is missing! He keeps giving his Tarzan howl, until he slams up against a cement wall, scrunching his face uncomfortably. Eric's howl turns into a groaning grunt of agony, as he slides down the wall a bit, and topples onto his back unconscious.


The five TFs finally snap out of it, and return to their natural characterizations. Wes & Trip look at each other, laughing excitedly in adrenaline-filled relief. Jen just stands next to them, laughs heartily. Katie is equally happy, as she walks up, puts her arm on Trip's shoulder, and Wes puts his arm around her's. Lucas simply smiles and folds his arms, nodding when Trip remarks, "Whew! MAN! I'm SO glad that's over!" True to form of movies, never say it's over, otherwise it likely isn't! The roaring engine of several vehicles echoes onto the scene, with a rover pulling up suddenly, giving us a nice shot of a bull skull stuck between its headlights and above its front cannons. The happy reunion of the Rangers grinds to a halt, as they witness the shocking sight before them. It's Ransik, sitting in the passenger seat of the Mutant Mobile! He stands up, and shows them (and us) that he's wearing something far more different than usual. His right-side silver faceplate stays the same, but his hair is now a tattered red mowhawk. Ransik's also got bandanna around his forehead, he's wearing padded shoulder armor with black feathers on it, and his attire is that akin to something out of Mad Max! All of the Cyclobots accompanying him have similar outfits on, mostly a mixmatch of dark ragged renegade type clothing. In front of the Mutant Mobile are two land rover carts, styled-up like something out of the Road Warrior series of movies. Anyway, Ransik proclaims in his usual vicious Australian tone, "The MOVIE isn't over YET, RANGERS! PREPARE for Part TWO: Enter RANSIK, the SUPER-villain! Ahahahaha!" Wes appears a bit mutedly terrified. Cinecon comments partially through his bullhorn, "CUT! That was GREAT, Ransik. But THIS time, I want you to give it to me with FEELING!" Ransik is at first modestly pantomiming under praise, but when asked for a second take the mutant overlord turned actor gets temperamental. He shoves Cinecon over, knocking him down and growling, "Get outta here!" Ransik then sits down, and demands the Cyclobot driving the MM (Mutant Mobile, not Movie Madness) to, "GO!" Cinecon recovers enough to command into his bullhorn, "Annnnd.... ACTION!" The two rovers in front take off first, speeding directly at the five TF Officers standing out in the wide open shipping dock. Lucas reacts at a quick speed, urging, "Run... RUN!" That they all do, dashing off down the street.

The Time Force team races along a wide open road, none of them able to really notice that they're apparently on the backlot of a massive studio complex. Considering what we find out later, what this appears to be is the outskirts of Cinecon's movie dimensions. All destroying the Clapboard did was strand them together on the edge of unreality! They continue running, Jen in the lead, with Wes in a close second (shouting "C'mon, guys!" to his teammates), Trip right behind him, nearly neck and neck with Lucas, and in dead last is Katie. They round a corner, only to come to a complete stop on the sidewalk when they notice their crowded building surroundings. The five gaze around agape, with Katie gasping in disbelief, "Ohh. Don't tell me. We're in New York!?" Magically, despite being on the sidewalk in the last frame, all five are in the middle of the street when Ransik & company peels in down the road. Our heroes, wrapped up in taking in the scenery, take nearly forever to react, with Trip being the one to stress, "L-let's GO!" They hurry off once more, giving the Cyclobots standing up in the Mutant Mobile ample time to take aim. Cyclo-Saber blasts are shot at the fleeing Rangers, the girls lagging behind, causing them to cover their heads as flashes of sparks & smoke explode around them. The gang, following Wes, takes a sharp turn into an alleyway, losing the Cyclo-Rovers, which speed by at accelerated rates. The frantic fleeing continues, Wes leading Trip and the rest under a canopy on the sidewalk. Lucas breaks off from the rest and stops under the canopy, noticing the craft food services table. He calls out to his pals, "Hey, guys! Look, water!" The team turns around and heads back quickly, all apparently quite thirsty. They each grab a bottle of water from the table, desperately spinning off the tops and gulping down the complimentary overpriced liquids within. (Notice, Trip tries grabbing a bottle, but Jen reaches for the same one. He lets her have it, then picks up two bottles. He hands the other one down to the sitting Katie, who already has her own she's eagerly drinking!)

Suddenly, the formally empty street fills with expected guests, a series of golf carts containing tourists (every one of them carrying cameras, snapping pictures of every single thing in sight). Our five heroes nearly give spit-takes as they see the gang of starstruck humans dropping by without warning. The tour guide driving the main cart speaks into the speaker system, informing the tourists, "Ladies and gentlemen, over on your left-hand side, we have what is known in the biz as the craft service table. This is where ALL the stars come to get their snacks between takes!" The TFs freeze in their tracks for a moment, before easing up and pretending to be actors on a TV show, smiling and waving at their fans are numerous pictures are taken. Lucas takes the time to comb his hair, Wes wipes his mouth on his sleeve, and Katie gets up from her curbside sitting spot. The TFs stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling and basking in the admiration of the clueless visitors. The tour guide urges, "Take your pictures, everyone. Take your pictures!" Katie fixes her hair as best she can, Trip adjusts the strap on his backpack, and Jen suddenly gives an expression of enlightenment as she gets a bright idea. She slaps her hands, wiggles her eyebrows and tells her pals, "Guys. Follow me." Jen smiles and leads the team forward, approaching the tourists in the first cart. She slaps her hands again, and explains to the tour guide, "Hi! I JUST saw Frankie Chang shooting a movie right down that alley!" The tour guide excited departs the cart, exclaiming to the tourists, "Ladies and gentlemen, did you just hear that? Frankie Chang, the world famous action star, is filming just down there! Let's go!" All of the tourists, including the other tour guides, follow him eagerly offscreen, apparently heading to a spot that the carts couldn't reach, since they abandon all three or four of the electric powered vehicles. When the coast is clear, Jen quickly slaps Lucas' chest and demands, "DRIVE!" She hops in beside him, as he takes the wheel, while Wes, Trip, and Katie sit on the backseat. Everybody is shouting "go!", and "drive", and such, but given how slow those carts are, Lucas complies as best he can, replying, "I'm goin', i'm goin'!"

Lucas gets the cart, which has the logo of CINECON STUDIOS on the front, up to its top speed of about 20 miles an hour, when the end of the road gets blocked off by Ransik & friends! A trio of Cyclo-Road Warriors manage to get out of their vehicles and lunge at the cart in the time it takes Lucas to back that thing up. All three fall flat on their faces, unable to snatch the rather slow moving cart as it goes in full reverse, the Rangers shouting "go" more times than a typical PR theme song. The Cyclobots recover and get back into the Mutant Mobile, while Lucas backs the cart into a driveway, and turns it around. The cart speeds around the corner as fast as it can, with the three evil vehicles following incredibly close behind. Suddenly, Cinecon and his Cyclo-film crew dart out of the driveway where Lucas backed up in a moment ago. They've go mobile with their filming, taking the camera, boom-mic, and other items along to attempt to keep up with the action. Cinecon shouts, "That way!", several times, before groaning when he notices all the vehicles have fled the scene. He turns and spots one of the discarded carts (if those tourists & guides weren't Cyclobots, then who WERE they?!), changing repeated commands to, "This way! C'mon! On the cart!" The five robodrones (all likely Union) hop onto the cart, Cinecon barely able to squeeze himself in. Around the corner, the TFs remain barely a few feet ahead of the rovers & Mutant Mobile. Lucas takes a sharp turn that buys them a little bit of space, as they exit the area marked "Stage 50." Just when it looks like they're getting a good lead, the cart's battery dies! It grinds to a slow crawl, and finally gives out, making Jen wonder, "Lucas, why are we stopping?!" He admits worriedly, "We ran out of gas." Ransik & company are still over near the Stage 50 entrance, trying out their rovers' front cannons, which fire off several bursts of bluish energy from quite a long distance. Small explosions burst around our heroes, sending them fleeing from the powerless cart. Wes leads the way again, yelling, "Alright, c'mon!" They hurry into the set they just rolled into, an olden style village area, which was previously seen on PRTF in the "Legend Of The Clock Tower" episode as downtown Silver Hills in the early 1800s! The five hide behind a wall, peeking around it nervously. The Mutant Mobile & Cyclo-rovers zoom their way, but stop just before reaching a speedbump. Figuring they're backed into a corner, Ransik stands up in his car, and proclaims, "GET THEM!" His Cyclobots do just that, all exiting the vehicles, and slowly entering the ye olde Silver Hills set. They walk with their Cyclo-Sabers held up and aimed outward like rifles, scouring the zone for any signs of the Rangers.

Just around the corner, Wes spots them on the prowl, and offers to his teammates, "Okay, here's the plan. We EACH go our separate ways." Without hesitation, Jen holds out her left arm, prompting the others to do the same, placing their hands on top of one another, Trip's on top. Jen bids them, "Good luck!" They nod, and break their hand formation. Just in the nick of time, as the Cyclobots notice their position, and start unloading hot bolts of magenta laser charges their way. The Time Force Officers split up: Jen rushes through the huge gate behind her, Wes dashes up into a door in front of him, Lucas heads up the stairway to the side, Katie heads for the far side of the lot, and Trip beelines to a hole in the wall. The Cyclobots fire a few shots, missing every Ranger by a mile, and proceed to follow along after every one of them. Seems Ransik went with them, as the cart carrying Cinecon and his Cyclo-film crew pulls up to the three abandoned evil vehicles. He tells the driver, "Ahh, THERE they are. Pull up next to them. C'mon! Let's go!" The Cyclobot driving the cart hits the breaks too quickly, causing both Cinecon and two of the Cyclobots hanging on the back to topple off! Cinecon demands they get him up, and that they do. Once he's back on his feet, he orders them, "Get that camera set up. Hurry!" Behind the gate, Jen resumes running, but when she turns her head to be sure she isn't followed, a renegade Cyclobot pops up in front of her! She ducks when he takes a swipe at her with his Saber, though he's able to grab her shoulder and maintain a tight grip. Jen grunts, and immediately slips herself out of her brown jacket! She keeps her left arm ensnared in the sleeve, while the Cyclobots keeps a hold on the right one, the two more or less locked in a tug-of-war match for a moment. Jen kicks her stretched jacket in the center, causing the Cyclobot to lose his grip and tumble backwards. She slides her jacket back on very smoothly, without missing a beat. Another Cyclobot shows up behind her, so she spins around, and just before he's about to slice her with his Saber, she points her index finger at him, motioning for him to hold on a second! Jen begins to tug on collar, attempting to straight out her jacket somewhat. The Cyclobot mimics her behavior, by kindly helping to adjust it for her. He then pats her on the shoulder and gives a thumbs up, prompting Jen to smirk and bow. The Cyclobot also bows, before trying to chop her head off again. She blocks his arm, then knees him in the gut, before pushing him over. Jen tugs on her collar again, cockily grinning down at him, before suddenly making a mad dash in the opposite direction, remembering she's in the middle of running for her life!

Elsewhere, around the side of the lot, Katie struggles with a Cyclobot near one of the trailers. She shoves him against a tree, and continues fleeing, when she runs into Cinecon and his Cyclo-film crew! They're on the scene, filming on the move. Cinecon commends her, praising, "Great, great! What a MARvelous performance. I could make a STAR out of you! Smile for the camera! DON'T be afraid." She does so, caught up once again the allure of the movie dimension, allowing Cinecon to pat her on the shoulder. We see a shot from the Cyclo-camera's POV, angle lines and all. Katie continues smiling even when another Cyclo-Road Warrior taps her on the shoulder and waves at her. She instantly ducks down when he attempts to chop her head from her neck, at least. Inside one of the interior rooms on the lot, Wes battles it out with several Cyclobots. He dodges a few blows, before returning one in the form of a sharp upper-kick. Another Cyclo attacks, he just moves out of the way, ending up facing yet another one nearby. Wes ducks when that one tries to cut him, the Cyclo-Saber chopping into a wooden support beam, yet oddly not cutting it at all (must be some dull blades!). He stands back up and turns around, in time to deflect a kick thrown at him by one more Cyclobot. This distraction allows the one that struck the beam to kick Wes in the stomach, knocking him into the arms of another one in the corner of the room. It pitches him back out into the middle of the set, which appears to have been stripped of all furniture and decorations. Wes skids to a stop, just as two Cyclobots strike at him simultaneously. He jumps into the air, kicking both robodrones' blades away from him when they attack. Wes lands, and springs himself into a backflip to avoid one of those Cyclobots trying to slash at him again. He lands upstraight, kicks the second Cyclobot away, then flips himself over, stabbing his falling heel directly into the chest of the Cyclo on the floor that nearly cut his feet off a moment ago. Wes gives a loud battle cry that sounds more like he got a rusty nail up his butt from landing on that dirty floor, but it seems to not be the case when he quickly looks to the side and his eyes widen in shock. He gasps and makes a run for it, as one of the remaining Cyclobots chases him out of the room.

Around the back of the lot, Lucas is running from two vicious Cyclobots. He reaches a wooden beam, ducks down against it, and allows one of the renegade robodrones' to slice into it instead of him. Lucas then blocks the Saber-wielding arm of the second Cyclo, grabbing his wrist and flipping him over. He nervously staggers backwards, frantically continuing to flee in a daze. He slips between a production crew truck and the back wall of the set, only to find another Cyclobot waiting for him. Lucas gasps loudly as he barely slides out of the way of another Cyclo-Saber swipe, only to turn around and nearly get poked by a second robodrone hiding out behind the wooden wall. He rushes back out the way he came from, blocks a Saber-slice from the woodchopping Cyclobot from a moment ago, flipping him over. Lucas pauses to adjust his jacket, then darts around the front side of that production crew vehicle. Yet another Cyclobot (notice, there are far more in all these scenes, all dressed up in post-apocalyptic clothing, than were in Ransik's Road Warrior armada earlier) sitting on the back of that trailer-truck makes himself known by trying to slice Lucas' head off when he runs by. Luckily, he ducks and spins, avoiding getting a brutal haircut. Speaking of hair, Lucas runs his fingers through his as the Cyclo hops down from the truck. Once he thinks its been spiked-up enough, he ducks under another Saber-slash by that robodrone, and dashes towards the other side of the trailer thing.

Behind yet another large unidentifiable Cinecon Studios production crew truck, Trip staggers to a stop, taking a slight breather from all the running for his life. He notices a small stepway to an upper level, and heads up it quickly, thinking the area deserted. Ransik suddenly steps out of the shadows, standing right in Trip's way! The tall menacing figure glares menacingly down at the menaced alien teen. What does Trip do? He lightheartedly pats Ransik's padded armored chest, asking with a smile, "How you doin'?!" Ransik nods slightly, giving a look as to say "not bad." This friendliness fades fast, as Ransik then expresses intense fury as he growls mightily and swipes his right arm at Trip! He ducks under, and escapes the mutant master's grasp by doing a spinning leap kick over the railing and down into the chest of a Cyclobot standing on the lower level. Cyclobots are beginning to swarm the place, so Trip swiftly hops back up on the railing, flipping himself over and back up to the upper level. He then kicks a Cyclobot, backs up when one tries to lunge at him, grabs hold of a pillar and launches his feet into the chest of yet another Cyclo approaching. He drops down on that robodrone who tried lunging at him, crushing him down to the floor, and allowing Trip to roll across the cement. He recovers quickly, but doesn't get long to wait before two Cyclobots slash their Sabers at him at the same time. Trip hops backwards onto a flatbed truck, flips over another Saber slash, rolls across the cement again (Ransik, btw, is in the background, watching this whole scene from that same spot), and flips over the railing, and ends up against that production crew truck from earlier. He nervously faces three more Cyclobots on that lower level, all trying in vain to chop him to ribbons. Trip slips into the production crew trailer, which has a checked floor, and prompts them to follow him inside wherever it leads to.

Eventually, Wes races down a steep hill into a Spanish Village set, with a banner reading "Fiesta de la Lluvia." Once under the banner, in the center courtyard, he's immediately joined by his four teammates, all coming from different directions. Wes exclaims, "Haha! Alright, we MADE it!" Trip hugs Jen, Wes hugs them both, followed by Katie, then Lucas. Everyone smiles and moans in appreciation for getting through this added ordeal alive. They break from their group hug, all wearily catching their breath. Katie walks up the hill a short ways, breathing heavily, when she notices a faint rustling sound in the distance. She worriedly wonders, "Wait, do you hear that guys?! Do you hear something?" The whole team turns to one of the roads to their side, witnessing the source of the sound: a massive tidal wave of water flooding uncontrollably down the hill! They stare in shock, agape, Wes looking particularly frightened, likely having caused a flood in his pants at that moment. The water rushes rapidly through the streets, pouring through the windows and doors of the surrounding Spanish buildings. You know what they say about the water in Mexico! Arriba! Wes screams, his voice barely lifting past the deafening sound of the waves splashing their way, "RUN! RUUUUUN!" In slow motion, the Time Force Officers do just that, Trip leading the way. They run for it, as the water drenches down the road right behind them, catching up awful quick. If they don't find higher ground soon, they're going to have to change their names to the Soggy Bottom Rangers!


In a darkened backstage corridor, somewhere in Cinecon Studios, the five TFs have apparently escaped the huge wipeout by going indoors. They race along the wall, Katie in the lead, with Wes stressing, "Hurry, he's coming!" Jen adds, "Ransik's right behind us!" Was he on a surf board?! If not, then it's official, we missed something between scenes. Katie leads them into the first door she comes to, the one with the big sign reading WARDROBE (with another reading "this is not an exit"). The TFs dart into the room, discovering a Cyclobot sweatshop! Our heroes freeze in their tracks, with the Wardrobe Cyclo-crew all doing the same. Trip shouts, "Get 'emmmm!", and immediately, everyone scrambles to the huge pile of clothes on the table in the middle of the room. Racks of outfits and costumes are knocked over on the Rangers & Cyclobots, all struggling to attack one another within the confining spaces of the overfilled wardrobe room. Outside the door, Ransik, still Mad Maxed, overhears the sound of the TFs fighting with the Cyclo-costume department. He motions his Cyclo-Road Warriors into the Wardrobe room, prompting them to barge in unexpectedly. They slam into the Cyclo-costume assistants, causing yet another pileup onto the numerous mounds of various items of clothing. There's more than one door to the wardrobe room, as the five Time Force Officers exit out the other one, into one of the main hallways. Seems the mix-up amid the avalanche of alternate dimension costumes has caused the team to end up emerging dressed as different characters! Katie, wearing snakeskin platform shoes, a brown velvet suit, an orange scarf, a bushy soul-patch on her chin, a curly afro with sideburns, and orange sunglasses. She strokes her chin and looks upwards, getting into the role of Taft! Nearby is Wes, who has long black spiked-heeled leather boots, red stockings, a red miniskirt, a red top (with breasts!), a long bleached blonde wig, and make-up! He whips his hair back, and femininely blows a kiss. Jen crosses her legs and flexing her knees slightly, swinging her brown cane around, before lifting her bowler hat off her black hair-helmet wigged head. She's in a tuxedo, with white gloves, and a mustache above her lip, likely supposed to a Charlie Chaplin-like character by her mannerisms, though the mustache is all wrong. Lucas wears a blue flowery dress, and has a grey old-lady wig on, with match hat and purse, and an oversized rear-end! He pouts his lips, trying to fit the role of senior citizen. Last is Trip, who wears black leather pants with flame strips at the bottom near his platform boots, and what looks to be a black bustier, with his bra-straps showing around the back. If that wasn't disturbing enough, he holds his backpack over his bent wrist like a purse, before turning around and brushing back the long blonde curly locks of hair covering his face. Ransik's voice is heard through the wardrobe door, "After them, you worthless...!", snapping our heroes out of their out-of-character experiences. Wes, in a high-pitched voice, squeals, then urges, "Let's go! Hurry!" He has trouble walking in the heeled boots, Lucas walks with his granny booty in the air, and Jen waddles along, but they all skedaddle down the hall as quick as they can.

Ransik orders the Cyclobots to move it, and that they do, exiting the wardrobe room, into the same spot in the hallway that the Rangers were just at. They too are dressed up amusingly, one Cyclobot in a flowery muumuu, one in a golden Indian gown, and another dressed as a pirate. Ransik has it worst of all, he's got a pink & gold tutu on over his Mad Max costume, and a poofy white wig! He glances down at the ballerina outfit, gasps in scared shock at the terrifying sight, before angrily ordering his army to, "GET THEM!" They march down the hall, ditching their costumes between scenes. Ransik and the trio of Cyclobots, now just wearing their Road Warrior uniforms, enter a dark studios, where incredibly loud heavy rock music is playing. The mutant master covers his left ear, and grouses, "Ahh! What is that awful noise?!" They get in closer to a large red light, and witness on stage a rock band consisting of five mutant members. In front of the stage are several Cyclobots in denim jackets, sitting in folding chairs, bobbing their golden metal heads. The three Cyclos with Ransik also start bobbing their heads to the heavy bass beat. Ransik continues covering just the ear with the metal plate over it, when he notices his robodrones' enjoyment of the music. He slaps two of them on the back of the noggin, prompting all three to cease their head bobbing. Ransik groans and walks off, leaving them behind to resume headbanging. The mutant band on stage, just call them The New Crash & The Creeps, are: a bushy-green haired guitarist, a poofy red haired clown with red flannel coat as a lead singer who doesn't say a word and merely dances around, a blue-haired drummer, a dreadlocked yellow-topped female bass-guitarist, and an ant-headed pink-haired female lead guitarist. Ransik approaches one of the denim-jacketed Cyclobot stagehands, pushes his head-bobbing self aside, and his right ear finally succumbs to the deafening sound for a moment. He turns to that Cyclo, and shouts, "Have you seen the Rangers?!" The Cyclobot taps his head, noting the earphones he has on, preventing him from hearing him. The robodrone turns to the side and leans in so Ransik can try again, enunciating over the loud music, "The Rang-ers!" The Cyclo shrugs his shoulders and leans in again, frustrating Ransik to the point that he snatches off the headset, and screams into the microphone, "THE RANG-ERS!" The Cyclo's head is rattled by the amplified sound, prompting Ransik to shove the worthless bot over, knocking him down on the Cyclobot spraying smoke onto the stage. Ignoring the mutant band (being filmed by a camera-bot), Ransik calls for his three MM Cyclobots, urging, "Let's go!" They march behind him, boogying in step on the way by. Once they've left the building, the band finishes playing their jammin' tune. The Cyclobots in the studio all look at one another confusedly, until the band pulls a MMPR Season 3 Ninja Ranger demorph, by crossing their hands across their chests and yanking off their costumes, full clothes, masks and all. Surprise, the mutant band was really the TF Rangers! Wes tells his teammates, "C'mon, let's go!" They do so, knocking out two Cyclobots that try to rush them on the way off stage.

Our heroes make a break for the exit door, all five heading into broad daylight. VERY broad, as they realize they're no longer on a studio lot anymore, but in the middle of a blistering desert! The TFs look around, viewing nothing but endless sand and dirt mountains as far as the eye can see. Trip gasps, "The desert?!", and Lucas adds, "We'll roast!" (a cut scene from the end of last episode had them trying to go back through the studio exit door, only to find it missing) Cinecon is off to the side, sitting on his director's chair with his Cyclo-film crew at his side. He announces through his bullhorn, "Ready for the desert chase scene!" The TFs glance over at him, then to their right, witnessing their five Vector Cycles teleporting onto the sand (via the warping hologram-style effect they debuted with back in Ep 5). Trip is flabbergasted, remarking, "The Vector Cycles?!" Suddenly, the sound of engines vrooming along begins to increase in intensity. The TFs turn, and spot Ransik & company riding on the paved road, back on their Road Warrior vehicles! (sheesh, I thought we had gotten Beyond Thunderdome at this point!) The Mutant Mobile pulls past the two rovers, with Ransik proclaiming (over the roar of the engine), "There's nowhere to run THIS time, Rangers!" He then extends his right arm outward, and growls. (a shot of the vehicles firing on the unmorphed Rangers is cut) Cinecon yelps into his bullhorn, "ACTION!" Wes boasts, "Let's DO it!" The five Time Force Officers FINALLY morph, apparently since the creator of the Movie Studio Dimensions has only now "allowed" it. They summon, "Time for... Time Force!" together, motioning their arms and doing a five-in-1 screen morph.

Instantly on that long stretch of paved road in the middle of the desert, just behind the maniacally swerving mutant vehicles, the five Time Force Power Rangers, riding on their Vector Cycles, keep in a close formation. Blue Ranger hits a button, and offers, "Take THIS!" His Cycle's side gatling-cannons begin firing, sending explosive bursts at the road just in front of the Mutant Mobile. It starts smoking heavily, and swerving even more uncontrollably. Ransik stands up and bails out, by leaping over to one of the rovers. Red Ranger remarks, "Nice shot! C'mon! Let's FINISH this!" Pink Ranger concurs, "Right!" The Vector Cycles speed up slightly, just as Ransik snatches the Cyclobots driving the rover he landed on, and tosses them onto the side of the road violently. The Mutant Mobile skids to a halt in the sand, prompting Cinecon to command, "Cue the explosion!" A Cyclobot motions its arm, causing the whole black convertible to burst into a massive fireball, destroying the Road-Warriordrones within. The Vector Cycle-riding Rangers press on, none noticing the explosion down the road behind them. Ransik takes control of the wheel in his newly jacked rover, and cruises over to the right lane. He pulls out a handheld blaster, and fires it with his left hand at the Rangers. The blue-beam bolt strikes both the Pink & Green Rangers, sending them hurling off their Vector Cycles, landing side by side in the sand. The chase continues along the paved road, reaching an area where the sand covers most of the cement. Between scenes, Blue & Yellow Rangers are also blasted off their bikes. We see the burning and damaged remains of the Pink & Blue Vector Cycles in the road, as the Red Ranger remains unscathed. His four grounded teammates watch one of the Cyclo-rovers go by, with Jen bidding, "It's up to YOU now, Wes!" Ransik laughs wickedly, before spinning his rover around to a stop when the paved road suddenly ends. Wes vows, "I'm ON it!", speeding his Cycle directly at him, with the other rover nearly on his tail. Ransik steps on the gas, zooming at the Red Ranger in a very deadly desert chicken race! Wes quips, "SHOWtime!", while Ransik simply snickers diabolically. Red Ranger grinds the throttle beneath his glove, and immediately launches his entire Vector Cycle into the air! Ransik's so busy looking upward at the Ranger overhead, that he fails to notice the oncoming Cyclo-rover until it's too late. In several different angles, we get to see Ransik's go-cart and the Cyclobot-driven rover collide in a beautiful burst of fiery destruction (among the debris flying past the camera is the head of one of the Cyclos!).

Red Ranger remains in midair above the explosion, before landing his bike perfectly back on the pavement. The other four Rangers pull up on their Vector Cycles (despite how they appeared totaled a minute ago), and park near him, with Jen complimenting, "Nice acting, Wes!" He remarks, "I think Ransik's doin' his last scene!" Indeed, Ransik is sitting in the fiery remains of his rover, holding the unconnected steering wheel in hand. He waves off the smoke, coughing repeatedly, before suddenly letting out a final gasp, and dramatically ceasing to breath, slumping his head over and shutting his eyes. Cinecon wipes his eyes with a rag, and sobs, "That was beautiful!", then lifts his bullhorn and yells, "CUT! Print that!" The Cyclobot running the camera shuts it off, then begins to remove it from the close-up shot spot. Cinecon praises his mutant actor's work, "You were MARvelous! Wonderful!", before bullhorning to the Cyclo crew, "Get this stuff cleaned up and ready for the next scene." The Mad Maxed Ransik comes back to life when a Cyclobot reaches down and helps pull him up off his debris-covered seat. Cinecon tells him, "YOU, go clean up!", and Ransik, likely sick of taking orders and being manhandled by Cyclobots, begins annoyedly slapping the arms of the robodrone who helped him stand up.

Suddenly, back at Cinecon Studios, the five Time Force Rangers race on foot to the edge of the lot, where Cinecon & Cyclo-friends have already set up their equipment for the next scene. Red Ranger boasts, "We've had enough of your BAD direction, Cinecon!" The mutant snorts a chortle. Wes points out, "We're done, and you're history!" Cinecon holds up his "The End Of The Rangers" script he's been carrying around this whole ep, and notes, "You CAN'T leave yet. You're not finished! It's time for the grand finale!" The mutant yanks off the DNA patch on his left leg, causing the usual chain reaction, making Cinecon become a blockbuster sized menace, bullhorn included! Our heroes are taken aback by his increase in size, though don't go far enough. Cinecon laughs deeply, reaches down, and scoops the gang up in his giant hand. Before the Time Force Rangers know it, they're suddenly inside of the normal Time Force Megazord control room. Wes looks around confused, wondering, "What's happening?!" Katie asks, "How did we get in our Megazord?" An exterior shot reveals that the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue is now standing tall in the center of Cinecon Studio's city set. The Megazord control room changes to match the Shadow Force, with Red Ranger now holding the Saber-remote, slumping his shoulders disappointedly and whining, "Oh no! We're STILL trapped in Cinecon's movie!" (stupid Wes, they NEVER left to begin with!) Cinecon stresses, "This is your LAST scene, Rangers!", causing Shadow Force Blue to get into a fighting stance. The mutant explains, "We have ONE last battle, which, of course, _I_ win!" He calls down, via bullhorn, to the filmcrew, "Everybody ready?!" The six Cyclobots running the filming equipment are still in position, aiming the boom-mic and camera lens to the sky, with the assistant director-bot giving a "roll film" arm sign, then giving the giant director a thumbs up. Cinecon partially bullhorns his next announcement, "Excellent. But i've decided I need more DRAMA! Bring in the costar!" Blue Ranger nervously looks around, wondering, "Costar? WHAT costar!?" The Quantasaurus Rex appears on the scene, running along through the city. Pink Ranger laments, "Oh, NO. He brought in the Q-Rex, so he can destroy us all at once!" (notice, there's quite a bit of rubble on the streets, implying a major battle took place here recently)

Cinecon tucks his bullhorn under his arm, and makes a "framing" gesture with his hands, then stating, "THIS will make an explosive ending, if we capture it JUST right! Okay, the final scene's got to be big. Big, BIIIIIG!" Lucas is baffled again, asking, "WHAT is he talking about?!" The mutant admits, "I'M the director and I can make changes as I please." He calls down to the filmcrew, "Cyclobots! Write this down. New final scene! Add the Trans-Warp Megazord into the fight. Ya got it?!" The Cyclo-script supervisor grabs a marker, and starts scribbling down the order into one of the last pages in the binded stack of papers. Katie is stunned to hear this mentioning of their future-based Megazord provider, gasping, "The Trans-Warp Megazord? Can he DO that!?" Wes figures, "It's HIS movie. He can do whatEVER he wants!" Indeed, as in the year 3000 (as with the other Megazords, likely summoned via a false signal created by the Rangers being engulfed in Cinecon's personal domain), the Trans-Warp Megazord extends out its oversized right arm. The black, yellow & silver giant robot swings its huge fist around, and instead of hitting the back of a something else, bops himself on the butt! There's a flash, and Trans-Warp's body is propelled by the enhanced self-spank. His arms are held out to his side, and his mannerisms as he zooms uncontrollably forward, express unfamiliarity with the situation he's inflicted once too often. Trans-Warp slides into the Time Gate, and passes through the rainbow-spectrum time vortex, which resembles the one Q-Rex went through in its origin flashback. He emerges from the shimmering portal in a leap, landing on the other side of the city from the other two Megazords, posing his big-ol' right arm mightily. Green Ranger is amazed, "He really DID it!" Lucas says in disbelief, "Whoa, this is CRAZY!" Jen concurs, "Yeah. HOW are we ever gonna STOP this guy?" Lucas replies negatively, "I dunno, but we gotta do SOMEthing."

Cinecon mentions, "Oh-kay, here's the scene: I attack, and then you fight back. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Until finally, I destroy you! Simple!" Yellow Ranger angrily flexes her fist, grips the Saber-control, and responds, "I'll show you simple!" The Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue charges up the end of its Saber-Blaster, throwing a swirling ball of greenish energy at the mutant. It goes right through him, thanks to series of two red triangles that redirect the stream of energy around Cinecon. He readies his bullhorn, and overzealously states, "But, YOU'VE got to wait for ME to say... ACTION!" Cinecon announces this through the loudspeaker, sending a charge of reddish laserbeams out of the bullhorn, blasting both the Trans-Warp Megazord & Quantasaurus Rex at once. They burst, Q-Rex dropping on the floor unconscious, and Trans-Warp, not used to fighting, topples down for the count after just one blow. Cinecon exclaims, "NOW comes the BIIIG ending. Cue the Zord!" Shadow Force writhes in place, as the mutant laughs intimidatingly, aiming his bullhorn their way as he walks slowly closer. Katie notes, "This is our last chance!" Red Ranger goes for it, summoning, "Alright, FULL power to Megazord Saber... NOW!" Shadow Force Blue steps forward, aims its Saber-Blaster, and fires upon prompting by Wes. Somehow, the bolt manages to strike Cinecon square in his chest! He drops his bullhorn as he falls down, causing Wes to excitedly announce, "Ye-ah! We DID it!" Cinecon recovers groggily, "Wait a minute, that WASN'T in the script. No improvising! Cyclobots?! Show me the last scene!" The script-supervisorbot holds up the End Of The Rangers script, revealing anxiously that the final page is absent from the binder. The mutant shouts in protest, "It's GONE?! What happened to the last page!?" The Shadow Force Megazord control room makes its first ever American Footage appearance, showing Yellow, Green, and Red Rangers standing at their Saber-consoles. Trip realizes aloud, "The last page? HEY! I-i know what happened! I wanted to get Frankie Chang's autograph, but I didn't have anything to write on. So I tore the last page out of the director's script!" We see a flashback to part 1, including previously unseen footage of Trip swiping both the final page and a pen from the binder. Green Ranger then pulls the page from out of nowhere, with Frankie's name signed on it, noting, "Hahaha, and HERE it is!" Wes flicks at the paper, then pats his shoulder, praising, "You are aMAZing!" Lucas agrees, "Ye-ah! Good job, Trip."

Cinecon bemoans, "How am I supposed to have a blockbuster, without an ending?!" (sounds like most blockbusters to me, lacking good endings!) Red Ranger waves two fingers his way, and offers, "I've got an ending for ya, Cinecon!" Trans-Warp Megazord & the Quantasaurus Rex get back on their feet, and step in front of the Shadow Force, ready for battle. T-W proves his worth by launching into the air, and spinning around rapidly like a flying tornado. His huge oversized right arm is held outward, causing his big fist to repeatedly slam into Cinecon's chest when he hovers across the city to face the mutant. Cinecon is Trans-Witch-Slapped off his feet. Thanks to the TF Rangers now controlling the movie dimension, the Quantum Ranger has made the scene. He stands in the city below, pressing a button on his Quantum Morpher, and calling out, "Q-Rex, fire lasers!" The Quantasaurus bends down and sends a double-shot of crimson energy blasting into the mutant. Pink Ranger gloats, "Now for OUR grand finale!" Wes changes his Saber-remote into the yellow & blue Shadow Force one, whipping it around in a blue light and activating, "Time Target!" Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue lifts off into the air, creating a green clockface downward in the direction of Cinecon. The Megazord begins firing its Saber-Rifle at the clock's digits, dropping them in a perfect huge circle around the moaning mutant. When all are in place, everything, electricity crackling around the zone included, freezes in place. Wes aims his remote and pulls the trigger, prompting the Megazord to do the same, shooting a ball of condensed power directly into the stunned creature. Cinecon can be heard groaning, as he shrinks outta sight in a warping light, the surrounding explosion imploding in on him. The Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue poses tall and solo above the city, having just given the mutant director a fatal review.


Footage from the widescreen edition of Frankie Chang's latest cinema epic, "Rumble In The Super Project Falcon Hour 2", plays, exactly as we saw it being filmed last episode. This includes the ending we never saw shot, as Frankie takes out all of the thugs, and happily embraces with the tall curly blonde woman in the red dress (his head buried in her bosom). Despite his short size compared to her, he picks her up and carries her away, as the camera pulls back to reveal that this movie really wasn't just some act by the Cyclobots! In the Clock Tower, the TFs are sitting around watching the VHS of the movie on their new small secondhand TV set. Lucas & Katie sit on the picnic bench, Trip & Wes sit together on the couch (nay, is that actually a love seat?), Circuit is on a box quietly next to them, and Jen is on a crate close to the TV. She presses the off-knob on the set, then swoons over her hero, "Sigh. That was great." Wes, appearing quite weary, states, "Yeah, but... being in the audience sure beats actually being IN the movie." Trip painfully nods in agreement, "Ohhh, I'm with you!" Katie stands up and smiles, "I dunno, I kinda LIKED the movie scene I was in! Singing... dancing...!" She prances over to Jen, hugging her shoulder as they both smile in mutuality. Wes & Trip appear quite dazed by the girls' enjoyment of the dangerous dimension. Lucas chimes in, "Me, too! A beautiful princess...", he shakes his head and smiles, visibly longing for her, before simply adding, "It was cool!" Jen asks Trip & Wes, "You mean, you two didn't have a great time in the Old West?", southern-drawling those last words. Wes looks at Trip, admitting reluctantly with a chuckle, "Yeahhh, well... SOME of it was fun." Trip also chuckles when he does, then stressing, "And SOME of it was a REAL pain!" Wes slaps Trip's leg, causing him to grimace, as he mentions, "Let's go, pardner!" Trip nods, and slowly begins to rise from the couch. Wes has an equal hard time getting up, both of their bodies intensely sore from getting thrown from the saddle! Banjo music starts playing (squeal like a Cyclobot!) Wes holds and arm against his back, groans in agony, and tells his teammates, "Remind me to cancel those riding lessons for Trip!" They just watch in amusement as the two struggle to depart, goin' slower than molasses!



  • Trip's counterpart, Sion is briefly seen in this episode, just as the giant Cinecon grabs them.
  • Katie's co-star told her she had beautiful blue eyes, however Katie's eyes are brown.
  • Part 1 ends with Nadira saying "I reckon this is the end of the trail for you, partner" while Part 2 begins with "This is the end of the trail for you, partner" while laughing.
  • Part 1 had subtitles for the Samurai movie, while Part 2 had the characters speaking English.
  • The Rangers waited an extremely long time to morph when released from Cinecon's movies.
  • The Rangers were shown in the Time Force Megazord's cockpit, despite piloting the Shadow Force Megazord at the time.
  • The back wall of the Megazord cockpit was much closer to the Rangers in original footage.
  • Eric vanished from the episode between being released from his movie and arriving with the Q-Rex.
  • The Rangers' Chrono Morphers are on their right wrists when they are morphing.


  • Katie is the only Ranger who didn't have to fight in the movie dimensions she was sent to. It was a musical dimension, where she was forced to dance and sing. This is perhaps a tongue-and-cheek reference to Zeo's "Another Song and Dance".
  • The episode's plot is the same one used in Zeo's "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers".
  • The bar in the Western dimension is the same from used on Onyx, the planet villains hang out at.
  • This is the first and only time the Transwarp Megazord (which is named in this episode) is shown fighting a monster.
  • Frankie Chang is meant as a parody of Jackie Chan.
    • Furthermore, the fight seen in the movie appeared to be inspired by Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx.
  • Ransik's outfit in Part 2 is an homage to Vernon Wells' character Wez from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
  • This episode introduces a new opening credits sequence that will be used all the way to its 3-part finale. 
  • This is the first time the Megazord cockpit is shown in American footage. 
  • The Rangers don't appear morphed in Part 1.
  • Part 1 uses no Sentai footage. 
  • Several of the movie dimensions predict future Power Rangers seasons:
  • Cinecon's film title would be used for the finale of Wild Force.
  • In the Jungle Movie scene, the masks that the natives wear are the same ones from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

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